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Inside the smoker of Pig BBQ Joint.

Inside the smoker of Pig BBQ Joint.

alderwood Jeff's friends property right holder yeah older smoke all right that's it they're not sweet we gotta change the smoke it's just starting around that Lou thats all pink inside right oh yeah and you do like 15 hours right with this is 11 11 and a half okay and their feet for pork pork boxers the pork lets you have pork shoulders just killer man yeah they're really nice okay I'll watch you did it it's a sweet i have seen this on TV shows you know from other places but like never anywhere around here yeah so you got a little fire going and mary the ground okay run sir Oh smoker here at brain on it so it knows the precise humidity temperature Wow and everything so it gets rolls at all ready that's pretty rock star and how do you know it's got its own kind of fire source down below yeah just it's like an electric element yeah we had a 220 220 pool that's killer yeah I think the smokers you know it's it's not really expensive but it's got to be a few thousand box all right i think it's kept out though that's what i was going to say yeah i mean you can spend a lot of money on this one this thing is reliable I mean it's been running day and a night for years almost a foul so I mean it's a good one to go you get Bradley's to write they take wood pellet pox kind of right which you have to buy from them try this you know you can put whatever would you want I an apple with cheering on my right now we know that would make it visible to so you just throw that back in there to go back in there killer my phone's ringing yeah lamb fries that's awesome what's you got stock going on here yeah let's go up for the gravy chicken back so how to make fried chicken right yeah right right right so we take it back up and cut them down

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