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Inside the New People’s Army (Part 1)

Inside the New People’s Army (Part 1)

There is two governments that exist, the reactionary government which is represented by what we call the ruling class, and the exploited class. Tell the soldiers, there’s a new order coming from the Mayor. We won’t kill you. We will just shoot your [female rebels] vagina, so that if there are no vaginas it would be useless. From this on, we will shift now to active mode, that means we can conduct our operations against the CPP-NPA. When Rodrigo Duterte won the Philippines’ 2016 presidential election by a landslide, millions of Filipinos hailed him as the man who would stand up to the domestic and foreign powers who keep the country impoverished. But today, more Filipinos have been killed by Duterte´s government than the thousands murdered by Ferdinand Marcos, the U.S.-backed dictator who enforced a bloody era of martial law in the 70s. Duterte’s broken his pledge to break the Philippines’ 65 year old military alliance with the United States. Millions of dollars of U.S. military aid continue to pour in, and last year they went to war together, razing large parts of the Muslim city Marawi to the ground. His election promise of peace talks with Communist militants also hasn’t got anywhere yet. One moment he asks them to talk and the next he threatens a new crackdown. It’s been going on like this for months. The guerrilla are fighting in one of the world’s oldest Communist insurgencies for the New People’s Army, founded by 79-year-old Jose Maria Sison, who lives in exile. We went to meet the fighters who are taking the NPA into its 50th year. Deep in Mindanao’s mountainous Bukidnon province, we travelled through the dead of night to stay out of the military’s sights, to a base that was still being set up as we arrived. This mobile platoon is constantly on the move. Their task is to spread the reach of the NPA in the vast Filipino countryside. Politically the whole Philippines is scattered into three big islands: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, and particular in Mindanao, the strategic mountains which are very suitable for waging revolution is already occupied [by] guerrilla fronts. The entire Philippines according to the data, we have already 120+ guerrilla zones, and particularly in our region in North Central Mindanao, we have ten guerrilla fronts. The NPA follow the teachings of Chairman Mao Zedong, the leader of the Chinese Communist Revolution that in 1949 overthrew the U.S.-backed forces of Chiang Kai Shek. Their guerrilla warfare is modelled on his strategy of Protracted People’s War, designed to overthrow an imperialist-backed state. The Filipino left call Duterte’s government the U.S.-Duterte regime and say that even though the Philippines officially won independence from the U.S. in 1946, the American military is still in charge. Foreign corporations continue to extract super profits out of the country’s natural and human resources, just as they did under colonial rule, while millions of Filipinos are living in abject poverty surviving on barely a dollar a day. Actually, I am not from the organised mass but I work in Manila as a labourer, something like that. So I feel so very, I feel the unjust system of the government. I hate the government already at that time even though there is no NPA coming to me that explain to me “this is the government, this is a fascist government”. Then I return home then I see a couple of comrades, I go with them. Actually they really think that I cannot survive because I am big, I am fat, but in principles I believe in the Party, I firmly believe in my comrades. I really dedicate myself, my life to the revolution until it’s victory. If I am not hit by the bullet! The guerrilla work to a strict routine and strict rules, like protect the environment, no swearing and return everything you borrow. They wake up at 4 a.m., exercise at 5, have meals at set times, and regular education sessions to keep them well versed in the Communist Party’s ideology before they go out to nearby communities of peasants, or what they call their “mass base”. In organising the mass base, we have our political lines, we talk to them, we share with them their problems, they will talk to us about their problems, about what they want in their life. Then we simply collate it all and then we summarise it. We give them the solution of what they will do to improve their lifestyle, their means of living. Those solutions involve building what the Communists call ‘Organs of Political Power’; associations of local people to resist powerful landlords and corporations. They connect them with legal organisations in towns and cities which will help them build schools and have access to healthcare, services that the government fails to deliver to remote areas just like this. In the political aspect we establish a mass base, the guerrilla zone, from the countryside to the cities. This is what a guerrilla zone looks like: In the centre you have the guerrilla base, which is surrounded by several security and defence lines. The inner defence lines are manned by NPA fighters, the outer layers by People’s Militia. People’s Militia are local peasants trained and sometimes armed by the NPA. Their responsibilities range from overseeing logistics, channeling supplies to the guerrilla base, providing intelligence, all the way up to defending the base and the masses in the guerrilla zone with arms if necessary. In turn the NPA trains these peasants to build those ‘Organs of Political Power‘, their own organisations to deliver social services that the state fails to – effectively a parallel form of government. So the guerrilla zone becomes a thick layer of local peasants who defend the guerrilla base. And when mobile bases like this one move on, the guerrilla zone remains, because the NPA leave behind those ‘Organs of Political Power’ and the People’s Militia that they trained. When Duterte says there is no single barrio Jose Maria Sison controls. We are installing, we are building political power, political organs. We had to blur many of the guerrilla’s faces because some of them, called ‘part-timers’, go back into government controlled territory to build alliances and bring new recruits to the NPA. There are men, women, different age groups, ethnic groups and LGBTQ people in this platoon and they were keen to demonstrate that the NPA is more inclusive than Filipino society in general. My parents are not revolutionary. I think I am just the only one, who holds an arm just to serve the people, to liberate the people. Gays must be militant, serving the people. Showing that gays can be useful. Gays are useful to the society. They are creative, they can design, of course. Let’s go to the revolution and design the world, create a new world! The situation of the women, the root cause is the situation of the society. If the whole people are liberated then the women will be liberated also. Lorena Mangahas has been a guerrilla for 40 years. She got married in the NPA, escaped jail once and was released a second time. How do you try to manage the experience or the trauma of having been in jail? To manage the trauma? In the jail I had a task. I was one of the, what we call the mayor in the jail. The mayor with no municipality. But I was so busy in jail, when I was released I immediately go to the countryside then do mass work. When one of her children was old enough, she also signed up to the cause. I wrote the song in 1995. The song inspired me that my children are not my own, their owner is the society. For the young people who are poisoned by imperialist culture, only focused on themselves like a frog that’s fallen and is trapped inside a bucket. The deception that the U.S. is good. If only I can shout out how cruel the imperialist U.S. is in the entire world today. My call to all the young people is that, we need to come out of this situation.

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  1. putangina nyo!!maubos na kayo mga tanga kayo!ang tagal na ng pinaglalaban nyo na walang kabuluhan.mga puking nyo!

  2. May naniniwala pa ba sa inyo? Lost cause na yan hija at hijo. Kung ako sa inyo umuwi nalang kayo sa mga pamilya ninyo dahil dugo't pawis ang pinuhunan nila para makapag aral kayo at doonn lang kayo napunta. Mga ulol

  3. Ok, they want to fight against landlords and corporations. They live in huts in the woods. So if one of them works hard and builds a bigger and better hut than the rest, what are they going to do? Take his hut… Yep, if you work harder to have more they'll take it from you because "it isn't fair" because you worked harder to have more than them. That's Communism.

  4. Komunista pero ang baril na ginagamit mga M16 at M4? Siguro karamihan niyan ninakaw niyo sa AFP, ung AFP meron silang 5,000 AK-47, kayo wala kahit isa lang hahahahaha

  5. “Improve their lifestyle” daw? Wait what? Pano kita paniniwalaan eh sa bundok ka lang nakatira tapos bubong ng bahay nyo dahon lang ng saging. Grow up, NPA aint shit. Wala kayong ambag sa Pinas, kayo nalang ipatapon sa China para may pakinabang pa kayo. Mga bobo, ignorante, basura. Kalat lang kayo yan tatandaan nyo. Binuo kayo para maging kupal, kaya mamamatay din kayo bilang mga kupal. ULUL

  6. Ok and if you win who is your Master? Sison the Chinese.
    Nothing wrong with you if you fight for the people and the country the only problem is you're fighting and living in the mountains brainwashed by that Coward Sison living in comfort while you live in the mosquito/snake infested mountains.

  7. patayen lahat ng droga.patayen lahat na salot.
    ang totoong Npa .may malaxaket xa kapwa.pang masa.

    my kaugalengung prinsipyo
    .fuck u fakew

  8. hatred ang namumuhay sa n u.dapat f mag appoint kau un naman may utak.
    edukasyun ang sagot.hindi galet.i gigiit pa ang gov.pero if may mga isis wala kau mga vayag.bago kau magtatag ng rebelion dapat may tapang kau.mga tang ina kau.
    naxa bukid kau .handang mamatay .peo ung pinunu nyo nag tatago xa columbia.ka c takot umuwi.yan va ang pinuno nya.fuck u NPA

  9. Yong mga leader nyo pahigahiga lang sa magandang bahay at kumakain sa saktong oras kayo wala yong nakaw nyong pera ninakaw din ng mga leader ninyo

  10. What a BS Story.. Marcos Dictatorship..? have you researched how many time an election held during Pres. Marcos term…? If it's not for Pres. Marcos Philippines would have been another Vietnam or North Korea by now tsk tsk tsk… were just lucky that we have Pres. Duterte as our new president to continue what Pres. Marcos have left undone…

  11. Why don't you put everything into making the country stronger. Philippines are amazing. Its great. lets keep it like that

  12. Idiots….. Di para sa amin gi agawa niyo… Para Jay joma at sa author bang idiolohiya nitong Mala kulto

  13. Mga kapatid na NPA na nalihis ng landas. Mas mabuting sumuko at mag balik loob sa gobyerno nang sa ganun ay magiging maayos ang inyong pamumuhay. Wag nyo sanang pahirapan pa ang sarili nyo bilang kalaban. Dahil ang inyong mga ipinaglalaban ay natabunan na ng panahon. Wag kayong maging alaga ni joma na inyong leader na nsa ibang bansa. Sinisira nya ang inyong mga kinabukasan. Huwag matakot. Mas mabuting maglingkod sa bayan bilang kapalit ng inyong pagsuko at pagbabalik loob. Nasa iisang bansa lang tayo. Kapwa pilipino. huwag tayong mag away away. Dahil ang tunay na kalaban ay nasa labas. Kung nauunawaan mo. Mag tulungan tayo!

    Huwag magpa alipin o ikulong ang sarili sa mga maling gawain. Masaya ang buhay ng malaya kasama ang pamilya at mga kaybigan. kung sisimulan mo sa sarili mo tyak may pag asa.

  14. Yan ay mga tamad at mga maton lang na taga bundok na nauto ng mga burgis na liberal mula UP, PUP at Ateneo. Kaya ang tumpak na solusyon sa problema, magmanman kayong mga taga probinsiya sa mga pagala-galang mga dayong taga UP, PUP, Ateneo diyan sa mga baryo niyo. Isang palatandaan ay may kasama laging mga bakla ang mga yun. Dahil wala na silang marekrut ngayon kundi mga LGBT. Nang-iimpluwensiya at nangbe-brain wash ang mga yun. Madalas ang palusot ng mga yun outing, mountaineering, hiking o research. Palayasin niyo mga yun sa baryo niyo at bigyan ng babala. Pag andun pa rin kinabukasan lamogin niyo na sa gulpi at katayin. Itali niyo at ivideo niyo na tinitorture para magsilbing aral at babala.

  15. socialisim katulad sa china socialism ay pinag halong kumunista at capitalistang diskarte kung mapapansin nyo sa China young mga currupt binibitay na nila samantalang sa ayin nakaka upo pa sa higher position sa gubyerno hindi n pwede tyo sa nakagisnan n pamumuno dahil yung inanb polotoko nag nakaw na nakangiti pa kailangan natin ang kamay n bakal n pamumuno

  16. The CPP-NPA does not contribute anything for the progress of the country and for the masses to escape poverty. All they do is collect money from the peasants to support their worthless movement. They were brainwashed with false doctrines, fighting for obsolete ideologies. The Philippine government should take a tougher stand on this terrorist group and eradicate them totally, by all means.

  17. I hate the npa for dragging the lumads in their stupid war against government. They take lumad childrens, brainwash them in thier ideologies and make some soldier kids by bending them against their will.

    A friend of mine had interviewed a lumad chief and the chief had recalled traumatic events regarding the npa's.

    The npa's ideals are shrewed and rotten.

  18. Brainwashed din kayo ng China. Magtigil kayo at nasa Pilipinas kayo. Spread the thruth about the injustice we suffered from Spanish, Americans, Japanese and the oligarchs. Arms revolution is no longer needed if you can open the minds of the people.

  19. Maraming mayayaman jan.. Sumali..Edukado ..rin merun.. Jan Narinig koĺang.. Pero ang pinaka mahalaga respito nlang bawat isa. Thnk u…

  20. I am a Filipino. I suggest that we use drones and Special Forces attack at night. We should do to them as what US did in Afghanistan.

  21. there is no end in sight because this rebels are not fighting for equality any longer but are involve in extortion and please don't be fooled by this people because there is no political agenda to this stupidity anymore.

  22. marcos bloody dictatorship??? jeezzz…. dont know about you but have you asked an ordinary filipino citizen whats its like during the marcos regime? they have the best government and wisest leader by then, political rivals and aquino power grabs are at play. have you even asked who created this NEW PEOPLES ARMY? truth is, its the AQUINO themselves!!!

  23. sorry for my English
    redfish you should go to leyte
    the name of the barangay is hingatad
    ask the people there how many people
    was killed by npa in that barangay

    and now they are trying again to
    recruite the people there
    and they refuse now

  24. Again young people are dying for the corrupt old politicians! Brain washing them to lead them to their death! Instead of fighting each other or killing kapwa Filipino find a peaceful way! Npa is dragging the Philippines economy down for so long Kaya madami Parin ang mahirap!!


  26. and the EU is still supporting the NPA ……hahaha stupid right you interview these punks you promote their agenda to brainwash more young people

  27. Naawa ako sa member ng NPA. Yung leader nila pasarap lng habang sila nag tatago nagugutom walang maayos na tirahan s gubat..sana nmn please matauhan kayo hindi solusyon yang ginagawa nyo masarap po mabuhay ng normal na tao. Sa simpleng praan nmn pwede tayo umunlad.

  28. Do you know that LGBTQ+ has no place in a communist world? Ok lang yan kasi di pa kayo nagtatagumpay, they look at you as a comrade. Try to read the history of former communist countries what they does to LGBTQ+ then maybe you'll change your mind.

  29. Katarantaduhan lng pag sali jan.. At etong putanginang media halatang me kinikilingan . Hndi realiable paniwalaan

  30. Biased media. I looks like the government side were the bad guys and killimg the innocent people and the npa were protecting. False statement. I think this documentary was paid by communist. I recommend you should take the side of the arm forces also specially the CAFGO(civilian force)

  31. 2:24 NPA Rules : Don't destroy the environment pero sila nag puputol ng mga puno sa gubat para mag tayo ng campo tsk tsk

  32. Then are you sure that those damn ideas of yours will solve the problem of the Philippines or will just keep joma a powerful person and soon will neglect you that he even doesn't see.

  33. Gipalisod lisod ra ninyo ang inyong kahimtang. Naa mo diha sa bukid tungod kay wala moy swerte sa lungsod, ingana ra na.

  34. Antos mo diha sa bukid walay saktong kaon, nanarbaho pa mo ug tarung o nagpadayon pa mo ug eskwela mapalit pa cguro ninyo inyong gusto proud pa ang ginikanan sa inyo.

  35. Nakakaawa tong mga batang ito. It mirrors how their parents raised them or what kind of environment their parents led them to see, completely oblivious to the good.

  36. nga kupaloids c mao p tlga iniidolo ung halimaw ng china nde man lng mrunong magtutbras no wonder ganyan ang mga teroristang yan

  37. sison is now Crying for his Failure.. Rodrigo Duterte is more Credible than him, because he knows what Lumad's needed. Rodrigo Roa Duterte is Far Human than joma who Recruited Children and Ignorants to became Slaves for his own Luxury.

  38. Full support and solidarity to the comrades in the Philippines, hopefully you'll find better days soon, Bolsonaro, Trump and Duterte should get the Mussolini treatment.

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