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Inside AMARG – Airplane graveyard (boneyard) in Tucson AZ

Inside AMARG – Airplane graveyard (boneyard) in Tucson AZ

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  1. Imagine the Billions of dollars these aircraft cost. It would have been the value of many  hospitals and free medical care for US citizens .

  2. "the folks here do not appreciate it being called the "airplane graveyard". Is false. It is a cool name and people here do appreciate and visit it along with the air and space museum. You can appreciate this without undercutting the people who live here.

  3. In the 3:55 I found several F-5, the same used in Mexico! Why they not reuse these planes and refurbish and sell to Mexico?……. or why dont destroy completelly ann the planes and create another planes or ships?

  4. Do they leave the squadron identification on them, if so when you are there look for a VF-74 F-4 Phantom. And send me a picture please…… Old memories.

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