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Indy's Hat and Jacket

Indy's Hat and Jacket

I think with the exception of the shark and jaws and et I've only made a couple of movies were I can put the silhouette of the leading character up on the screen just a silhouette and people immediately know where that came from how'd you do I've learned to do a lot of things very physical things and keep my head on and it's not by stapling it really but it's a lot of work sometimes to keep that arm if the Hat falls off we have to have a good reason for it in other words there's got to be a joke involved or there's got to be some narrative process at work here because the Hat does not fall off if it does come off when we're shooting we usually cut and put it back on the basic thing was with the iconic look of Indiana Jones we really didn't change there's there's no updating really except if you go back to Indiana one and two and three you're going to see nuanced differences in his look and I was under great pressure for me to try to duplicate an iconic picture with a bunch of icons with George Lucas with Steven Spielberg with Arison Ford and I had to come up with the right stuff and through referrals and referrals I ended up with a guy named Steven Delk in Mississippi and he ended up making a lot of different hats and finally kind of perfecting them to the crease and everything he came up with a perfect tab great great hat body heavy weight and everything and he's one of the nicest guys I've ever met and so I said are you up to making me 30th well I'll certainly try I got a few hats in they were the real field that I wanted and we did a screen test on all of his new clothes and the first thing Steven said when he saw the half was oh great he said I lost sleep over thinking you would be able to come up with the Hat and I'm thrilled to death with the way the hats came on everybody seems to be happy with it and the jackets I found a guy named Tony Novack and he came up with the greatest jacket everything was to perfection and again one of the sweetest guys I said now can you do 30 yeah I can do whatever you want you brought me samples and we picked out a sample of what color we want it and we did a few extra oversize in case we had to have extra padding and he did a wonderful wonderful

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