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India’s Champion Para-climber | India Plays – S1E03

India’s Champion Para-climber | India Plays – S1E03

I am a professional rock climber and sport climber… And I have been competing from last 15 years. I was affected with polio
when I was 5 years old… But that did not stop me from
what I wanted to do in my life. I really don’t worry about my disability. Sport climbing is not easy… I connected well with the sport and
I liked the sport, and I enjoyed it… And I knew that I could make
a career out of this sport. The love for the climbing…
It is difficult to explain. As soon as people start climbing,
they fall in love, for sure. It’s one of the best sport…
It’s one of the best sport! It makes you really strong… It doesn’t allow you to give up in your life… No matter what. To take up sport climbing was
the toughest decision in my life. But I believed that I could
make a career out of this sport. It was not easy to deal with my parents… I told my parents that I am into this sport…
And not much money is involved. I had to work hard to
earn a little bit of money… So that I could support my family
and do this sport along with it. The financial problem was
in every corner of my life. But then, 2012 world championship
is the turning point in my life. It’s my dream to win a Olympic medal
for my country in 2020 Tokyo Olympics. It’s an honour not many people
would get to realize… Or stand on that podium to realize… You’re on top of the world! The feeling is unexplainable.

Reader Comments

  1. It seems that you publish the video in a long span of time please upload the video regularly we are very inspired by the creation that you are showing to us

  2. Great going guys. keep it up. waiting for your videos as we get to know such sport personalities which are not in focus in our country.

  3. It's a amazing job and I really liked his will power and the determined spirit in him which made him pass through all the obstacles and lead him through the way he wanted to and I wish him all the best for Tokyo 2020 and keep climbing.

  4. Very informative
    Happy to come somewhere spreading awareness of other sports which excites and India doing well in those…
    Thanks Gaurav

  5. Such a great person he is…… This video is going to inspire many aspirant, for sure…..
    Love you Oak Tree production for such a wonderful video….

  6. Believe and became . Love this one ❤️ . Guys could you please make a video on Arjun award winner 2010 Commonwealth Silver medalist Boxer Dinesh Kumar . He is from Hariyana , now it's really sad to know ; him selling Kulfi on street .

  7. First Aryan, then Tejas and now Mani… , Amazing ! These are the real heros….were unsung so far…but thanks to your efforts, now they will be known and further honoured. Great work !

  8. Missing BWC!

    look at the views and likes of BWC videos Vs views and likes on "India plays" segment!
    Just compare it yourself!
    Me together with whole of the India wants to see BWC again!!!!!!!🤩😍😍😍

  9. But ya, a good effort in good direction (saying for India-Plays)😄
    And ya, please don't pause the BWC segment like this….please keep those BWC videos coming!😬🤩

  10. Guys do not stop these videos please.. i know u won't get the 1million views but ur doing a great job.
    Finding real heroes 👏👍

  11. Thank you for bringing across us such great men and women. We need to encourage them and ensure that they do not have to worry to sustain themselves.

  12. Hi I m Riya kasana. I m a sports journalist. I just wanted to know that can I write about these players for my website giving full credit to the show the team with hyperlinking ur videos. Waiting for response

  13. I can very clearly see that oaktree production's number of views have come down after stopping producing breakfast with champions' videos.
    Why no breakfast with these champions?? Doesn't they deserve breakfast at a hotel?

  14. Great bro.. Lovely to watch you doing amazing stuff. I too want to do bouldering and rock climbing.

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