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INDIA or PAKISTAN – Which Military is Better?

INDIA or PAKISTAN – Which Military is Better?

In This episode of FTD facts. I’m comparing the military power of the sister nations of India and Pakistan So let’s start this how’s it going guys? I’m Leroy Kenton, and thank you guys so much for joining me before you continue Don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up and for you all you Newcomers here to FTD facts hit that subscribe button and that down notification We post videos daily here So if you love learning about the different countries and cultures all around the world FTD facts is the place to learn so first off Let’s begin at looking at the military of India India seems to be modernizing its military and its nuclear capabilities while keeping an eye on China another world superpower now India currently ranks fourth in terms of global military power and India has been quickly developing new military technologies taking a look at the specific military statistics the available manpower for India is 616 million active personnel sits at 1 million three hundred sixty two Thousand five hundred and they have two million eight hundred and forty four thousand seven hundred fifty reserve personnel Now it turns of Pakistan’s military the Pakistani Armed Forces are ranked 13 in the entire world But there are the six largest in terms of active military personnel And the largest among all the Muslim nations and also to note Pakistan has the world’s sixth largest nuclear Arsenal in terms of Pakistan’s military breakdown it looks like this Pakistan has available manpower of 95 million people their active personnel is at 637 thousand and they have two hundred eighty two thousand reserve personnel Now in comparing the army strength of India and Pakistan India’s Army has four thousand four hundred and twenty-six combat tanks They have six thousand seven hundred and four armored fighting vehicles 292 rocker projectors seven thousand four hundred and fourteen towed artillery as well as 290 self-propelled artillery now for Pakistan’s army strength They have two thousand nine hundred twenty four combat tanks two thousand eight hundred and twenty eight Armored fighting vehicles the rocket projectors in their possession total at one hundred and thirty-four they also have three Thousand two hundred seventy eight towed artillery And they’re self propelled artillery total is at four hundred see five now moving on from the land up into the air Let’s compare their air power India has six hundred and seventy six fighter aircrafts and eight hundred and nine attack aircrafts their transport aircrafts total at 857 their trainer aircrafts are read 323 and they have a total of six hundred and sixty six helicopters oh That’s probably bad luck and also India has sixteen attack helicopters now when you look at Pakistan’s air power We see that they have 301 fighter aircrafts 394 attack aircrafts 261 transport aircrafts, and they have 190 trainer aircrafts now. They’re total helicopters are at 316 and they have 394 attack helicopters continuing now with the navy of these two amazing countries India’s total naval assets it at 295 in their Navy they have three aircraft carriers fourteen forgets 11 destroyers 15 submarines and 23 Corvettes and their mine warfare vessels total at six in Pakistan’s Navy They have a hundred and ninety seven total naval assets They have 17 patrol craft ten. Frigates eight submarines and three mine warfare vessels now finally Let’s end off this video in looking at their total military Defense budget India’s defense budget is an estimated total of 51 billion dollars u.s. India’s defence budget is a fourth largest in the world and will be 12.1 percent of its annual spending in the year 2018 to 2019 and even though India’s defense budget has Really increased a huge chunk of it is going to be eaten up by its Personnel costs so this may hold back some of India’s Armed Forces Plans especially when it comes to requiring new weapons now Pakistan’s defense budget is a lot smaller at seven billion dollars u.s. But reported that Pakistan will be increasing its defense budget by around seven percent Now the past couple years Pakistan’s economy has grown quite a bit especially in the year 2016 it grew by 4.7 percent and with this Pakistan’s military can focus on a lot of bigger priorities like new combat aircraft Submarines as well as its country’s missile programs So that’s all I have for this military comparison episode of India and Pakistan Thank you guys so much for watching and be sure to check out our full video where we compare India and Pakistan as nations on a whole and we do a side-by-side comparison Of them that video is gonna be at the end of this episode or you can check it out in the cards in this video So guys, I want to hear your thoughts and comments down below As well as follow me on social media those links are below in the video description as well until next time guys stay Awesome, and I’ll see you real soon Hey guys, and if you want to continue learning more about these two amazing nations of India and Pakistan Here’s that video that I highly recommend You can also check out our other witches better episodes where you can learn a lot more about the different countries and cultures all around The world and see how they match up together side-by-side

Reader Comments

  1. Both countries will destroy there self no one will win
    At the moment Pakistan are at the top..
    It only take one nuclear missile..
    And all the investors will run away from India 🇮🇳
    Pakistan don't have lot to lose
    But India will lose all the financial power in minutes..
    Who will invest in nuclear country no one

    Both countries need to become friends
    Love from USA 🇺🇸

  2. Indian give bad word to Pakistan
    Pakistan just say Pakistan is best
    India jalousie of Pakistan Army they give bad word

  3. for all the people who r sayin stuff about pakistan
    for all ur might u cant lay a finger on Pakistan 😂😂😂
    if u could u would but u dnt even dare try do u
    nuclear power 💪

  4. Aby sharam ani chayer esi video bamaty hoy aye din indian army k jawan video viral karty rehty media p bhi esi video ati rehti hain jo indian media ka pol kholti hay aur phir un seniko ko marwadya jata hay
    Alhumdulillah pakistan m ko esa mamla mahi hay pakistani armywell desiplin army hay
    pak army zindabad

  5. We r the proud Muslims… And do not believe in assets or weapons we believe in Allah. ALHAMDULILLAH.. Pakistan 🇵🇰 zindabad… Anyway respect for India ☺️

  6. Indians are known to shit their pants when confronted by pakistani army told by my indian friend whos Mother is pakistani but thoose countrys should be brothers. countrys that has nothing in common creates a brothership pakistani and indians are The same people geneticly only religion separates them love them both selam aleyküm to both countrys we brown people Should wake up The white man doesnt want any good for no One.

  7. शेर और कुत्ते में कैसा मुकाबला भाई???
    Map निकाल के ज़रा पाकिस्तान की तस्वीर देखों, ऐसा दिखेगा जैसे कोई कुत्ता(पाकिस्तान) अपने मालिक(चीन) से हड्डी मांग रहा हो।

  8. I’m a Pakistani but I can say that Indians do have a better army
    Pakistan’s army is great but India’s is just better
    Guys please stop fighting

  9. Meri jan war quantity nahe quality per jeeti jati hain…. jazba dekh kr war jeeti jati hain… or Pakistan k jazba shahada k hota hai… ya bat tm nahe samjhogy

  10. These 2 countries have the best cuisine foods, better spend on the food and share to each other than spend money on war and weapons

  11. Match ends in first ball … means india wins only with budget … lol pak budget is lower than bangladesh hah

  12. I should say both countries should concentrate on there poor peoples we have 20% peoples who don't eat 3 times a day and india has a huge population so there peoples are also living in poor environment just like my country Pakistan our first priority is to give employments free studies good food etc

  13. India's economy is growing by 7.4 % every year and Pakistan's economy is growing at 5.2 %. India is now world's fifth largest economy. So India's defence budget is growing way better than Pakistan.

  14. This is the real face of euorpeon countries nd cheap they are..even it is not free to create a suitable enviorment for war just like your channel create a conflict situation between india and pakistan..shame on ftd facts..🖑

  15. People don't normally wanna kill eachother .. the media..the CIA and intelligence agencies of other countries MANUFACTURE wars.

  16. Love you Indian Army 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  17. media only reason for the wars……india ad pakistan are not enemy country….both country military mans are best for their country….

  18. In Indian army the sahayaks batmen of the officers only get promotions up to jcos officers the hard workers betrayed ex army para s f Gunavarathan tamilnadu

  19. Sare Jahan se achha😍
    HINDUSTAN hamara🏵️💐🌼
    Hum bulbulen hai usko
    Yeh Gulishtan hamara hamara😍😍🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
    JAI HIND😍😍😍

  20. Tells also this Pakistan Nuclear power is on 6 number In the world and India is on 7 number In the world

  21. یا انڈیا کو اس کے ڈبل سب کچھ دے دو لیکن وہ پھر بھی ہم سے نہیں جیت سکتے کیونکہ وہ موت سے ڈرتے ہے
    اور ہم مسلمان ہے ہم کسی سے بھی نہیں ڈرتے
    سوائے اللہ سے

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