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India Alert || New Episode 259 || Sanki Sasur ( सनकी ससुर ) || इंडिया अलर्ट Dangal TV

India Alert || New Episode 259 || Sanki Sasur ( सनकी ससुर ) || इंडिया अलर्ट Dangal TV

All of you impatiently want me to go back. But I am sorry to disappoint you all. -I’m not going anywhere.
-But why? Papa! I hate noise. Don’t cry, dear. Don’t cry
or else your grandpa will hear you. Stop! Rascal! Let’s go. Where do you want to go? Later. But first, you have to apologise
to those girls. Stop joking so early in the morning, sir. Where do you want to go? Why did you slap me? I have just slapped you. If you misbehave again,
I will take you to the police. What are you staring at? Let’s go. He seems to be senile. Stop, Rishabh. At least have something. Eat it. Stop. My dear son. Why are you laughing? I remembered my childhood
after seeing him. Mother, you think
your son has all grown-up now? Father and son, both of them are alike. You are absolutely right, Sister-in-law. Height is the only difference
between Brother and Rishu. -Say sorry now. Come on.
-Sorry. Ma’am, you all are laughing here and something bad is going to happen
to Bhagyamati there. -What do you mean?
-It’s Madam’s favourite show, Bhagyamati. Her mother-in-law is going
to drive her away from home. It’s time for the serial. Oh, I forgot. Put on the TV fast. Come on. Give it to me, I will feed Rishu. Your performance made my day. You are a true artist. -Honestly speaking, I’ve become your fan.
-Papa? By the way, my name is Balwant Yadav. If you need anything, anytime… How did you come home all of a sudden? Why? Aren’t you all happy to see me here? It’s nothing like that. Give it to me. I am a self sufficient man. I love to do my chores. I was just trying to take care of you. Take care of me? I can see how much
you are taking care of me. Anita. Anita! Coming. -Yes?
-It’s all messed up around here. You very well know that
I like to keep everything in order. Our grandson always plays with his toys
all over the house. I will clear them right away. By the way, for how many days
are you planning to stay? Aren’t you happy with my sudden arrival? What are you saying? Rishu, you have changed
your clothes again. It got dirty. Rishu, you should always knock
or seek permission before entering. Didn’t anyone teach you that? He’s just a kid. He will learn. Rules and discipline should be taught
during your childhood. -What do you want?
-Grandpa, my toys. Go, take it. -What are you doing, Rishabh?
-Rishu. Go on play outside.
I will bring your toys. I will fix this right away. Good morning, Mr. Rathod. -Good morning, Mr. Malhotra.
-Good morning, sir. -Morning, Mr. Patel. How are you?
-Absolutely fine. -When did you come back?
-Yesterday. I must say that
by looking at your fitness, we should stop walking
and start running instead. Mr. Patel, fitness is not achieved
just by imagining it. Only years of disciple
can help you achieve it. Well, it’s never late.
Start working out. You said it right, sir. We are proud
to have army’s principal officer like you -in our society.
-Thank you. Are you just going to chitchat with me
or do some exercise as well? -Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir. Let’s go. Naina. -Gaurav, leave.
-Why? What happened? Leave, Gaurav. I am telling you to leave.
I will tell you later all about it. Who is he, Naina? -He…
-Hello, sir. Good morning. I’m Gaurav. Uh, Naina and I are friends.
In fact, very close friends. Stay away from my daughter. I know all about youngsters like you. Don’t you even dare to come close
to my daughter. Sir… -Am I clear? Am I clear?
-Yes, sir. Focus on your studies. Yes, Daddy. Actually, our house is on our way
to the college. That’s why Gaurav picks me up. If you need a lift to go to the college, then stop going to college
from tomorrow. Let’s go home. Is breakfast ready? It’s ready.
I was just going to wake him up… Sudhir hasn’t woken up yet.
Two minutes left to seven. Who is this? You must have drank water.
Have some breakfast too. Get up on time in the future. He turned the whole house
to military school. When will this end? Neither anyone can sleep on his own
nor wake up or sit. You just can breath on your own. If this goes on, then he will tell us when to breath. Papa likes discipline. Discipline? His discipline has become
a mental disease. He doesn’t know the difference
between army school and home. You are overreacting. At least try to find out
when is he going to leave. Aren’t you done yet? Stop! What’s the depth of this hole? Six inch, sir. It’s a 5-inch hole. Dig for one more inch. Okay, sir. Measure it. Yes, sir. It’s six inch. Now, plant it. Papa, I wanted to talk about something. Tell me. Actually, all of us were thinking of
going to Goddess Vaishnodevi. Your school is in Jammu. We wanted to plan this trip in a way so that we can drop you on our way back. Why are you twisting your words? Why don’t you ask me directly
that when am I going back? -Papa, you misunderstood…
-I understand very clearly. You don’t want to go
to Goddess Vaishnodevi, but impatiently waiting for me
to go back. But I am sorry to disappoint you all. I’m not going anywhere. I will always stay here.
I quit my job. Now all of you will have to learn
to tolerate me. Or you will have to follow the discipline. I can’t believe that you quit your job. How can you do this? Anyway, this is not an ordinary job
but your pride. You are not the principal of normal school
but of military school. I used to be principal.
Don’t you get it that I quit that job? But why? Papa! I have pointed my gun on your head. I had pointed my gun
on my disobedient student in the same way. He was my student. He was denying to follow my orders. What are you doing?
Please leave me. Papa, come to your senses.
Let mom go. The school authorities took action against Karan Rathod who is always disciplined. They gave me two option:
apologize or resign from the post. Of course. I signed my resignation letter. Why would I apologise
when I was not wrong? Karan Rathod always lived his on his terms
and will continue to do so. And all of you listen to me
very carefully. If you want to stay in this house, then you will have to follow my terms. Be present in the garden in the morning. Am I clear? -Am I clear?
-Yes. Mother, stop crying. Please don’t cry. Karan Rathod was a principal
of an army school. Discipline was not something he admired. It was his life and his identity. Hello, I am Girish Jain. Welcome back
to new episode of Crime Alert. It means your obsession towards anything can prove to be harmful.
Even medicines turns to poison. Karan Rathod’s obsession
towards discipline was proving to be a problem
for his family members. He expected everyone to be disciplined but he himself was getting undisciplined. And maybe he didn’t realize this fact. His obsession made him insolent. And his insolent behaviour
was forcing him to commit a crime. Will Karan Rathod be able to realize that his obsession is getting
into his head? Or is he going to harass
his family members? Let’s see which turn
does their life takes. On time. Good. Take the cap off of Rishu. Papa, it’s too cold.
He might catch cold. He’s the grandson of Karan Rathod. He is hot blooded.
Take it off. Come on, come on, move. Buck up. Harder, harder! Come on, move like tigers.
Don’t be sissies. Let’s move. Move! “Make a been out of handkerchief” “Play the music of snake” “She is dancing like a snake” “Dance, mad girl. Dance, mad girl” “She is dancing like a mad girl” “Dance, mad girl. Dance, mad girl” I hate noise. Don’t you know that I hate loud noises? Make her understand. You are allowed to make any loud noise
in this house. Rishu, what happened?
What happened? Don’t cry. Please stop crying, dear. Daughter-in-law! -Don’t cry.
-Daughter-in-law! Stop crying. Don’t cry. Stop crying. Stop! Stop crying, son. Please. Sit here. Sit. -Stop crying, son.
-Daughter-in-law! Stop crying, son,
or else your grandpa will hear you. Daughter-in-law! Rishu, don’t cry. Stop crying. Stop. Don’t make any noise
or your grandpa might hear you. Stop crying. I will be right back. Daughter-in-law! Have you gone deaf? Sorry, Papa. I didn’t hear you calling.
Do you need anything? Yes. Discipline. Which is impossible to find it
in this house. You should always keep your newspaper
on the rack after reading it. These literate people
don’t even know that. I will find the newspaper for you. -Did you find it?
-I’m looking for it. Did you find the newspaper? Yes. Here you go. Rishu. Rishu. Dear. Don’t cry. Stop crying. This is the door of Naina’s room.
Why is it still open so late in the night? Naina and I are friend.
In fact, very close friend. Why didn’t you come to college today? Gaurav, you must leave now.
Because if my dad see us together, then he will feel very bad.
Why don’t you understand? Promise me that you will come tomorrow. Gaurav, leave now. Dad is coming. Stop! Who was it, Mr. Rathod? What happened, Dad? Naina? Where’s Naina? Naina is here. He… He was the same boy
who gave you the lift the other day. Which boy, Daddy?
I was sleeping in my room. Don’t lie to me. I had been to your room.
You were not there. Yes. I had gone to the bathroom
for a while. No more college from tomorrow. You will complete your remaining studies
through correspondence. Granny, see what I found. -Don’t play in here, dear.
-I want to play. Grandpa will scold you
if he sees you playing here. No. You play with me too. Catch it. Listen. He is just a kid. He is immature. How can you even think about shooting him?
He’s your grandson. He’s mature enough
to understand these small things. Your pampering has spoiled him. Now… I will have to straighten him out. Please calm down.
We should not scare the kids with the gun. I will make him understand. My dear. What happened?
Did you get scared? Grandpa was just kidding. No, Granny. Grandpa was taking out
his gun from the cupboard. No, dear. Grandpa was
not taking out his gun. He was looking for these. Okay. -My dear. My good boy.
-Mother… When is this going to end?
Why don’t you make him understand? I have been trying to do that
for so many years now. But I don’t understand what to do. How do I handle these things? Neither can I go to college, nor can I talk to my friends. Wake up everyday at 5 am.
Even sleeping and eating times are fixed. This is our house, not a jail. I feel suffocated in here. I don’t understand how could you
leave the function in the middle without informing Sudhir and Veena. Those insolent people were
making so much noise. Marriage doesn’t give you the right
to make so much noise. You left the function in the middle
for such a small thing. This is not a small thing. You very well know
that I hate noise. Uneducated and undisciplined people
make noises. From now on, there is no need to go to the function
who doesn’t have discipline in their life. Do you even know what you are saying? They are your relatives. We should stop talking to them
just because you hate noise. We should stop sharing all the happiness
and sadness together. If you don’t like it, then don’t go. Why are you banning us? Am I stopping you? I am trying to protect you. You were living like animals. No. We were very happy
before you came. This house has become military school
ever since you have come. Don’t do this, don’t do that,
don’t make any noise. This is a house.
We will play songs over the speaker. We will watch TV as well. You are crossing your limit.
Switch it off. Anita. Anita, I am telling you
to switch it off. Everything will happen the same way
it used to be. You have terrorized everyone
in the name of discipline. Even Rishu is scared of you. From today onwards, everything will happen
the same way it used to be. I won’t let your obsession
harm my children. This house belongs to them as well.
They have a right to speak. They shouldn’t be forced
to live like prisoners. Mom! Mom! Open your eyes, Mom! Mom! Mom, please. Say something, Mom. What did you do?
You killed my mom. You are not human. You are a devil. Shut up! I didn’t kill her deliberately.
This was an accident. But if you utter a single word
about it then I will do the same thing
I did to your mother. It’ll be better for you if you don’t
say anything to anyone. Am I clear? Am I clear? Are you all right, Dad? Yeah, I am fine. Where are you going with this bag
so late in the night? It has some important things of school.
I have to return it to them. Mom is not here, Dad.
Is she sleeping? No, one of her relative died
a sudden death. So I have to leave. Who died? It was your mom’s long-lost cousin. Do you know the one who died? No. I don’t know. I’m getting late.
I must leave now. Okay. Naina. Naina. How are you? Okay. -Okay.
-Listen. -Let’s go.
-Where do you want to go? -I will tell you on the way. Come on.
-I will keep the bag. Open the boot. What kind of obsession was this? What kind of disciple
that kills someone? It’s a good thing to be disciplined. But troubling people
in the name of discipline, telling them that
they are living their life wrongly, force them to live their life
like you do, is absolutely wrong. This is not discipline, but dictatorship. Karan Rathod was doing the same thing. And his obsession turned him
into a criminal. What will be the end of this story? Karan Rathod, who believes in discipline,
will his family and his neighbours find out
about his cruelty? Or was there something else which Kara’s obsession
was going to forced him to do it? What else horrific event this family
was supposed to go through? Let’s see. But if you utter a single word
about it then I will do the same thing
I did to your mother. Understand? Sudhir, I don’t feel good. Mom can never leave without informing us. I hope dad didn’t do anything which forced her to leave the house. Naina and Papa are behaving strangely
ever since then. Let’s do one thing.
File a complaint to the police. No. Not now.
I will talk to all my relatives. Till then you try to talk to Naina
and find out about Mom’s whereabouts. Okay, Aunt. Fine. Goodbye. I am hanging up. -What happened?
-Mom’s not there. She is not with aunt as well.
Do one thing, call up uncle. Okay. Papa is here. All the sarees of mom are in the cupboard. And the suitcase is also here. Naina! Where are you lost? You would have cut your finger. Look, Naina. I know something is wrong. All the sarees of mom are in the cupboard. Suitcase too. Tell me the truth,
what’s the matter? How do I know? Hey, Naina! Naina! Naina! Did you find out anything? No. I talked to all our relatives. Nobody died recently. I knew something was wrong. Mom hasn’t taken a single saree with her. Either she left the house in anger
or something serious has happened to her. I am scared now. We must inform the police. It’s not needed. It’s not needed.
Getting worried is justified. Even I was worried since yesterday that’s why I filed a complaint
to the police. But didn’t you say that
one of our relative has died? I told you the same thing
your mother told me. Why did she disappear all of a sudden? Either she or the police will tell us
once she is found. I have to pee. I have told you before that overcooking vegetables
ends up killing all its protein. Take it away and get me something else. Rishu! What happened, dear? What happened, Rishu? I will get the first-aid kit. Papa, I… Shut him up. Look, he’s hurt so badly. This is just a scratch.
He will be fine. He is just a kid, Papa,
and he’s hurt. He’s not your student of army school. He’s the grandson of Karan Rathod. The sooner he learns the better for him.
We have to make him tough. Shut him up! -Take care of him. I will get the doctor.
-Okay. -Don’t cry, dear.
-I can’t first-aid kit. -I will get it.
-Shut him up! Stop crying. Mama is coming.
Don’t cry. Shut him up!
You guys are not able to handle a kid. My head is going to explode.
Shut him up! Good boys don’t cry. Naina, shut him up! I will throw him out. Don’t you dare!
Don’t you dare touch my kid! Give me the gun.
Shut him up! -Let’s go.
-Shut him up! -Hey!
-Papa! -Shut the door!
-Mama! -Hey, shut up!
-You shut up! Don’t you dare move! Don’t you dare! Run, Naina! Arrest him! Hey, how dare you! You are mad! Do you know?
Mad! And you drove me crazy too. Sister-in-law, you were asking me where did mom disappeared. He killed her in front of me. Then he cut her into small pieces… and took it in a suitcase. This man is crazy. I know it.
I found the knife from his room. I called your brother right then
and told him everything. He’s not a human being, but an animal. That too crazy. Inspector, take him away. Take him away. Discipline is a word which can never be called negative. Then why did this happen? The same discipline turned out
to be a curse for Karan Rathod, his family
and their closed ones. If a man gets obsessed with something, or if he becomes stubborn then you don’t even realize when positive thinking turns
to negative thinking. When Karan Rathod’s obsession
turned to a mental state, his family should have sought
help of a psychiatrist. Had they done it, this family
could have avoided this disaster. Always remember this. Getting obsessed with something
is not a good thing at all. That’s why avoid getting obsessed
with anything. So I bid all adieu
with today’s episode of Crime Alert. I will come back to you with a true event. Till then be alert, be safe. ‘Crime Alert’, a voice against crime.

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