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Incredibly Unusual Bullets People Have Made

Incredibly Unusual Bullets People Have Made

– [Narrator] Bullets are
little pieces of metal, that can be fired out of guns. At least, that’s what you
probably thought they were. People, unsatisfied with
little pieces of metal, have created all kinds
of bizarre ammunition. Here’s some extra special,
extra strange bullets that truly take things to another level. (light music)
– Amazing! – [Narrator] Number 10, silver bullets. This so-called silver bullet
is not actually made of silver so it won’t kill a werewolf. It’s made of depleted uranium
tough, so it can pierce armor. The shells burn oFf at
the edges upon impact, which creates a self-sharpening effect. Military experiments with uranium shells has been ongoing since the ’70s, because uranium is nearly
twice as dense as lead is, and there’s plenty of it lying around. Depleted uranium is the natural
by-product of the process that’s used to get the highly radioactive and most useful form of uranium. The Department of Energy has
half a million metric tons of depleted uranium just laying around, so why not use it to make
some self-sharpening bullets, that can punch holes
through almost anything? The downside is the shells
are still somewhat radioactive and highly toxic. You may want to be
careful with these things even if you’re the one shooting them, and not the one being shot at. Number nine, Jihawg Defense Ammunition. While iT’s no longer
commercially available, there was once a bullet designed for those who not only wanted to
kill Muslim terrorists, but offend them at the same time. The now-defunct company
Jihawg Ammo made bullets that were covered in a ballistic
paint infused with pork. Since Islamic law forbids
Muslims from eating pork, in theory these tasty bullets would be doubly dangerous
for a Muslim opponent. The idea behind the bullet was to counteract the Islamic tradition, that those who die in a holy war are going straight to heaven. Jihawg Ammo claimed that
according to Islamic law, if a Muslim came into contact with pork in any way shape or form, they couldn’t get into heaven. In reality, this is not the case, as the Quran actually states that whoever is forced by necessity, neither desiring it nor
transgressing its limit, there is no sin upon him. Number eight, electric bullets. When you’re using a taser, you’re obviously limited
in who you can electrocute, by the fact that what you’re
shooting out of your gun, is connected to your gun with lame wires. Traditional tasers use copper wires, to carry the electrical charge
from the gun to the target. Tasers are also imperfect, despite being designed
as a non-lethal weapon, they’ve been involved in
over a thousand deaths. They can also be stopped by
something as simple as a coat. For all these reasons,
Kansas-based company Digital Ally, is developing a wireless taser. Their gun shoots electric ammo, that would stick into
the target like a taser, but be activated by radio
signals from the gun. The shooter could even choose
to not shock the target after they’ve been shot, if that ends up being enough
for them to get the idea. The rounds will also serve
as GPS tracking devices in case the target gets away. If you’re looking for a less
friendly kind of electric ammo, then what you probably want is the Xrep. Like a normal shotgun shell, the Xrep uses gunpowder as a propellant. However, instead of a
slug or a round of shot, it’s a little electronic
projectile that weighs tHree grams. It’s self-contained, shocks on impact, and has a much greater range than a taser, since it doesn’t require wires. Number seven, flash thunder. Why should SWAT teams and McCree, be the only ones who get
to use cool flash bangs? And why should you have
to throw a flash bang with your hand like a lame grenade? You could sit around wondering,
or you could purchase some 12 Gauge Flash Thunder Grenade Ammo. It produces a stun effect
using a super bright, blinding flash combined with
a powerful concussion blast. It’s used by special forces
units all over the world, and now it can be used by you,
even if all you want to do is finally scare those
raccoons off your porch once and for all. It creates a 182 decibel bang and a two million candle flash. You can get tree for just 18 bucks, unless you live in one of
the many cities and states where it’s totally banned. Number six, square bullets. Weird ammo isn’t an
entirely modern phenomena, as the earlier entries on this list may have led you to believe. People have been trying
to make odd bullets for hundred of years, as
evidenced by the Puckle Gun, patented in 1718, which
could fire square bullets. It was one of the first guns
to be called a machine gun, though that’s definitely not what anyone today would call it. It required multiple people to operate, and was essentially a big tripod
mounted flintlock revolver designed to keep people
from boarding your ship. It had two configurations, one for normal, boring round bullets, and
one for square bullets. The square bullets were
designed to be fired only upon Muslim Turks, to quote, convince the Turks, of the benefits of Christian civilization. The gun proved to be ineffective, and was never used in any
war or combat situation. Number five, microjets. In the 1960s, some guys
decided that the whole idea of a bullet just wasn’t going
to cut it for them anymore, so they invented the Microjet. Microjets aren’t really bullets at all, they’re tiny rockets. They were created to be fired
from a family of firearms, called the Gyrojet. Because Microjets are
essentially self-propelled, the guns had little recoil
and could be very lightweight, since they didn’t need a
heavy barrel or chamber that could resist the
pressure of combustion gases. Unlike a typical gun
with a typical bullet, the microjet would
leave the barrel slowly, and then increase in speed. Since they’ve been out of
production for a long time and are highly unique, they’ve
become a collector’s item, and even the most common models will be about a thousand dollars. Actually firing them is
also pretty expensive, since microjets can cost over
a hundred dollars a round. While the gun and the microjet
was still being developed, the creators attempted to
convince Gene Rodenberry, creator of Star Trek, to feature the weapon as the
de facto pistol for the show. Rodenberry, despite thinking
that the microjet was cool, ended up going with phasers, since he thought they
were more futuristic. Number four, schwerer gustav. Maybe instead of getting more futuristic, you really just want to go bigger. If that’s the case, then what you’re looking
for is the Schwerer Gustav, a railway gun developed by the Nazis. It is the largest caliber rifled weapon to ever be used in actual combat. The only thing bigger in
terms of actual caliber is the British Mallet’s Mortar, and the American Little
David bomb-testing mortar, neither of which ever saw a real fight. The Schwerer Gustav fired shells weighing seven tons 30 miles. If you’re in search of something you can actually still get today, then maybe the .577 Tyrannosaur
Round is more your speed. The so-called T-Rex is
a round so enormous, that when you actually try to fire it, you’ll probably have a hard
time holding onto your gun. It was originally designed
to stop an oncoming charge from exotic game on Safaris. And to be fair, it is understandable to want
the biggest round possible when an elephant’s coming at you. If the T-Rex doesn’t do it for you, maybe you could look into the .950 JDJ. Despite their massive size, they have a sporting use exception, and thus can be purchased
in the United States. Their power, however, makes them highly impractical for hunting, so it isn’t exactly clear
what sport they’re for. Number tree, beehive rounds. If taser rounds weren’t enough
to satisfy your deep need for strange shotgun rounds, then fear not, because there are even weirder ones. Flechette rounds are
perhaps one of the things you least want to be shot at you. Consisting of a bunch of sharp little needle-like projectiles, it may not be the most
accurate round in the world, but it certainly looks scary. What they lack in stopping power, they make up for in aesthetics. Bolo rounds are another great, but impractical idea in the
world of wacky shotgun rounds. A little cable attaches
to two little balls, and in theory, when it’s fired, they’ll go spinning and
slice through your target. The only downside is
that if they land badly and the cable snaps, all you’re left with is two pellets instead
of the usual bajillion, that a shotgun round would have. If you’re not trying to kill anyone, then perhaps beanbag rounds
are what you’re looking for. Bean bag rounds contain
a little fabric pillow, filled with lead shot that
weighs about an ounce and a half. They’re fired from your
normal run of the mill 12 gauge shotgun, and go about
200 to 300 feet per second. They spread out in flight, and make their impact over
a square inch of target. The point is to avoid long-term
trauma and penetration, and just give the target a muscle spasm. Great for riot control, not great for permanently ending someone. The ironically named Cobra
High Safety Ammunition is more what you’re looking for if you’re trying to
permanently end somebody. Consisting of three solid steel darts inside a polymer sabot, the idea is clearly to do
as much damage as possible, by tripling the amount of entry points over a regular bullet. Number two, expanding bullets. Also known as dumdum bullets, named after the Dum Dum Arsenal, a British military facility, expanding bullets are designed
to increase in diameter. This limits penetration
but creates a bigger wound, with the end goal being to
incapacitate the target. They’re used for hunting, but are generally
prohibited for use in war, as the Hague Convention of 1899, banned expanding projectiles
that weigh less than 400 grams. One common kind of dumdum bullet
is the hollow point bullet. Hollow point bullets are
generally used in situations where a lot of penetration
could cause problems, like on an airplane, where
you don’t really want to accidentally put a deep
hole through something. They’re also used in shooting sports, as they can provide higher accuracy. If you don’t really care
about all that stuff, and just want to see something crazy, then you should look at the G2-RIP. It begins its life as one
bullet and after being fired, it splits off into being
several little bullets. Now that’s terrifying. Number one, self-guiding bullets. You may remember seeing the
movie Wanted at some point, or maybe just the trailers,
and thinking that the idea of someone curving a
bullet was totally absurd. Well, I hope you have Wanted director Timur Bekmambetov’s phone number, because you’re about to want
to call him and apologize. DARPA has been working
on self-guided bullets for a long time, and in recent years, they’ve actually started
to make some progress. Called EXACTO, also known as, Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance, the bullets use built-in
sensors to read wind speeds, weather conditions, and changes in the position of the target. The bullets can then adjust
their own trajectory. Yes, that means they
can change flight paths after being fired. So start practicing your
Matrix dodges now, I guess, if you don’t want to
get shot in the future. Has this video convinced you that regular bullets are boring? Do you now have a strong desire to fire a strange and possibly
giant round of ammunition? Let me know what you think
in the comments down below, and thanks for watching! (light music)

Reader Comments

  1. I carried a taser as a security guard. In order to be qualified to carry and use a taser, I had to experience the wrong end of a taser. A stupid law in my state. I also qualified to use and fire a sidearm but did not have to get shot first. Getting to the point.
    Being shot by a taser is just unbelievably painful. Not like any other pain I've ever experienced, not even being shocked by 220v & 120v, or shocked by an automobile coil. But the amazing thing about a taser is that you can go from the most intense pain ever experienced and in a split second after the taser discharge stops it is like nothing ever happened at all. You just jump up like it never happened. There is no lingering pain, no disorientation, no dizziness or weakness, no recuperation time, no stiffness in your joints like when shocked with AC household electricity.
    In the winter or cold regions where most people would be in thick clothing police use Taser loads that extra long barbs. The barbs from a Taser is identical to a straightened fish hook. Many times after the police Taser someone paramedics are called to remove the barbs. Most people don't know this but when a taser is fired a hundred or so tiny 1/16th-inch diameter discs fly out everywhere. These discs identify which Taser is used and how many times it was used on the same person. After a Taser's use, the police gather some of the discs in order to prove in court which Taser was used, how many times, and if more than one Taser was fired. A Taser can also be connected to a computer and it's entire history of use can be accessed, again to be used in court.

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    The Bankster’s have tried to use government armed forces to collect derelict debt in this country in the past. This created a war between we the people and the federalist army. Until the Supreme Court stepped in and said that incarcerating people for derelict debt is was unconstitutional by way of the 14th amendment. Now we know that government is owned and operated by deep state, how do we know this? Because deep state created the patriot act written by democratic Joe Biden before he was vice president and implemented by Republican president George Bush Junior and every president after him has signed the patriot act. The reason every new president must sign the patriot act every four years is because it is considered dangerously overreaching and corrosive by giving the federal government armed powers over We The People/the governed.
    Any president that signs the patriot act is not patriotic and has no regard for the God-given inherited rights that belong to the people.
    These God given right are not to be infringed on by any government local or foreign. There are no two sides of government right and left have been created to give the people a false sense of control. There is only one side of government with one agenda and that is the federalists and there is only one side of the people the anti-federalist.

    The reality is that the United States would have been invaded long ago if not for the fact that we the people are an armed society.
    The fact is that there would be a gun behind every blade of grass. It’s not your government that protects you from the bogeyman it is the strength and patriotism of we the people that keep us safe from foreign potential enemies.

    There was a question once asked, “would you get on an airplane where all of the passengers are armed or would you get on an airplane where only the bad guys are armed with an unordinary weapons like box cutters and sharp implements?” My personal answer to that question is I would rather be on a plane where everyone was armed. Why? Because a hijacker would not stand a chance on an airplane of armed civilians.
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