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Imperial Japanese Army Infantryman (World War II)

Imperial Japanese Army Infantryman (World War II)

The Japanese Infantrymen came from a varied background including farmers, factory workers, teachers, white-collar professionals, miners and other professions. The Japanese government introduced conscription in 1873 for every able-bodied male at age 20 to serve for 3 years. During the War, as the situation became more desperate, these laws were altered for every male over 20 to be subject to enlistment. Training would be a tough process of hardening of mind, spirit and body. During wartime, training could only last 3 months. An emphasis was put on bayonet fighting drew upon a belief in the Emperor and the ancient samurai warriors. The bayonet being a modern version of the samurai sword. Japanese soldiers would show their duty to their Divine Emperor and were harshly treated with beatings and strict discipline by officers. During the invasion of China and the Pacific War against U.S. , the British, Australian and other forces of the Allies, many Japanese Infantrymen would display fanaticism and brutality towards the enemy, including prisoners of war and civilians. Some of the weapons and equipments of the Japanese Infantrymen were The Type 38 Arisaka Rifle. The Type 99 Arisaka Rifle. The Type 11, Type 96 and Type 99 light machine gun. A bayonet, cloth field cap and a helmet. In the late parts of the war such as the Battle of Saipan and Battle of Okinawa, refusal to surrender and suicidal attacks on the enemy were encouraged These were known as Banzai Charges. A term used by the allied forces. The tactic was a last-ditch action when the battle is being lost. Japanese soldiers would charge at the enemy shouting, ‘Tenno Heika BANZAI’, meaning ‘Long live the Emperor’.

Reader Comments

  1. 1942: Japan attacked Pearl Harbour
    1945: U.S dropped 2 nukes
    1980: Japan sent their cars into U.S market and spread anime.
    2018: U.S sent Logan Paul as a response

  2. The cannibalism is not crime in japan but historical heritage. You can witness the massive presentation of the jap heritage on Wokou and Kamikaze and the behavior of prime monster Abe.
    Mr Issei sagawa is not insane but all right Japanese. He is a victim of Japanese culture.

  3. Oh yea the Japanese will always be remembered with their brutality like in China there were two Japanese soldiers that made a contest who is going to kill the most civilians with a katana and there was a Japanese commander who ate a American pilot’s liver

  4. Wow, I'm getting Call of Duty World at War Feels when a japanese tried to stab me.
    I was like when I shot him, "nah son" or "nice try".

  5. And what did the supposedly brave, honorable and divine emperor do when he realized he could be roasted by a third nuclear bomb? Of course… surrender, like the true wussy he was! Lol

  6. IJA infantryman = mass rapist mass murderer who loves cutting pregnant women open and ripping out fetuses

  7. まあだいたいそんな感なんじゃねI think that's just official view. But, People have different values,who said different views, however, war is tragety.

  8. My great grandpa was a ww2 Japanese kamikaze soldier but the war ended the day before he was meant to be shipped out so if it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t have been alive rn

  9. I must be grateful to the economic and technical assistance that Japan has sent to Korea after the war. When ruled by Japan, Korea was able to abolish slavery. Japanese efforts have increased the literacy rate of Koreans by 6% to several tens of percent.

  10. USA: We're heading back for ammo!
    Germany: Ammo it's on they way!
    Soviets: Fight or die here!
    Japan: I'm gonna do what's called a "pro-gamer move".

  11. I'm glad they surrendered before we attempted to invade them as it would have had a heavy toll on the U.S.

  12. Banzai charges were a discontinued military strategy as of about 1944 and replaced with defence in depth. As a last resort, I guess you could make an argument for but the statement is just incorrect. The banzai charge was implemented heavily against the poorly equipped Chinese, but against American automatic weapons caused to higher casualties and caused Japanese command to adjust their strategies which turned the tides in a lot of the battles of the pacific islands. That's why Peleliu, Iwo Jima and many others had such huge casualties for the US.

  13. 日本軍が対米戦で使ったスローガンは







  14. あらゆる点において間違った認識がある事はこれ、心から遺憾なるものとす。
    東條英機閣下の遺書、開戦_ 終戦の証書、玉音放送、インドのパール判事の言葉を聞けば歴史の真実は見えてくるものと思う。

  15. 天皇陛下は永年に生きるという意味で「Banzai」をやってたわけではないと思うんだよなぁ…

  16. 1:08「多くの日本の歩兵は敵に向けた『狂信』と『残虐』を表示していました、」失礼な言い方だなぁ…まぁ、日本軍による多少の残虐行為はあったけれども、自国への狂信で「日本の住宅地」を焼夷弾で焼き払ったりして有色人種に残虐行為をしていたお前らに言われたくねーよ!www

  17. この動画は明らかに日本軍に対する印象操作です。捕虜に対する虐待は、あったかもしれませんが、この動画は、すべての日本兵が悪かったように言っています

  18. 似たような動画有ったけど、その動画を観てたから、こんなに米国側の主観てんこ盛りとは思わなかったわw

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