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I’m So Military Song

I’m So Military Song

Let me stand up straight for you Let me represent Let me pretend I respect you But first let me vent Don’t be scared of the facts You fear me making the call You’re afraid of the truths I tell You wish I would just go AWOL I’m so death machine I’m so heroic I’m so military I’m so prehistoric Let me tell you a story about a boy He grew up believing in freedom and choice Yet when he joined the military They took his freedom and silenced his voice He said he was against every form of killing In Korea he found the world was grey He told you he found his morals and religion And yet you’ve ignored him even to this day Let me tell them what you did in the desert Let me tell them about the families you’ve killed War is so patriotic and you’re heroes But if it was your family I’m sure you wouldn’t be so thrilled Is this the house of the enemy? I don’t know Screw it, let’s raid it anyway Let’s kill everyone inside and call ourselves patriots The government will cover us the whole way It’s all fine and dandy As long as Johnny boy comes back But Johnny is now a murderer Your real son died in iraq Welcome to the world we live in Where boys grow to be wicked and cruel We are just more demons of the desert And yet we have a whole country fooled I’m not going to stand by and comply sir I’m not going to let you turn me into a killer sir You know I’m the only person in the military with integrity because I’m the only one whom refuses to murder mindlessly sir “You signed the dotted line” I signed believeing a lie now I found my destiny “But we’ll put you in jail if you say no” I understand that well and your prison is next to liberty I won’t kill women and children like you have Everyone has friends and family How would you feel if I killed your family? I see, ignorance is your only reality They say we are imprisoned and obligated They say we’ll go to jail and they’ll throw away the key But I’d rather be in jail than contributing to their war I’d rather have a pure soul over being a tool of liberty Judge me as if you know me Speak of me as a coward and a traitor Defend murder, war, atrocities in your country’s name because you’re a true patriot for promoting needless slaughter You act as if your country is the only one that’s free Yet we’re the only one in full fledged war You think this is all okay because it’s someone else’s life What if the soldiers chose to kick down your door? (I love you greg)

Reader Comments

  1. I watched a video where this guy said that this is like a school shooter's manifesto and omg I can see it.

  2. "They took his [my] freedom and silenced his [my] voice." I don't think he has any understanding of what being in the military is. Or ever did.

  3. people that hate thier militaries that protect the very foundations that allows them to make shitty cringe vids like this. wow

  4. I feel like this video is cursed. Like "watch this video and you'll mock onision so hard, you'll die" kind of cursed

  5. Thanks for putting stats up without citations, or without enough time for us to read them. You could have at least put them in the description.

  6. Did this creep see any combat action??. You can tell this freak thinks he is all that but he is a joke i come from a military family and i could care less what this boring idiot has to say I have seen all of his military videos he just keeps repeating the same thing. You can thank the military for giving you the freedom and the right to say what your saying. If you were a Japanese or Chinese citizen you and your whole family would be killed for speaking like that against the Government. I think you are a total idiot and i believe you have every right to say what you are saying keep thinking that you are edgy and unique your not you really need to get that through your head!!.

  7. You give up your rights and freedoms as an American citizen when you join the military. You say you joined on a lie, but you act as though your misunderstanding on what the US military has always been is somehow THEIR fault. Its break down as individuals, build up as one. That is what creates an effective military. Sorry that you disagree with the Iraq war, many do, but when you joined the US was already two years deep into the conflict. That seems rather dumb to join the USAF with the intention of going to special forces and have a moral dilemma with killing people in times of war (that's kind of the whole point of that position my guy).

  8. Song shows me the brutal impact people do to others you may think that this is terrible, but everything he saying is true, I can't continue to live like this, and no matter what you think, she is 100% correct

  9. Got a honorable discharge thank GOD the Lord blessed me a way out. I would never trade my soul to the devil again if given the opportunity I don't care how much they pay me.

  10. lets see
    >joins the airforce
    >expects good treatment
    >decides to join SERE
    >didn’t want to eat a rabbit and left
    >became a security officer
    >makes this video and rants
    >expects to be called a veteran

  11. I am so prehistoric
    Mf was fighting along the side of t-rex in Afghanistan
    Thank you for your service. Not

  12. Onision : "basic training was too hard the drill sergeant yelled at me waaaaaa waaaaaaa waaaaaa "

    also onision: "Thank me for my service"

  13. Full metal jacket: is great and thought-provoking piece of political art from an auteur at the height of his powers
    Onision: Hold my D E A T H
    M A C H I N E

  14. “I’m the only person in the military with integrity.” Didn’t you abuse your girlfriend for smoking weed? Also,
    D I S H O N O R A B L E
    D I S C H A R G E

  15. Imagine joining a career to kill humans, and getting kicked out for refusing to kill a rabbit. What a POOOOOOOSSYYYY beta male, dependent on Walmart ( or Wholefoods, I'll bet )


  17. I'm so death machine got me 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
    I thank god that this creature isn't in the armed forces

  18. Isn't this the same asshole that washed out? Sorry, he is not a veteran. Don't get to call yourself a vet if you washed out. Another failed experiment of females in the unit.

  19. This is that same clown that washed out! How fucked up / weak do you have to be to get booted out of the Air Force? What kind of asshole joins the military with an aversion to killing? I think his biggest disappointment was not getting "stabbed" in the shower. Looks like he alienated his fellow recruits hoping to be molested, but the kinder, gentler, Air Force didn't deliver on his desired punishment.

  20. Too weak for the Air Force, too gay for the Navy, too dumb for USMC. This is a level of fucked-up unseen in human history.

  21. I dont know why im going through Onisions videos and subjecting myself this hell. It's like reading the manifesto of some sick twisted murderer. Its so bad but you cant put it down

  22. Some of these “facts” that he throws into the video are outright crazy and false, Almost propaganda. Both my mom and my dad are in the Navy (a branch of the military) and I can tell you that this whole video is just a bunch of crap.

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