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[voice breaking] I’m a teenager, why is my voice so weird? SHUT UP! Sir! China just unfriended us on Facebook! DAMN! Try sliding into their DMs. Tried it, it didn’t work! [ALARM] Oh no! They just blocked us! On Facebook?? No! On everything! Uh, Snapchat, YouTube… even MySpace! Looks like we’re gonna have to resort to our final measure… [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Take that China! Yeah, that’ll teach you to mess with America. Oh my God, we got ’em so good!! [laughing] ANNOUNCER: Please rise for the National Anthem! [SINGING] Oh say, can you see- [ANTHEM BECOMES DUBSTEP REMIX] [CRYING] So beautiful… Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to ship Patty and Francis. Patty, do you ship yourself with Francis? I totally ship us. And Francis, do you ship yourself with Patty? Yeah, dude. Well then, I now pronounce you… Prancis. Prancis? Do you have anything else? Well, you can do fatty? Hmm. Yeah, no, I think we’re just gonna stick with Prancis. Solid choice. Alright China. Here’s the deal if you don’t unblock us on all social media, we’re gonna put an embargo On your supply of Benzac. [In Chinese] No! My friends as I have occasional breakouts! That’s your problem. Oh my God, that was so cool, did anyone snap that? Got it! Nice. Gonna look so rad on my story! [laughing] [In Chinese] Did you guys TP us? …No. That was Canada. Yeah, I can’t uh Uh… So, am I fired? Because, like, you haven’t responded to any of my texts in weeks. Yeah man, I’m so sorry, my phone must have been on silent. I sometimes just leave it on silent, so. That’s weird, because you know, I saw that you read my text weeks ago, and you were typing something, and then you just stopped… Yeah, that’s so weird, man. Yeah, I don’t know… Am I fired? Hey man, just saw this text! So sorry didn’t get back to you earlier man. B-T-Dubs, you ARE fired! Smiley face! What the hell, bro! You voted for Ian?! Ian sucks! John voted for me, and he’s a valedictorian Jess voted for me, and she’s hot! You know who votes for Ian?! Fatty! Ugh, it’s Prancis! Mine’s blonde so you can’t see. I’m thinking about shaving my arms though- Get against the wall, go! What! What! Why! Oh my God, my boyfriend, what did he do?! He took a screenshot of a private snapchat photo. YOU MAKE ME SICK! You’re going away for a lot longer than 10 seconds. Dude, where is everybody? Oh, Greg’s at the dentist, Danny’s Grandma’s sick… What?! She’s sick again? Okay, and where is General Keith? He said he overslept. He’s been posting Snapchats all day. This just in! World peace achieved because no one showed up. Hey guys, thank you so much for subscribing and thanks again to Benzak acne solutions for sponsoring this episode. If you want to see behind-the-scenes footage and bloopers from this episode, Click the box on the left. And if you want to check out more from Benzak click the box on your right. I break out and flare up I break out and give up, so here’s my cat! And if you have a little touchscreen device, all the links are in the description below 🙂

Reader Comments

  1. If teens were in charge it'd probably be all the edgy ones and y'know what that means…. It's genocide time

  2. Idk why but this kinda makes me angry, not all teens are irresponsible, I actually think that not much would change if Teens were in charge

    ….I know that this is for laughs but still…

  3. Why does this seem like this would be better if teens were to actually own a country.


  4. If 2000s teens ruled the world

    It would be like a North Korea except everybody has to wear skinny jeans and straight black hair regardless of your gender, the national anthem would be Ohio is for lovers by Hawthorne heights, and the schools would be thriving with angst, grease – and my chemical romance

  5. Me just realizing that I watched this video without even realizing who it was and now I'm face palming

  6. Wait, if a girl is pregnant…is she gonna give birth to a teenager? Not a baby? Wow, thats a biiiiiig uterus…

  7. My voice never really cracked much. I remember my first instance of vocal change while in a grocery store. I was becoming self aware of it at that time as it was a gradual process for me, low and behold, a month later, my voice dropped, hard, I went from being tenor to the lowest form of bass in a month even though I still looked like I was 12. Many people at my school were all surprised when it dropped because not a lot of them had heard me speak until the next year. I looked like I was 12 but I still spoke in a deeper tone that more than about 90 percent of all adults I’ve met.

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