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important developments happening around India. one
83 more Tejas jets: IAF asks Hindustan Aeronautics to send quote The Indian Air Force has formally asked HAL
to submit its quote by March 2018 for making 83 additional Tejas fighter jets. Of these,
73 will be the upgraded version called the ‘Mark-1A’ and 10 will be the trainer twin
seat version. HAL is already making 40 Tejas jets as per the standards set by the IAF.
The plan of manufacturing and completion of all 123 jets is by 2023. The Mark 1-A version
will have 43 upgrades over the base version including AESA radar in place of the manually
scanned Israeli Elta radar and ‘self-protection jammer’, fitted with external re-fuelling
capability. The single engine fighter jet deal is looking uncertain at the moment as
both the companies (Lockheed Martin and Saab) are unable to share full technology. IAF is
not particularly satisfied with both the fighter jets. If the deal gets cancelled, and government
can convince IAF about Tejas MK2 version then there is every chance that IAF may order for
over 100 Tejas MK2 fighter jets in future. two
IIT Delhi-DRDO project to develop smart jacket for army
The Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi (IIT-D) and DRDO are jointly developing a lighter,
smart, intelligent and cheaper jacket for soldiers with integrated interconnects, antennas,
sensors and chips in three stages at IIT-D’s Joint Advanced Technology Centre (JATC) set
up by DRDO. Textile-based flexible circuit boards and multi-chip modules will be developed
in the initial stage. Next, modelling, fabrication and testing of different types of radio frequency
and microwave antennas on textile-based and polymeric substrates and finally, several
sensors will be integrated into the textiles. Features like signal processing chip, chemical
sensor and communication chip will help the soldiers in mobility, threat detection and
communication. three
With last-minute approval, India set to snap up world’s last available C-17 Globemaster
India is now set to snap up the world’s last available C-17 heavy transport aircraft
after a last-minute approval by the defence ministry last week, two years after a special
request was made to Washington to reserve the plane. The procurement that will take
the total number of the transport aircraft in the Indian Air Force to 11. US manufacturer
Boeing has shut down the production line after producing 279 aircraft. The lone aircraft
is likely to cost India over Rs 2,700 crore and could arrive within a few months after
the formal signing of the contract. The plane is being bought under the Foreign Military
Sales (FMS) or direct government purchase route from Washington.
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