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‘I went crazy’: Store-owner assaults black patron

‘I went crazy’: Store-owner assaults black patron

charlotte north carolina residents are asking people to boycott a beauty hair supply store after an african-american woman was assaulted following the owners accusation tree stole according to video footage released by the end of Lacey p it only shows the owner assaulting the customer however the owner recently submitted store video to local police department it is currently under review the owner stands by his story that the one tried to steal and says store video shows evidence of that here's our t correspondent Ashley banks with more aster owner in charlotte north carolina is facing scrutiny for his treatment towards an african-american female customer now the incident took place last week at the Mesha beauty supply store when an unidentified woman entered the store to make a purchase now the store owner who is being identified as sung hole in an Asian male accused the victim of stealing a pack of eyelashes the n-double-a-cp released surveillance video of the ordeal and according to the video footage the woman said that she didn't feel anything and volunteer to let Lin look through her back every last time Hey Ya Ya me know when then proceeded to assault for customer awhile a co-worker pinter down now security footage from the beauty supply store has been submitted to the Charlotte Police Department the store's employees say but it shows the customer stealing at this time charges have not been filed and the rest have not been made against limb or his coworker residents in the Charlotte area gathered esterday to protest against blooms behavior and they are calling on everyone to boycott the store now LEM apologize to the group of demonstrators saying I don't know it just happened I want crazy no matter what the reason I feel very sorry to her into then now the n-double-a-cp president Corinne mac is calling on LEM to apologize to the entire black community as well as the victim saying african-americans are his biggest consumers and are part of the reason why his business is still up and running in Washington Ashley banks RT to talk more about this we joined by cormac president at the end of a CT charlotte and mecklenburg branch thank you for joining us first of all can you just tell us have you spoken with the victim at all is she all right as a result of that assault thank you for having me what I can say is that the victim has been not as represented by llaman department so she has an attorney I do know that she is emotionally physically and spiritually traumatized but Miss Trotman has been continually speaking with her and I'm suing ensuring that she gets the care that she needs and why do you believe race was an issue in the shoplifting incident or in a physical altercation i should say the incident wasn't the shoplifting it was what we all witnessed on camera just there that's correct this particular incident um was so egregious and so disturbing when I saw the video this man and either his wife or as you said an employee of the store both attacked this woman but more importantly this man kicked the young lady he didn't just spend her down he choked her he choked her for about 30 seconds and then when he got up he twist her arm as if he was trying to break her arm and so it looked to me as if he was trying to kill her at one point in the video the the Asian lady is hitting on the back and pulling on his bath to tell him to stop that's how involved he was with choking this woman and what I want to talk about is the normalizing of abuse of disrespect and of killing of black people that would not have happened if it has been someone else we know there's been so many cases of shoplifting in this country some have been well known white actresses and not one of them were attacked and so to see this man actually physically throw the woman to the ground and begin to choke her and you can see where his muscles are flexing he's choking her even harder was so disturbing for me and and the black community and even as someone who has covered these types of events and it's at the hand of hands of police I couldn't help but be reminded of the Michael Brown or not sorry Michael Brown Eric garner chokehold that we all saw in New York and hearing somebody say I can't breathe or you're choking me and that not being enough to get the perpetrator to stop that's correct that's correct and here's the case if in fact you thought someone was taking something there should be some protocol put in place and I'm sure that there is laws put in place there in fact was the security officer in the store at the time we had responsibility to do his job he didn't do his job as well but to physically attack a woman in such a vicious way that can't be tolerated I'm sorry there was a security guard in the store at that time that didn't intervene while this was all happened right that's correct Wow continue and to see a black woman treated that way black women who have throughout the course of history with the foundation of building this country black women who consistently are marginalized by this country black women who have raised white and other children who fed by our breaths other children and still don't receive the respect that we do but to see this young woman choking screaming rising and saying I can't breathe and this man still choking her until someone else says stop stop that's enough South black woman haven't only played a very significant role in the history of this country I'm sure they make up a good amount of the customers at that store so can you talk about the calls for a boycott and the community's response to this incident the boycott is cool because we believe the only way we can have our voices heard it through socio-economics this particular beauty shop is in the midst of a black community I would dare say least ninety nine percent african-american community and so much of his money's is his his funding his way of life good quality of life comes thru black economics and so we're telling black people to buy black to go to black own beauty supply stores that's the only way people will respect this through dollars and will certainly stay on top of this case if we see charges brought or any updates will continue to bring them to viewers we appreciate you coming on to bring your comment Corinne max president of the end of lacy p charlotte-mecklenburg branch thank you and God bless you

Reader Comments

  1. Do not BOYCOTT the store he's right! She stole! She didn't EXPECT for the nerdy Asian owner to react the way he did. She deserved it, and she's probably ripped him off before, she's not a customer, she's a THIEF!!! SO SHUT UP BUBBA GUMP GET RID OF THAT AFRO.

  2. That Corrine Mack lady representing NAACP is not the intelligent woman she portrays herself to be. Such a shame to have those uneducated idiots speaking and being a voice to represent a people. To top it off, she purchased an Afro wig to wear lmao. Is she herself ashamed to style her own natural hair that way. Oh that's right she's protecting her natural hair.
    Goes to show….. She's just another puppet in the system. 😳😱😒🙄

  3. It is not disturbing to the "black activist" when blacks killed Asians in America, stupid hypocrite and racist.

  4. African Americans need to boycott Asian owned stores. African Americans need to starve these businesses out. They use illegal methods of restraining African American patrons. Stop shopping in their stores, and stop feeding them with your money. African Americans who shop in these stores are supporting/ funding systemic racism and abuse that is perpetrated by the Asian community.

  5. no matter skin colors of if she stole or not its still not ok the way he treated her, him being a man she being a woman its not ok the way he handled the situation

  6. I'm a black man who loves his woman and had he done that to her while I was there, I would have destroyed him right there in his own store!

  7. This RT video got a down vote from me. Black-on-Asian crime is many times more than Asian-on-black crime. The surveillance video shows the black woman acting suspicious in the store (e.g., surveillance video recoding of the thievery, physically refusing to cooperate with a simple bag search, setting off the alarm, physically resisting the store workers, and leaving the scene of the alleged crime) and uncooperative toward the store workers. The black woman's actions do NOT match her words of innocence. The black woman is most likely guilty.

    However, the liberal-guilt peddlers put blacks and Jews on a pedestal, and the Zionist Christians put Jews on a pedestal. In terms of population trends, black communities are more dysfunctional than non-black communities. Thus, thus, the liberals and blacks will blame the Asian store workers as much as possible and help the black woman as much as possible.

  8. LoL, black people commit more crimes than any other race in this country by x10 statistical margin. Now you have black people coming out in solidarity to support shoplifting. I can't wait to see their faces when, the moment they realize she's a thief and she's a piece of shit.

  9. I always thought Asians were honorary White folks. But this is another way to divide and conquer. Some folks just don't get it, it's NOT about RACE it's about CLASS warfare that's going on and being deflected to Race.

  10. Portion of the footage (not the one submitted to the Police) was abhorrent. No man should inflict such violence on a woman. No person should take the law into their hands either. That said. No one should ever normalize stealing; it was the primary cause of the incident. Good citizenship requires you refrain from stealing. In the wake of the black oppression uproar, I hope stealing does not get normalized.

  11. Even though the store staff behaved egregiously, this has nothing to do with racism. But let's apologies to the entire black community anyway. So RT could not get an impartial person to do this interview? You failed RT.

  12. That is the ugliest hair do I have ever seen. Can you just imagine how many insects are living and breading in there.

  13. yeah sure, if you think its okay to steal and not get apprehended stay out of his store . This dude is a hero, that took a thief down. Wtf is that lady doing with that hair, ugh. That "victim" is just fine, if that dude wanted to hurt her bad he obviously could have easily. Why is that woman trying to run?? why she take a swing? Thief!!!

  14. Was a little over the top…. but who's to say the asian dude didn't snap because of all the violence against his people… constantly. PROOF: YouTube ~ Colin Flaherty

  15. Ok.. what a bunch of bullshit.. get real.. and this is now another 'black issue', yet again, supposedly.. yeah, make this another 'black issue'.

  16. does she not realise that that one Asian man doesn't represent all asians? nah I'm a black woman im boycotting every other race other than my own

  17. does she not realise that that one Asian man doesn't represent all asians? nah I'm a black woman im boycotting every other race other than my own

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