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I Tried Escaping A SWAT Team

I Tried Escaping A SWAT Team

– Thanks for knocking. A SWAT team is known
for busting down doors, rescuing hostages, and
resolving emergency situations. Today, I’m going to try escaping a SWAT team inside a small building. Hopefully, they can’t flush me out. (intense music) What does a SWAT team do? – SWAT teams typically
will handle the most dangerous situations that law
enforcement will deal with. Such as hostage rescue situations, search warrants for dope or drugs, and they would also
handle violent situations like guys with guns or someone
that’s shooting at people or other officers. – Now that you’ve
retired from active duty, what do you do now? – Now I run a company called
Armitage Tactical Group, and what it is is a firearms
and tactics company, so we train people how to use guns and how to properly employ
them in defensive situations or in the cop world in situations where they can handle themselves if they do encounter an attacker. – Most missions end with
a suspect in handcuffs. – People be putting in handcuffs versus actually someone
being shot or killed, ’cause again, that’s not
the number one priority. The priority is to handle it peacefully. – Safety first.
– Safety first. – What is second?
– Safety first. You in handcuffs second. – For me, safety is first,
friendship is second, candy is third.
– Okay, sure. – Now, I’m going to challenge you. (suspenseful music) – Whoa. – I guarantee I can escape
this building in 15 minutes without having the SWAT
team put me in handcuffs. – Okay. – If your SWAT team is able to put me in handcuffs in those 15 minutes, I will wear a diaper and cross the street. – That sounds fun. – You can join me if you want in diaper. – I’ll join you but from
a distance. Not in diaper. – If I successfully escape the building without the SWAT team
putting me in handcuffs, you must sniff each of
my toes individually. – That is nasty.
– You don’t know my toes, bro. – I’m just guessing because
I can smell you from here. – My chest smells like cologne, my toes smell like a mystery. – Now the situation that
you’re putting us in is not necessarily something that would happen in the real world. – It would never happen in the real world. This is Mike’s World. – Since it’s Mike’s World, we’ll be doing things differently as well. – I am now regretting that
I did not get a dragon to ride out of.
– That’s good, because I’m scared of dragons. – What the SWAT team didn’t know was that I spent the last two months planning the perfect escape. SWAT teams are heavily
trained to deal with all kinds of dangerous situations. However, they are not trained
to deal with loving situations Therefore, today, I’m
going to try escaping a SWAT team using the power of love. (rock music) Clint will be leading these
three currently active SWAT members in my “fun little exercise.” Keep in mind what the consider
a “fun little exercise,” I consider “doing my best
not to get my (beep) kicked by trained professionals twice my size.” Let’s meet these three SWAT
members hunting me today. – I’ve been in law
enforcement for 19 years. I’ve been a tactical operator
for 15 of those years. – People that do this job, or
that work in law enforcement, we don’t like to give up,
we don’t like to get beat. – After watching some of
Mike’s videos for research, I thought Mike was an (beep). I thought he was a trickster, and I thought we were
definitely gonna catch him. – I’m glad to hear someone
watches my videos. (coughs) Mom. Now, I’ll describe the building this challenge will take place in. We will be inside a 105
feet by 105 feet cube space which contains three sound stages. What are the sound stages decorated as? I’ll tell you later when I feel like it. – We’ll be entering after him, so this is where we have to
kinda strategize and work it out – Let’s put operators
into this first building, let’s sweep a third operator back here and start in this building, and let’s try and push
him into that corner. – [Mike] Clinton and I
agree that I should have a two minute headstart to
hide from the SWAT team. – Hey, Mike. Catch you later. – I wished them luck and head
inside the challenge cube. Once inside, I casually
stroll over to sound stage B. My two minute headstart has ended. The SWAT team can begin
mission to put me in handcuffs. The challenge begins in three, two, one. (intense music) – Oh, hello there, SWAT team. – When I saw the TV with
Mike, “Oh yeah,” I think, “This is a little out of the ordinary.” You don’t normally wouldn’t have somebody we’re lookin’ for leaving
us clues in a video. – It’s about time I told you what’s inside this building’s three sound stages. I decorated the first sound
stage as my evil hideout. I set up a large TV with
“play me” written on it. If anyone follows that instruction
on the connected laptop, They will watch a video
I recorded of myself in the staircase taunting the SWAT team. “Oh, hello there, SWAT team.
How lovely of you to join me. If you’re looking for my secret hideout, you’ve come to the right place. I hope you like my decorating style.” I made this two minute taunting video move 15 times so it eats up 30 minutes. Remember, the SWAT challenge
itself is only 15 minutes long. I wrote several clues to my whereabouts for the SWAT team on fly swatters and hid them around the room. Hopefully, they get a good chuckle out of that pun like I did. I had several prop doors set up with signs that read “kick me.” My goal was to have them
kick down the first door which will bring them to a second door. When they kick down the second door, they will arrive at the
third door made of paper. If they kick down that paper door, they would ruin perfectly good paper. – Clear. – Turned out, it was just a distraction. – [Mike] In one corner of this room, I put a bathtub containing
a life-sized dummy which looks exactly like me. We are identical twins, don’t you think? The answer is yes, and
if you disagree with me, you owe me five dollars. I decorated a second
sound stage as a kitchen. Have I miniaturized myself down into the shape of a
salt and pepper shaker? Not today, pilgrim, this room is meant to be
a giant waste of time. – I was looking behind
objects, underneath objects, any place that Mike could’ve fit. – [Mike] I had the third
and final sound stage decorated like a wedding reception. Waiting in the sound stage
are three of my accomplices. Who the (beep) I hired to
help me escape a SWAT team? The first accomplice
is my close friend Myia who I haven’t spoken to in a full year, and I met her about a year ago. – I like to scare the
(beep) out of people. – The second accomplice
is my friend, Dwayne who is one of the nicest
people I’ve ever met. – I got suspended from school once for tripping a substitute teacher . – The third accomplice
is my friend’s roommate who I don’t know much about. – I have a shark poster above my toilet. – [Mike] I paid them to hid in this room and put on wedding caterer outfits. I instruct Myia to stand
in front of the door holding a fake wedding cake. When the challenge begins, a SWAT member will
aggressively burst in the room. The door will hit Myia and
she’ll drop the wedding cake. This should make the
SWAT member feel horrible about ruining the happiest
day of someone’s life. My art department created a dessert table with a removable top. Underneath is a secret compartment that matches my exact body dimensions so I can inside it. Yes,
this resembles a coffin. You can say that I’m dead set
on winning this challenge. That’s a pun and it makes
me feel ooh, so good. My cake covered coffin table has wheels so my accomplices can push
me out of the building. After the SWAT team
ruins the wedding cake, the caterers will urgently need
to make other arrangements. Therein lies the reason for them to exit the building with the table. My brilliant strategy
is to make the SWAT team think they’ve ruined a wedding. While they’re distracted by
their own feelings of guilt, I will sneak out of the building unharmed. – I gotta be honest, I
laughed at Mike’s strategy. He was walking us through, I was like, “Bro, this is– this is
the dumbest thing ever. Mike, they’re not gonna be distracted by a table with cakes on it.” – [Mike] As time ticks away, the search continues in the evil hideout. – [Brad] We’re wasting
time watching this video. I think we’re wasting time not moving through the buildings. – [Clint] So, there’s a lot of exit points for these officers to cover. So, it’s making it pretty difficult. – [Mike] Right after
entering the building, I head to the fake wedding
reception sound stage. I peacefully lie down in the table coffin and have my accomplices
shut the lid on me. Will a SWAT member fall right into my trap and ruin the most important of cakes? – [Myia] Oh my! – [Brad] Get on the
ground! Get on the ground! Let me see your neck! (beep) We’ve got hostages here. – [Cameraman] Straight with Ray. – [HJ] Stay on the ground.
Keep your hands up. – Get on the ground.
– What the (beep)? – Stay down. Get on the ground. – That be clear. That be clear. – [Brad] We clear? – Yeah, we’re clear all the way around. – [Clint] Okay. – [Ray] I can identify the
caterers as not being Mike, so we continued to clear the
room as in (inaudible) search. – They busted in so aggressive that I was legitimately terrified. What the (beep)? – They kept talking to
each other, barkin’ orders, and we just kept on trying
to keep our heads down, and make sure we didn’t
even look at the table so they wouldn’t look at the table. – I didn’t expect the SWAT team to be like “Get down on the ground! Get your hands–” I don’t know, I thought they’d be like, “Oh, we’re in the wrong
place. Where we at?” Then I cried, I was– it was
the only thing I could think of – [Mike] Once this wedding cake-destroying SWAT member rejoins his team, I expected to express
his feelings of guilt. My hope is that this guilt
and confusion will evolve into a nagging fear of
harassing the caterers anymore. That should provide a safe
environment for me to escape. – Well, if he went up
top and out right away, there’s nothing we do about that. (suspenseful music) – At this moment, even though I’m hidden inside a cake covered coffin, I can hear my taunting video
playing in the distance. I can’t help but let a creepy
smile spread across my face. My plan is working.
Time for my final spare. – They had all the
exits like being watched until the tape played, and when
they were watching the tape, they asked everyone to come into the room, and then at that moment,
that was like the only moment we could wheel him out,
and they weren’t gonna be at the exit waiting for us. – [Mike] My accomplices
start wheeling me out of the wedding reception area. They slowly pushed me
through the building. In order to reach the exit,
we must pass by the SWAT team. – As we’re going past, I
like saw them, and was like, “Oh my gosh, we’re not gonna make it. We’re not gonna make it.” And I turned back and
we’re like really close. – Will the SWAT team see
the cake covered table, get suspicious and light it on fire? Will they feel bad for the
caterers and let them go? Will they try taking a
bite of the fake cakes and crack their teeth open? – As we were leaving, I was
thinking, “Please, let it work.” Because the way they
busted through that door, I thought they was gonna
flip the whole table over, knock us all over, I had no
idea what they were gonna do. – He’s also talking about a door. Where’s that door? – [Mike] My cake covered
coffin reaches the parking lot. My wedding-themed escape plan
went off without a hitch. Another great pun there
for my punny bunnies. Victory belongs to Mike. – Is he under that table? – And there he is.
– It’s cake time. Now it’s time for my strange reward. I’m gonna take my shoe off, and I’m ready for you to sniff my toes. – I’m gonna totally hate
it, but it was a bet. – [Mike] It’s ready for you.
(groaning) – Yeah, you have some hair on your toes. And that nail’s not cut kind
of proper, but it’s okay. (long sighing) That’s nasty. Actually, wasn’t that bad. That’s pretty good. – Describe what it is. – Kinda little sock-y. – Would anyone else like to smell my feet? – No thank you.
– No thank you. – I’ll pass. What I think Mike is going to
do to celebrate his victory is to secretly contact Clint after this and ask to smell his feet. – [Mike] What’re you afraid of? – [Clint] Regarding dragons?
– [Mike] Yeah. – [Clint] I just don’t like dragons. I didn’t watch Pete’s Dragon the movie. What, are you trying to psychoanalyze me? – [Mike] I’m just curious. – And why are we talking
about dragons again? – They’re everywhere.
– ‘Kay.

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    Person:ya other plans came up and we can't dorry

  2. Duuuude I came up with a great idea for one of these videos, what about A Pseudocide Consultant versus a Private detective! You have the Disappearance consultant "Someone assisting in you faking your dissapearance/death" battling the Investigator to see if the investigator can find out whether you're really gone or if it's a sham!

  3. This video portrays the left and the right very well. Swat, the strong, masculine and straightforward folk. The "accomplices and the target", childish, fearful, uncoordinated.

  4. Does anyone know that he's literally just a fucking guy who's the best criminal escape artist, no one can beat him he always wins, he literally does anything it takes, if he becomes a criminal, the world's fucked, he is the greatest msstermind

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  8. a swat team normally has more thn just 3 operators. and in a situation like this there would be multiple swat teams deployed

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