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I Spent $300 At Goodwill! | Come Thrifting With Me | Vlog | emptyhanger

I Spent $300 At Goodwill! | Come Thrifting With Me | Vlog | emptyhanger

hey friends it’s Jenna welcome back to
my channel if you’re new here I am a full-time fashion and clothing reseller
and today I’m gonna vlog my day of sourcing so it’s Tuesday which means
it’s senior day at Goodwill I’m gonna go pick my mom up
we’re gonna go sourcing I think we’re gonna hit up two thrift stores and see
what we can find I’m running a little bit late so I’m
gonna surprise her and pick up a coffee first because we definitely need a
little bit of fuel a little bit of energy I also need to drop off my
shipping I just thought it would be fun to bring you along so let’s go ahead and
get our day started so since I’m on keto I get asked a lot like what I order I
just get plain unsweetened iced coffee with their heavy whipping cream which is
a higher fat content than like regular cream but low carbs so that’s what I get
pretty boring but I like my coffee kind of plain *music* okay so current situation we’ve got my
car and then we’ve got my mom’s cart and then I’m gonna put everything I want in
this cart the first item is a men’s Tommy Bahama silk Hawaiian shirt and I
list these over on ebay usually for about 25 or 30 dollars they don’t go for
as much as they used to but they sell pretty quickly so I still pick them up
when they’re in good condition this is a pair of j.crew pajama pants and top so
it’s a matching set size extra large and it is new with tags so I definitely wanted
to pick that up I think I’ll probably list it around 35 or 40 I need to look
up and see I’m not even sure how much those retail for but new with tags I
definitely didn’t want to pass on that and then the next item is a sweater and
this is by angel of the north from Anthropologie I love picking up
Anthropologie sweaters and this one has a bunch of lace detail and it’s just
really pretty and flowy probably list this at about $35 the next item is another
sweater so this sweater is camo print which camo is really big right now it’s
always pretty popular it’s just kind of a basic crewneck
sweater it’s French Connection which I don’t always pick up French Connection
but since this is a little bit trendier of a style I definitely grab that one
maybe 35 dollars on that this next piece is a button-down shirt it’s actually
Robert Graham so you can see the label Robert Graham 2x I believe this is a
more tailored fit but it has the contrast cuffs and I list these on eBay
and they can go for quite a bit of money I’ll probably list that one maybe around
$50 the next top is a activewear top and it’s by prana and it’s just kind of a
striped stretchy long-sleeve yoga top so prana does really well on both Poshmark
and ebay I’ll probably list that one around $30 this next piece is a vintage
item so I love vintage graphic sweatshirts this one says Texas a little
bit country it’s really soft kind of faded I’ll probably list that around $35
I’m just like a fun sweatshirt this shirt when I saw it I
almost thought it was Johnny Was because it’s got all this like floral embroidery
and embellishment however it’s this brand I’m gonna put it
on the screen it’s Aratta I’ve sold it once before I know they sell it
at Nordstrom I’m not sure where else but it’s really nice quality I think that
was a size extra large so I’ll probably listed at 40 this is a little cropped
sweatshirt and it’s got embroidery kind of cutout details and it’s by Free
People so this I will probably list about $35 and I love picking up any kind
of little Free People sweatshirt or crop top this next item is a leopard print
sweater and it’s got a cold shoulder cut out the reason I grabbed it it was so
soft I looked at it it’s a hundred percent cashmere so a hundred percent
cashmere does really well it was also new with tags and the brand is I believe
it’s Charter Club wouldn’t focus there yeah Charter Club which is from Macy’s
but again hundred percent cashmere I’ll probably list that around like $65 these
were one of my favorite finds it’s a pair of vintage suede shorts with fringe
on the back I thought these were perfect for festival season they’re not a brand
obviously they’re just vintage I’m checking the zipper on them and perfect
for like Coachella and everything I’ll probably list those around $45 I love
those next up this little tiny pair of shorts they are a pair of Lululemon
shorts and they’re actually reversible so they can be worn either pink or black
and yeah there’s the little Lululemon symbol I’ll probably list those around
35 or 40 dollars next is a pair of overalls
so overalls I mentioned in my denim video are really popular right now so I
love picking them up this is a light wash pair and they’re kind of cut off on
the bottom and the brand they’re just Mossimo which is from
Target but I think any brand sells on those probably like 25 dollars these are
some vintage mom jean shorts and they are just that classic high rise denim
their Calvin Klein so they have the big logo patch maybe $30 on those I’m not
sure how much this goes for I’m going to look them up always
picking up denim and this pair is by Paige and they are a dark wash which is
always great and that is the newer Paige label so I love picking those up and
then also it says the style name in there which this is a petite so petite
size jeans do well for people that are shorter and not looking to have them
hemmed we’ve got a pair of workout shorts I love the color on these and
they were in great condition just a nice active wear short and the brand on these
is Athleta or Athleta tomato tomahto however you want to say it I’ll probably
list these around $30 as well okay the next two pairs of shorts are the exact
same size the exact same brand it’s a brand I’ve never sold before but I
thought these were cute great for summer the blue ones have like an elephant
print and I thought I could just lot them together and list them I’ll
probably list these over on eBay and the brand is Crown & Ivy which I believe
they sell at Kohl’s I’m not a hundred percent sure but I’ve heard online that
they sell in bigger sizes they sell really well so these are an 18 so they
are a plus size and I know shorts just are what people are searching for right
now so maybe together I’ll those at 40 or $45
this next top is a floral print blouse it’s kind of a career style and I
decided to pass on this it’s Ivanka Trump which actually that does very well
but the top just didn’t feel that great is that kind of cheapy polyester so I
passed this was a North Face fuzzy zip up sweatshirt which I would totally buy
except it was a little bit worn actually quite a bit worn and faded so I just
decided to pass on that one even though North Face is a great brand to resell these
jeans are by j.crew and what I liked about them is they are a high rise
skinny so high rise is really popular right now skinny leg is always in and they
have these cool pockets on the front which I liked there you can see it’s
just a pair of j.crew size 27 I’ll probably list those around $40 next up
is a dress and it’s a great floral and it’s what they call a pencil or a
wiggle dress so it’s that really fitted but kind of longer length past the knee
and it’s by ASOS so ASOS is a website and they do a lot of trendy stuff but it
is decent quality so I’ve sold some of their dresses before the printed ones
definitely do better for me I’ll probably list that around 30-35 dollars
and I think that’s a great style for like spring Easter you know wedding
season coming up this piece is really cool it is a vintage dress so I’ve been
finding a lot of great vintage lately the color caught my eye and then it also
has these lace kind of cutout details on the sleeves but also down the front so
it’s not any particular brand there was a brand label in it but I’m just that
vintage retro style using a bunch of great keywords like the lace-up I think
it’s like that kind of crepey polyester material which was really big in the 60s
or 70s I’ll probably list that at $50 and then the next item is this gorgeous
printed sundress yeah and I really like the print in the back has that cool like
I don’t know knotted lace detail and the brand is Moda International which was
sold by Victoria’s Secret when they had clothing I don’t think they carry it
anymore but that top or that dress also had pads in the top so that’s nice I’ll
probably listed at $35 this is one of my favorite pieces I found it is a tie-dye
maxi dress it’s amazing quality it’s new with tags and the brand is Gypsy 05 so
Gypsy 05 is really nice high quality they sell it at like Bloomingdale’s
high-end boutiques I need to look it up I’ll probably list this at $75 this next item
is a fully sequined striped dress so I love my sequins especially vintage
however this one is new it’s by White House Black Market so it’s a brand I
don’t always pick up but I really liked the sequins on this I thought it was
unique and also it’s a size extra large so that’s a great size someone always
needs a sequined dress I feel like so I’ll probably list this one
around $45 I need to fix the tag it had like a little cut in it so I’ll just
tack that the next piece is another vintage dress this gave me like vintage
90s feel think like no doubt Gwen Stefani I could totally see her wearing
this with some combat boots and it’s by Cynthia Rowley which this is the vintage
Cynthia Rowley label and it kind of reminds me of like Betsey Johnson
vintage also I’ll probably list this around 65 or 70 definitely on trend this
piece another vintage dress I swear I was finding so much vintage this time
and it’s a hundred percent silk and it had this great like zebra print all over
it long sleeve it was missing a belt I believe it was supposed to have a belt
this is the brand um yeah I really liked it but then as I was going to keep it I
saw that there was a spot on the back tried to show you right there but I
decided to pass on it because yeah I don’t want to deal with trying to get
that spot out and even though it was cute I just decided to pass so on to the
next item this piece is a little dress I thought this was actually a romper when
I grabbed it it almost looks like a two-piece it’s striped on the bottom a
tank on the top I decided to pass it looked kind of stretched out and the
brand is Monrow which is a nice brand they sell it on Revolve, Shop Bop a ton
of those higher-end websites so it’s a good brand but yeah I decided to pass
just because it looked kind of stretched out and worn okay and we’re still going
through my cart so this is the stuff that I grabbed um yeah this next piece
is a long black evening skirt so it’s a separate which is good because someone
could wear their own top on top obviously and it can be worn for any
special occasion the brand is Tadashi so Tadashi Shoji that’s the older label
is a great evening wear line I’ll probably list that around $50 I always
pick up Tadashi when I see it in great condition because it sells very well for
me on eBay this is a little sundress Jersey with
beaded embellishments it’s by Bordeaux which is sold at Anthropologie but it
was a little bit worn so I decided to pass this next dress is a great floral
print it’s a sleeveless sheath dress and I love the huge roses on it this one was
priced up a little bit that’s why it has that big tag on it because it is Kate
Spade so my Goodwill doesn’t usually mark up clothing unless they absolutely
recognize the brand so Kate Spade I paid a little more for that but I know that
will be a great seller over on Poshmark I’ll probably list that maybe around 75
or 80 this next dress I loved the top it almost looks like a two-piece like a
layered effect and it’s navy blue which navy blue does well for me this one is
by ASOS so again ASOS the website it was a little bit hidden by that
dry-cleaning label but I will probably list this around $40 maybe okay this top
um it’s a tunic top which could also be a beach cover-up and it’s got a lot of
like rhinestone embellishments on it it’s by a brand called Mud Pie Mud Pie
is based out of Atlanta they do a lot of like preppy beachy kind of things I
don’t always pick it up but that was new at tags and I thought it would be good
for the season I’ll probably list it around $30 this next item is a tank top
and it is I’m kind of basic it’s by Ric Rac which is an older Anthropologie
brand I decide to pass on it because it was a little plain and also a little bit
worn I also grabbed a hard good I’ve been challenging myself to grab
something and look it up every time so I looked that up after I was done it
wasn’t worth anything or not worth enough for me to make any money so I
passed these are a pair of cole haan shoes so I did pay up for these because
they marked they mark up shoes quite often these are really nice quality
great leather they look like they had barely been worn and I didn’t look them
up but I grabbed them because I think I’ll be able to sell them for at least
$50 ok belts I always grab and one was studded and embellished it’s a
little bit worn on the ends but I kind of like that worn in vintage look and
you can see it’s got all these studs all over it which look great with cut-offs
it’s just old Navy but any brand as long as it’s genuine leather I will pick it
up and then the next belt is also genuine leather and it’s got this cool
butterfly buckle and it is by fossil fossil belts are some of my favorites to
sell it’ll probably go for like thirty thirty-five dollars and this one was in
great condition so I definitely grabbed that on to the next cart so this next
cart is my mom’s and you can see she has it piled high so it’s definitely
important to obviously like go through everything and check for flaws and then
my mom just grabs anything that she thinks I will like and I will you know
go through it and decide to keep or pass this top was really cute it’s a
j.crew graphic tee and it’s got little arrows all over it
I was checking to see if it’s worn the other thing with j.crew a lot of times
they have holes in the front especially near the hem and this one did I don’t
know what it is about their material right there you can see the hole but it
happens a lot so be sure you check those are on j.crew tops I would have bought
that if it didn’t have the hole because I love the print this top is a Lucky
Brand it’s crochet back so the back is kind of sheer and it’s ivory a great
neutral color it’s a size large Lucky Brand sells pretty consistently for me
and I like to pick up the neutrals and then the embroidered pieces I’ll
probably list that around 25 or $30 this top is a j.crew graphic tee it’s got
rhinestones and embellishments that’s an older J Crew label I decide to pass on
that just because it is older style this top is a nice little graphic tee and it
is by Zara I believe I passed it was a little bit worn around the arms
definitely checking like the arm hole area is important so I passed if it was
in good condition I probably would have bought that this next item is definitely
like a 90s style button-down shirt it’s eyelet it’s sheer sheer eyelet stuff
does well for me this one’s kind of fitted and it is by Cache which Cache
I love to sell especially on eBay I’ll probably list that at $30 I think that’s
a great summertime blouse okay this next shirt is just a vintage graphic tee and
it’s Tommy Bahama I passed on this it’s an older label older style I just didn’t
think it would do that great Tommy Bahama doesn’t sell as well for me for
women as it does for men’s so I’m pretty picky this top is just a graphic tee
it’s by market and spruce which is a stitch fix brand it’s got lace on it
stitch fix stuff doesn’t sell that well for me so I passed on it and this is a
striped almost tie-dye kind of print top and it’s a great basic it’s by Michael
stars which is really expensive retail but it doesn’t have that great of a
resale value so I usually pass unless it’s something really amazing this next
top is a striped polo sweater it’s like a lightweight sweater pullover and I did
like the colors on it it’s by moth from Anthropologie but I just passed because
I think that style is a little bit outdated
this next top is a it’s a sweater by Garnet Hill Garnet House doesn’t do
that well for me except for the dresses so I mainly only pick up dresses by
them I really like this knit sweater vest
it’s got fringe on the bottom very bohemian and it is by Madewell which
does great for me over on posh I’ll probably list that around $35 would be
really cute with cut-offs and a tank top this top is a Anthropologie it’s Deletta I’m pretty picky with which Deletta pieces I get I’ve had trouble
selling those kind of styles before so I passed on it this next top is a cute fan
apparel NFL Chicago Bears t-shirt since it’s not football season I passed if it
was baseball themed I would have probably grabbed it the next item is a
Victoria’s Secret just like a little cami top it’s pink lace I I get these
sometimes but I passed on that one just because I didn’t love it this next piece
is a floral print top and it’s kind of baby doll style so it’s very flowy with
these little flutter sleeves it’s tibi that’s the older Tibi label and i decided to pick it up because it was such a great print in
color and it doesn’t sell for as much as it used to but I’ll probably list out at
35 or 40 we’ve got a plaid button-down shirt it is Lucky Brand I would probably
pick this up if it was the fall but I knew I would sit on that one for a
little bit because it was flannels so I passed this next top is a great little
swing top it is by Bordeaux from Anthropologie it was a little bit worn
so I decided to pass on that one if it was in good condition I would have
gotten it okay this next top is a basic tee it’s a v-neck it is by Vince which I
will pick up Vince often but that one was just a little bit too plain and I
decided to pass this next top is a halter style which halter tops do very
well for me it had padding built into the bust and this one is by Cache so
again I love to sell Cache I will probably list that one for $30 over on
eBay okay this next item getting caught on everything else a beautiful blush
pink color top and it’s got a crossover surplus front
this is Cache it was the newer label Cache it had some snags on it that’s
why I passed on that one but I did like the style this top is a great cowl-neck
it’s got a cold shoulder cutout cold shoulder still very very popular and
this is by Bordeaux from Anthropologie so I decided to pick that up I think it
will probably go for 25-30 dollars on that one I love the color too okay next
up is a little sundress floral print and the brand is Band of Gypsies which they
sell at like Urban Outfitters and a few other places I passed on that just
because it was kind of like cheapy feeling this was one of my favorite
finds by my mom it’s we the free by free people and that’s a current style
burnout t-shirt so I’ll probably list that one around $35 it’s a great color I
wanted to keep it but of course I’m going to list it this brown top
has some beaded embellishments on it and it was pretty it’s by Greylin which they
sell through stitch fix it used to be sold at Anthropologie i passed just
because it doesn’t do that great for me that particular brand this top i really
liked it’s a white lucky brand top and it’s got this great colorful embroidery
on the front and it was also a bigger size however when I was checking it I
saw a couple of holes so that’s why you have to be really careful especially up
there in that arm area for some reason that area and the bottom gets holes
quite often so I decided to pass on that one even though it had great embroidery
and then this top is a graphic printed tank top and it’s just a great little
summer tank and these are usually pretty quick flip flips for me if they’re a
good brand so mod cloth is a website and those do pretty decent I’m gonna sell
that probably for 20-25 dollars this next top I wasn’t familiar with the
brand it felt like good quality um the brand is called Jane and Bleeker
I believe I looked it up after I set it aside and looked it up and decided it
wasn’t worth it to get it just didn’t have that great of a resale value so
even though I put it aside I passed on it this top is a Victoria’s Secret
embellished tank top I passed on it’s a little bit older style it had a little
bit of fading and where this next shirt is new with tags and it’s a one-shoulder
top and it had kind of like a burnout velvet snake print it was really unique
and flowy it’s White House Black Market which I’m
pretty picky with again it doesn’t always sell that well for me but I
decided to get this one since it was new with tags size 10 and it retailed for $100
so I’m probably gonna list out around $40 this tank top it’s a little racer
back workout tank and it’s got a striped design I really like the design it’s got
a built in bra and it is by hardtail which is a nice workout line so I picked
that up I’ll probably sell this or list this for $30 okay and then on to another
workout tank top this is a really pretty mint
seafoam green it’s racerback which is a great style and a very lightweight
perfect for summer it is by Athleta I believe yeah so they are Athleta is the
little symbol in there and Athleta puts the style number on the inside tag so
they’re pretty easy to look up the name this is a great silk blouse it’s kind of
boxy kind of loose fit and it’s Broadway and Broome which is sold at Madewell
so I picked that up because I love picking up graphic or printed silk tank
tops and Madewell is a great seller on Poshmark probably $30 on that I did
like the style on this it’s kind of 90s it’s a turtleneck with the cutout called
shoulder it’s long sleeves but it had quite a bit of wear so I decided to pass
and it is vintage Cache but passed again because of wear I really like the
print on this top it was silk it’s a local designer it’s her name is Anna
Griffin so she’s based out of Atlanta but she does really well I’ve only found
her pieces a couple times my mom really liked this top so I actually think she’s
gonna keep it but yeah I would list that probably for like 40 45 dollars this
next top it’s a layered look tank and I don’t know I didn’t love the print or
the style it’s White House Black Market I just decided to pass on that one
personally based on style and this is another workout tank top racer back by
Athleta but it was pretty worn so I passed on that one this next top is a printed kind of
swingy jersey tank and it’s got a great tie detail on the back and it’s by
Westin from Anthropologie said the bird label is Weston and that brand does
pretty well for me it always has fun printed pieces so I like to pick those
up I’ll probably list out at $35 I really liked the print on this tank top
it’s great floral it’s got a lace up front with tassels so the tassel is a
great keyword and it is again ModCloth and it was plus size I believe it was a
1x so that’s a great pick up I’ll probably list that at $30 over on eBay
okay and then let’s see what we’ve got next the never ending cart
this is like a leopard print blouse it’s the new label Cabi so the square tag
I always pick up and it kind of ties around the neck which is a great style
that could be a great career style with some white pants in the summer I love
that this next top is from Anthropologie I really liked the kind of ruched detail
on it and it’s navy blue navy blue does well for me yeah it’s got that nice
design on it and it’s by Deletta that’s the newer Deletta tag as well the black
one I’ll probably list that around 30 $35 another navy blue top this
one is silk so it’s a great sleeveless silk button-down blouse and it is by Joie
ah I don’t think it would focus here but just your basic Joie silk top these sell
pretty quickly maybe $35 on that one everything gets tangled on the hangers
you’ll see I’m taking everything off the hangers because it makes things easier at
check out okay we’ve got another printed sleeveless blouse again that new label
Cabi so I definitely picked that up I look up
the styles to see how much these go for the style number on Cabi is on the tag
so you can just quickly Google cabbie and the number and it comes up this is
another Cabi new label Cabi top they were all
together my mom said and yeah I’ll just look up the the style and see how much
to price it for but they usually sell really quickly on eBay so I pretty much
only list my Cabi on eBay I’ve been testing a couple things on
posh but they don’t sell as fast this is little yellow button from Anthropologie
it’s kind of a plain tank top older style so I passed on it
I loved this tank top it is a fully sequin embellished like bustier tank
it’s got like an asymmetrical hem it reminds me of Britney Spears I don’t
know why but it’s missing a huge chunk of sequins right there you can see
through it so I decided to pass on it I thought about getting it and auctioning
it and just seeing how much it goes for but since it was right in the front I
decided I’m gonna pass on it and it was by Cache so that to me is like a
classic Cache vintage piece um this is a workout tank top again
Athleta it was pretty worn so I decided to pass on that and then the next piece
is a leopard print nightie chamise whatever you want to call it it’s like a
little piece of lingerie and it’s got these cute little flutter sleeves lace a
rose and it’s by Betsey Johnson so Betsey Johnson intimates do pretty
well for me I’m gonna pick that up and probably list it at maybe twenty-five
dollars twenty-five to thirty dollars over on eBay okay this top is just a
white basic tank it had some rhinestones on it it’s older j.crew I passed on it
it’s just kind of plain and again the older label I try to only pick up unique
j.crew pieces this top it has a cool cutout back detail it’s mink pink which
hasn’t been selling as well for me as it used to so I decided to pass on it this
is a great little cowl-neck jersey tank it’s White House Black Market and has
this turquoise embellishments on the sleeve so I did decide to pick this up I
thought it would be great for summer so I will probably list this for $30 mainly
I got it because of the cowl neck and because it has those little turquoise
embellishments on it okay the next item is a sleeveless polo shirt and this is
Tommy Bahama it’s a newer Tommy Bahama it has the logo embroidery I picked that
up because I thought that would be like a good basic for summer for someone
that’s kind of preppy next up is another Cache piece my mom loves to pick up the
Cache pieces and it was just an older style so I passed on that I didn’t think
it would do as well this is a ruched Athleta tank top this dial does well for
me it usually sells for like twenty twenty-five dollars and sells pretty
quickly so I went ahead and picked that up ok another Cache tank top this one
I thought was older style as well it’s kind of like a knit sweaters up front
and I passed on it okay the next top another Athleta workout tank and this is
similar to the one I just put in my cart it’s this material that’s really really
stretchy and moisture wicking it sells again twenty
twenty-five dollars this is a blush pink hi-low top and it’s got the tie neck
it’s free people so I love picking up free people and this is a more current
style so I grabbed that I’ll probably listed at $35 okay and then this top is
like an off-the-shoulder crochet detail I thought it was an older style so I
passed on it it is by White House Black Market and yeah I just didn’t think that
would do well the final piece of clothing is this velvet velour corduroy
I don’t know what it was jacket blazer my mom just wanted to show me because
you’ll see the label it’s really old Free People so that’s an older Free
People tag but I passed based on style this is what my cart ended up being so I
have this full cart and again I take everything off the hangers it makes
checking out so much easier and yeah I also found these three Lilly Pulitzer
cases behind the counter just finished up at Goodwill that was an
amazing trip both my mom and I found such good stuff I spent over $300 but
I’m really happy with what I found I don’t even think I’m gonna go to another
store just because I got such good stuff there so I hope you guys enjoyed this
video and please give me a thumbs up if you
did I’ll see you in my next one

Reader Comments

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  2. I agree with many of the commenters, your prices are extremely high for used clothing. A pair of Kohl shorts for $40 is crazy, you can purchase brand new on sale for less. If you shop Macy’s and Nordstrom for sales you also would pay less than what you are listing,amazed you sell at these prices.Good luck with your business.

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  5. I work for a Goodwill in North Georgia, just like the one in this video, so it was cool to see my company represented! I see a lot of resellers all the time. All Goodwill regions are different, so I can't speak for all of them, but as far as Goodwill of North Georgia, very very very little of our product goes to the landfills. We ship them off to recycling companies! And I see a lot of people complaining about the prices going up at Goodwill. While it is for people to shop at good prices, the money supports the mission of Putting People to Work – funding our career centers to help people find jobs!

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  7. I was just curious do you donate to any Charities or do you do any volunteer service work in the community?

  8. OMG so many haters, they would really hate the couple who buy GW clothes for $1 a piece and resell on Ebay. Guess they forget they can go to GW and buy these same clothes too at GW prices. Heck GW gets it all for FREE yet they dont yell about the high prices they charge.

  9. Fantastic video. My question is: how do you determine whether to sell an item on Poshmark or eBay? Thanks!

  10. You are definitely up on the brand's..I command you.. even tho you'll find people finding fault about your hustle.. ..thats too bad for them. Some always find faults with anything.

  11. Using your moms senior discount is appalling. Most seniors are on low social security incomes so they can afford to buy. People like you make stores stop having senior discounts. Shame on you and your prices are way to high.

  12. What's terrible are stores throwing away good stuff and ruining it so dumpster divers can't use it resale,so it goes in landfills,our good will doesn't have Kate Spade or stuff like big cities get,so poshmark or eBay is cool to get those hard to get unique clothes

  13. I don't see what she is doing is wrong. She spends hours in the store, has a lot of knowlage on brands and styles, examines everything, goes through the process of listing everything and ships… this is a job! I do however think the prices are very high. I am curious how much does she sell.

  14. The goodwill stores are the leeches. I have never heard of them assisting anybody except themselves unlike the salvation army who provides toys at christmas, shelter, food, clothing and everything the poor needs. When they get an overstock they throw away clothing snd break plates and cups then throw it in the dumpster. If they can get rich off donations a consumer can certainly make a few extra dollars buying and selling on ebay.

  15. Sheesh people let her be. If there's people who want to pay for what she's asking, then they will. If not, Poshers always lower their price eventually!

  16. Holy! Where is your Goodwill? Not a lot of brands life that at mine. Haha
    Oh gosh…I think I like thrift shopping too much when I watch someone else thrift shop.
    Like the kids watching other kids open toys on YouTube. Haha

  17. I am new to this business concept of “thrifting” and wondering when you say that you do this “full time”, what exactly does that mean? You work the business how many hours a week? You make how much on average per month? And do you “double-list” items putting them both on Poshmark and eBay? Or only 1? Thank you so much for all of your information! You are awesome at this! I am a SAHM with 3 small boys and love to bargain shop and I am looking to make some extra money to help pay off debt and considering if “thrifting” would be a good option for me!!

  18. I. Sure. Wouldn't. Be. Quoting. High. Stupid. Prices. On. How. Ya. Plan. To. Rip. People. Off. That's. Sooo. Sick

  19. I'm. Confused. You. Seemed. Happy. Finding. Vintage. Dresses. And. I. Thought. That's. Nice. Then. You. Show. A. Top. Deciding. It. Wasn't. Good. To. Sell. Because. It. Was. Outdated. Lol. Lol. What's. The. Difference. Between vintage. And. Outdated. N
    Just. Curiious

  20. I recently went to a goodwill, I purchased two large nightstands for $25.97 a piece, so basically $26.00. Well….. when I googled them, they original amount of the nightstands were $1330.00 a piece!! I phoned the company and was told not to get rid of them, I've been asked to resale them. HUH!!! Not on a sure bet. They have three heavy drawers with a top pullout desk top for writing ad whatever usage. Last yr. I was shopping at TJ MAXX, I wanted this leather bag that was on sale for $86.00 but thought against it. Two days later I go to the goodwill, while checking out I glanced across the room behind the jewelry counter, looking at the purses on a hook. I checked out, went over to the jewelry counter only to see the same purse that was on sale at TJ MAXX for $11.97 ($12) Quickly I purchased the bag, took it back over to TJ MAXX to see if it was the same leather purse, it was. And the original price was $129.00. I jusssss love 'em and the goodwill.

  21. All I see are a lot of negative comments. Maybe you should rethink your YouTube channel or clothing scam. Maybe both. You never know, in your next life you might have to wear rags.

  22. I dont agree with what you are doing . These clothes are used and donated by people and that's sad that you go in goodwill and buy used clothes and then sale these on ebay and Poshmark. You need to be ashamed of yourself . Seriously this blows me away ..

  23. your amazing I wish I had an eye for clothing and styles that are in fashion like you do. how on earth do you keep up with all these brands and whats what?

  24. People that do what you do are the reason people like me can barely afford to shop at goodwill anymore. They got smart and realized there's so many resellers now so they upped their prices. Thanks for ruining it for the people that can't afford to shop elsewhere.

  25. this video is insanely annoying. your prices are way too expensive for thrifted clothes. not only that, but it’s definitely not cool of you to be taking all of these nicer quality clothes from thrift stores that people who actually NEED nice clothes like these could buy and afford. you do this solely for your own benefit and your own profit and i think that’s pathetic. get a real job.

  26. Okay you got good deals, but your looking to sell it all………so what was your return??? Cuz I'm not seeing the Real point of this video…cuz your goal is to resell it all!

  27. Your prices are nuts. Second hand goods at practically brand new prices. I wouldn't purchase ANYTHING that you are selling at those prices.

  28. I really dislike saying this, but the clothes you picked out are not exactly flattering. Someone mentioned that they hoped you didn't need nice clothes. It makes me wonder if they would know the different between good and badly designed clothing.

  29. Most of your comments are about people complaining about you buying from Goodwill, stealing from those who cannot afford, selling it for a ludicrous amount of money. My complaint is oh, is that all you go to a good will for is clothing! I was hoping to see Goods, not clothing. I'm with all the other people who are commenting and saying, what! Pay for used clothing with a premium price ticket on it. No way

  30. I'm keto too!!! It's the best way of eating a be ever experienced, and fastest weight loss!! Also Thank you for your fab tips, I'm a newbie and you've really helped me get organised 🙂 hugs from accross the pond 🙂 xx

  31. I think this sucks goodwill is for people who don’t have much money ! You are so annoying !

  32. The other day my son wanted to go to Goodwill to look for a leather jacket. He normally doesn't want to go anywhere near discount stores, where I am a very devoted discount shopper. He found a beautiful leather jacket that fit him perfectly (which isn't easy since he wears a Men's Tall size) and because I am 60, we got the senior discount. The jacket ended up cost $29.99. Major score !!! The leather is beautiful lamb. tfs Good luck with your selling of your items. You got some great finds. 🌸🌸🌸🌸

  33. I think your list prices you are mentioning are about 20percent too high, but it doesn't hurt to start higher and then lower the prices.

  34. Wish we had massive goodwill stores in the UK.Saving the planet, giving back is great, now trade the disposable coffee cups for a reusable one

  35. Your items are listed for way too much money….. No wonder hardly any have sold…..Greed never works !!!!

  36. Your GW is HUGE and the clothes there are amazing. My GW in San Antonio are smaller and I think they hold the better brands back for themselves. You hit the load

  37. I stopped buying from Goodwill if you have everytng and brand new and the same price at DD'S Discount. I'm good.

  38. Goodwill executives make 6 figure salaries. I can never find items like these, guess I’m going to the wrong thrift shops.

  39. I don’t sell clothes from thrift store that too high prices..I don’t buy clothes on thrift store to sell. I go on the mall for clearance prices and sell it..

  40. I will be cutting the labels out of all my donations. I donate to help people in need, not to put money in your pocket!!!

  41. I thought I was going to watch a Thrift Store video and what you can buy there, but instead it was an advertisement for selling your resale clothes.

  42. Doesn't it bother you that these clothes are needed by people who can't afford to go buy from names stores and your buying them to make a ton of money? I understand this is a business but go to a store and buy clearance items. It really bothers me to hear you talk about how your going to resale for 35-45 per item and it's taking from those who truly need this option for clothing. This just bothers my heart, and sounds like you are taking from needy for self gain. I can tell you, I would NOT every buy from you on eBay! This is just wrong!

  43. Keep up the good work usually people who have negative things to say aren’t happy with Themselves .Keep it up and thanks for sharing

  44. Every comment on here wah wah wah Meanwhile Jenna takes 6 figures to the bank annually. Every person bitching on here is why the poor STAY poor.

  45. Don’t worry ppl. Goodwill got smart and started selling their better stuff online & it’s a bidding site just like eBay. That way THEY can make the max $ for their cause. Resellers hate this bc it drastically lowers how much they can make on resell, but that way everyone gets a fair chance at the same stuff. Besides, something is only worth what someone is willing to pay. Not hating on resellers or anything but it’s the most logical thing for Goodwill to do. They can make max profit for their cause. I mainly shop at goodwill/arc etc. to support their causes. So I’d much rather pay more directly to them than a reseller who’s goal is specifically to line their own pocket.

  46. Your prices are ridiculously high. Folks take the tags off. She's crazy 😲 selling target used overalls for 40 plus. Or should I say her buyers are.

  47. Omg y'all haters shes providing a service.Shes able to sell unique clothing items to people around the country that want to buy clothes.Get over it. Some people dont have time to dig through thrift stores etc.

  48. These negative comments are B.S. There is so much more to it than strolling through Goodwill and plunking down the cash. She cleans, repairs, photographs, researches, manages, negotiates, and ships. If someone thinks by performing those functions she is somehow doing something unethical, they really need to work for themselves for a while. Also, if you think it is wrong because you’re “depriving people in need”, you clearly don’t understand how Goodwill works. The donations aren’t intended to be sold to poor people, it’s the profits Goodwill makes from customers (of all kinds) that are used to HELP poor people. She is buying a ton of stuff from Goodwill at THEIR cost. That just helps them get the profits faster anyway.

  49. STOP this ridiculous conversation. Before you judge Empty Hanger, ASK the manager at any Goodwill store. Goodwill makes its money on people like Empty Hanger who shop there all the time. They USE that money to hire low income people at their thrift stores. The money that Empty Hanger spends there gives jobs to people who would be unemployed otherwise. I have NEVER seen a poor, homeless person shopping at Goodwill. If you are one of the people criticizing Empty Hanger, you clearly are uneducated about what Goodwill does and what it stands for. Know your subject before criticizing.

  50. Very informative video. I have just listed my first couple items on Posh. How long do you leave your items, before you reduce the price? Thank you.

  51. I can't believe how much shade people are trying to throw your way on this video! Whatever hun, thanks for the info and keep it up 🙂

  52. Great haul ! Thank you so much for sharing . Idk why people bother to comment rude 💩. I’m hoping to raise my Average sale price and this is very informative!

  53. These comments are insane. This is only the second video of yours I’ve watched (as Canada just got Poshmark and I’m much better at buying men’s and kids but they are seemingly going to move on Poshmark! Lol!)
    I’m assuming your channel attracts more than strictly resellers cause I follow ralliroots and they don’t get these shit comments about greed and stealing from the poor. You rock this is bull. I’ve been poor I’ve been not as poor I have always thrifted because I’m smart with money not because I’m poor. This is such an old school way of viewing thrifting and it’s not the case anymore. Thrift prices are going way up, yes due to this….however….who’s the greedy ones then? If goodwill was clothing the poor or interest in that they’d give away the stuff that goes to the dump, and wouldn’t charge $30 for anything! Go girl!

  54. I depend alot on Goodwill from time to time. I used to not care what brand it was as long as my kids and i had something to wear. When i dont depend on Goodwill i donate to Goodwill. This time i am all of a sudden left alone with 3 kids and i didn't even know i had picked up really nice brads without knowing they were from fashion designers. My closet was like a treasure box. And i would love to start working on something like this to see how well it does for me.

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