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I Played Fortnite for 100 Hours Straight & You Have to See What Happened! (Battle Royale Challenge)

I Played Fortnite for 100 Hours Straight & You Have to See What Happened! (Battle Royale Challenge)

(epic orchestral riff) (birds chirping) – Package for Kill’em. – What? He just comes by every
week and tells me what video to do, I just assume
he works for YouTube. 100 hours playing Fortnite. Okay, so you guys want me to spend 24 hours playing Fortnite. What am I doing up here? Oh that’s a long way down. It’s a long way down. That was stupid. That was stupid, oh my feet. Okay, so you guys wanna see me spend 24 hours playing Fortnite,
nonstop Fortnite action. So I thought I’d take
this to the next level. I’m gonna spend 100 hours
playing Fortnite nonstop. 100 hours, that is insane! So because I’m gonna be gaming for 100 hours I want the full setup. Gaming chair, mini
fridge, headset, this is gonna be awesome, so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go to the shop, buy all these things, buy all these supplies for this thing as well because I’m gonna be eating a lot of food, 100 hours is four days and four hours I do believe. It’s crazy. I don’t wanna do this. Oh no. So I’m gonna need a lot of food, a lot of drink, I’m
gonna need energy drinks, I’m gonna need real food as well, not just junk food, because four
days is a long time. I need the proper food to keep me going if I actually wanna
make the full 100 hours. I do stupid stuff like this every week, sometimes twice a week, so why not smash that subscribe button while you’re here if you’re new, and
you’re already subscribed why not press that little bell icon right next to subscribe button and you’ll be notified every time I upload, it’s as easy as that! Go follow me on Instagram as well using the name @KillemFTW, link in the description below, I’m following back. So anyway that’s enough
of that, we’re gonna go to the shop right
now, buy all this stuff, and then go home, set this thing up and then begin the 100 hours. Let’s do this. (laughs) Help. (record scratch) All right, so we’re in the shop. We’re not going to a normal
shop, we’ve come to Costco, the shop known for buying
lots of things in bulk. If we’re gonna be spending
100 hours gaming, I’m gonna need a lot of food, I’m
gonna need a lot of drink. It’s awesome isn’t it, let’s
see what they’ve got, let’s go. Whoa. Keeps your drinks cold for 10 hours. So I need 10 of them, 10 of
them, you get two in pack. Moon, Moon, no, help! Moon! Moon. Because I’m not meant to be sat down for that many hours in one go I’m gonna have to do exercise
in-between so my legs don’t go weird and stuff,
I could get one of these. Have they got it in red? Well I guess (mumbles). I can’t find it, where is it? Oh wait, I think I got it. Moon I’m stuck. Yes. Moon, Moon, croissants! Moon, Moon, other pastry assortments! Bakery tarts. Sandwiches and wraps. That is insane. I’ve got too much food. Nah, come on. Redbull, Monster, wanna
get Monster as well? Let’s get two Redbull,
let’s get two Redbull. Well I know it’s gonna be a bit warm, so we need to cool it,
is that what you mean? Mini fridge, yeah, I
know what you’re saying. What? I can’t hear you. What? What? We got no chocolate. Hershey’s, it’s gotta be Hershey’s. It ain’t a party without prawns! Crisps, or chips if you’re American. I don’t know why, I just feel
like it’s gotta be Doritos. I think we’ve got everything now, all the food and drinks and stuff, we got some surprises gonna
show you later, not just yet. Come on, let’s go pay, quick quick quick. Quick, let’s go, let’s go. How am I gonna get it in? (Moon laughs) You measure it? Come on, push it! This is stupid. (techno music) (laughs) It’s too big. Look at that, it’s huge. It’s bigger than me in real life. This is me, this is bigger. We’ve gotta take it back. We’ve gotta take it back. (techno music) This is a dream come true. I’ve waited for this moment all my life. This is insane! Here beside me I’ve got the mini fridge. Look at this, it says Diet Coke, but it’s full of energy drinks. I’ve got the gaming chair,
the gaming rocking chair. Game rocker. A rocking game chair? Got the huge TV, got the gaming PC. I’m playing with an Xbox controller connected to the PC, I’m no good with mouse and keyboard, and I made my onesie, I’m rocking the onesie, I’m real comfortable, nice and cosy. We’ve got the camouflage
because I’m in battle, you know? Gotta be camoed. I’m invisible. I’m stuck Moon, I’m stuck. Moon, quick, quick. No, Moon, no! And I almost forgot, I’ve got them on my head, got the things, what are they? Can talk smack to the
competition, you know? Get them down a few pegs and then go in and, I don’t know what I’m talking about, let’s go into the next
room, here we go, this way. So this is the gaming room, through here is the kitchen, this is where all my food is right here, look at this. I’ve got croissants for breakfast, I got sandwiches, I got wrapped things, I got desserts, we’ve even
got the Kinder surprise. Look at these, you know them little eggs? You break open the egg,
there’s a little toy inside. We bought the whole box! (laughs) And then just through here, toilet. There it is, toilet. Everyone’s seen a toilet,
they don’t wanna see a toilet. So this is actually
gonna be the first time I’ve ever played Fortnite,
I’ve just downloaded it, I’ve not played one single
game, you’re gonna see me going from absolute
beginner to absolute beast. 100 hours, I should be
a king at this game. So the plan is every four
hours I get a 15 minute break. All right, so we’re on
the final countdown, it’s 7:59 PM, so one
more minute and it’ll be 8 PM, we’re starting
at 8 PM, and the thing will be going on for
four days and four hours, we should be finishing midnight just over four days from now. Which is absolutely insane. Look look look look, countdown, countdown! – Three, two, one.
– Three, two, one. – Go go go! Launch. Launch. Let’s play Fortnite! (laughs) 100 hours, let’s go! If we’re gonna be spending
100 hours playing this I may as well buy some of these coins. Then we can have some fun with it. So what can I actually
buy with these coins? It’s just these outfits and stuff. How about we get a plunger and it’s got a samurai sword on it. I’ll buy that. It looks majestic. This is it, we’re getting
into our first game. Quick, I need to get in there, I need to get in there quick. How do I open it, how do I open it? Awww! So I figured out how to build stuff, so I should be safe now I guess. Oh! What, that’s not even fair! This game is a lot harder than I thought it was gonna be, I’m usually quite good at shooting games, but this is completely different. Should I build stuff,
does that make it easier? I’m not very good at the buttons, I’m really slow at building, I don’t know what to do and people just keep killing me fast, and I’m
killing myself, and this is just insanely hard,
can I have food yet? Go on, go go go, go go, come
on, it’s food food food! Prawns go weird? They’re so good. Gotta get that protein. Bakery tarts, I love bakery tarts. I need to do some exercise in a minute! What? What, it’s like something good? This one. Did you do this? Glasses? Whoa! Whoa, whoa! (laughter) It’s like a kaleidoscope,
but I can’t get away from it. (laughter) There’s no way I can play like this. It makes me worse, if that’s
even possible, I’m worse now. So I’ve been playing for a good few hours now and I’m starting to get the hang of it a little bit, like I know to stay out of the storm, but I’m not quite sure where to land, like where’s the best place to land, what weapons are best. I’ve nowhere near come first. I think I’ve barely even
made it into top 25. As soon as you can jump out the plane why does everyone jump out straight away? Why aren’t you waiting
and land somewhere good? Moon! I think battery’s gone. How do you charge this? Awww, I can hear people coming from behind me with my headphones on, there’s a massive difference having my headphones on, you can hear when people are around you and stuff. Without them, I can’t hear them. I just keep dying even more. Than I did before. (laughs) Fully charged baby, headphone time. Time to probably die some more. Aw yes, the chest, I could hear the chest in my headphones, so it’s like another thing that you can find things that you wouldn’t have found without it. Now I’ve got better guns and stuff. No, Moon, no! I feel sick, feel sick, oh God, feel sick! Let’s do this. That one. Glove? What’s that? Why is this good? But I thought the jokers
were all good things. I gotta play like this? (laughs) If that don’t intimidate the
enemies I don’t know what will. Can I take this glove off yet? – [Moon] Not yet. (laughs) – You see it? They’re like discoing. (disco music) – [Moon] Aw yeah! – Can I take this off yet? Eww! (laughter) – [Moon] Get it off. (Moon retching) – Over a quarter of the way. (sneezes) We’re over a quarter
of the way through now and that’s the easiest quarter isn’t it? Getting tireder and tireder. Moon stayed awake with me last night, I forgot to mention it, and now she’s gonna be going to sleep. Wait wait wait wait wait! Because I’ve been playing so long I should be getting better at the game, but because I’m so tired I’m not
getting better, but I’m not getting worse, I’m
just staying the same. So Moon’s gonna sleep now, so obviously I’m gonna have to film from now on to keep you updated and stuff while she goes asleep, and then when she wakes up in the morning she can carry on. If that makes sense. I’m just gonna carry on
playing for as long as I can. All right, so I hadn’t much time to update you and stuff because I’m playing this game, as soon as you leave a game you’re almost straight into the next game. It don’t leave me much time
to do camera and stuff. Gotta go ’cause this next game’s started. Feel like I’m getting better. I’m getting in top 10
more, but I’ve not won yet. Ew! Then prawns are going a bit weird. I better eat them before they go off. I need toilet, but I’m hungry. I can’t, I’ve never played
a game this long before. I’ve never won or even come close to winning, it’s just unreal. I’m not having fun anymore. I’m not enjoying this, it’s
just, all the fun is gone. These headphones are squeezing my head now and I’ve worn them for so long, it’s just giving me a headache. Are we even halfway yet? New game. Come on, you can do this. I can’t believe it! I can’t believe it! I don’t feel like I’m
getting any better at the game, I just don’t
feel like I’m improving! I’m just gonna have to
stop killing people, just avoid people completely, and just sit in a little hut right ’till the end and try and get a kill because… My eyes hurt, I’ve got
this eye spray stuff. Like moist in my eyes is it? I don’t know. It looks stupid, but I
feel like I’m brand new. You got them Moon? Don’t know what it is,
but this is really aching. This one’s not so bad, but I thought if we couldn’t get support on them both. They’re a bit loose. Nah, no good. It hurts, it hurts more. This one. Pillow? Oh, oh! Oh. I don’t care, this is Heaven. (yawning) We can open these surprise
eggs and see what toys are in. Will you open some please? My wrists really hurt. I got them on my hands as well. Them things there. You get so much rubbish in them eggs. All right, so I just got camera rolling while I’m playing, Moon’s gone to sleep so I’ve had to put camera here real quick. She was so tired we decided it’d be best if she went just for a few hours. My wrists are absolutely killing, my fingers are all cramping up, but I just gotta power
through and keep playing. What are you doing? Stop it. Come on, I’m trying to play! That power nap destroyed me,
I felt way worse after that. Will you put light on
and shut curtains please? Getting to be dark. I feel disgusting. Trying to have a bit of a wash. Come on, let’s continue. What day are we on? I’ve lost track of time. Just gotta keep gaming, I cannot believe I’ve not even won yet. I’ve not won one game. There’s nothing else I can
do, I just gotta keep playing. Keep going on, keep drinking. I got my drink and stuff. I think I’ve gone past the point of energy drinks working now. I don’t think they do anything. (yawns) Next time? Nothing? I can’t… I can barely… I don’t know what’s happening. I keep losing. I just keep going in, dying, going in, dying, going in, dying,
I’ve got no chance of getting anywhere near
winning in this condition. I can’t finish this challenge and not win! Have you ever been that tired
that you just feel sick? I’m at that point now, I just
feel like I’m gonna throw up. Can you get hot chocolate please? I know, but I really want a hot chocolate. We’re a little over half a day away from the final 100 hours and I’ve not won yet. I just gotta focus now and win. I need more eye spray. Okay, ready to continue. I just can’t concentrate. I just can’t physically
concentrate on what’s happening. I just feel like a robot, this game must be like kids everywhere, kids who’ve got really fast reactions and stuff. I’m not at 100 hours, I’ve
not slept in 100 hours. Whatever, I don’t even
know if that makes sense. I can’t concentrate on the game
and I’ve got slow reactions. I’ve got no chance. You can do this, come on! Awww! Top three, we’re getting close, come on. New game. Awww, so close, so close! (gasps and laughter) – [Moon] You did it! – Yes, yes! (techno music)

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  1. Gamer stats
    Skill:over 9000
    Aim:over 800
    Memes:over 10000000000000000000000000000000000
    Time stats
    100 hours easy
    200 hours easy
    300 hours easy
    400 hours normal
    500 hours normal
    600 hours normal
    800 hours hard
    900000000000000000000000000000000 thanos hard

  2. I started in season 3 and still don't have a win yet I'm afraid so sad even though I'm very good at the game I'm even in world Cup

  3. Moon doesn’t complain this time about all the desserts and sweets that Killem got because their at… COSTCO!

  4. LOl, why did you blur out your name. If you don't want friend requests turn on auto decline. This is a pre-recorded video.

  5. Can anyone tell me what type of gaming pc that is ? ( not the software but like a link for it on like amazon or just what company made it)

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