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“I love National parks” backpack review. Preppers gear in review, assault, 72 hour, get home bag.

“I love National parks” backpack review. Preppers gear in review, assault, 72 hour, get home bag.

Hi folks RevG III here from and the Puget sound preppers facebook page here to show you another gear in review video I have a couple of 72 hour or “assault” style packs I picked up for my wife and I through a Facebook post that’s been going around for I love national parks so let’s get started. doesn’t look large. size ratio showing my Ham radio clipped on the front. these are advertised for $29.95 but because we opted to get the water bladder hydration system it was $39.95 let’s get started and see just how much room is in these things. okay well it took a few minutes. let’s see if I can pan over. its very bright sunlight here today so please bear with me. And here are some of the items I keep
in there. As you can see this table is pretty
well loaded we’ve got a a backpackers tarp. made from strong nylon for shelter building. A big big camping Knife with survival gear in a hollow handle. Some energy drink. Three days
worth of food in SOS emergency Bars. available on Amazon. Some medications and also Epi Pens even though I’m a beekeeper,I’m allergic to wasps. And everybody knows they’re just assholes 🙂 we’ve got emergency blankets X 2 another knife three different ways to make fire the purefire tactical magnesium fire starter with a hollow handle. also a blast match. as you can see it throws some very hot
sparks. sometimes that’s all you may need. got a multi-tool, and an FPRS radio in addition to my Ham radio. My wife has one that’s programed to the identical
frequencies and privacy tones, so if we get seperated we can stay in contact privately. I have a cheap rain Poncho, because out here it rains a lot and that could mean the difference between hypothermia and staying alive. Got a headlamp green cyalume light little hotties and clorox to go wipes.You want to keep
sanitation in mind especially after it hits the fan. eating utensil kit I also have a Sawyer mini water filter on the way. My wifes pack has the “Lifestraw This is the water bladder, it was advertised as a 2.5 liter but the top marking on it only shows 2.0. My wife’s however does say 2.5 litres on it and here’s the pack. All of that stuff on the table came out of this little bag. okay another light source. Since I am visually impaired especially in dark situations light is one of my main essentials. showing the front smaller pocket and side cinch straps front lower pocket is pretty deep, fits quite a bit and has internal pockets as well for organizing. has a front top pocket, smaller but still roomy enough to fit the smaller radio as well as a few other essentials. lights, spare batteries for the radio and few other things also compass don’t leave home without it your 1st large interior pocket also has several interior pockets. full-size back pocket this is where my
wife keeps her laptop also has a mesh pocket. And here you’ve got another pocket and this is where I keep the guide 10 plus battery storage pack for my nomad solar panel which by the way I also keep in here. but it’s on the deck right now charging
up my Ecig battery pack. okay so those are the pros it’s really
got a lot of pockets it does have Molly straps on the front
and has a lot of places to cinch things down. including two straps underneath here. so that you can put your jacket or a
sleeping pad I mean it’s not going to be anything huge
but I’m sure you can squash an army blanket down pretty well. one of the cons that’s the entire length the waist belt
they give you although I’ve lost 50 lbs working out, unless you’re a Barbie doll, this aint gonna fit. But don’t throw it out because it can still be used for a tourniquet or a sling etc. the pack itself its very snugly and securely with just the shoulder
straps and chest strap which fits
right out across the top your pecs Another down fall is some of these straps are not sewn to the clasps. so they may slip out if not secured. needle and thread are in order here. it does have a hydration bladder tube hole that leads to the interior of the pack. but there’s no real pocket for the
hydration bladder inside without compromising space. But there is one on the outside the pack, behind the padded back that is closest to you. “Velcro opening sound” here which is where I keep It. and it is a good hydration bladder the bight tip seems to work very well you pull it open and closed then when you bight it, it will come out but it doesn’t leak and it’s also got a sanitary cap I keep the tube secured along the top of my shoulder straps. so there you have it the measurements on it I believe are 17″ H x 9″ W X9″ D although it it looks like it’s larger. I have very large hands. I have more than enough essentials for
three days and I carry more than enough because I’m a radio operator so I need
some extra batteries for my Ham radio and some
frequency charts and things like that plus, I figure if I
have to go get my wife or meet her halfway I can have a little bit more gear for
support on her end. now of course I got the black one she opted for the tan. The difference in these two is nothing more than this patch that says monkey paks. and her water bladder is slightly different. (more on the blog about that). they didn’t have her color and they are calling this tan. And my wife uses it as her purse, laptop bag and EDC. it does comfortably fit her laptop. Great for any office workers that carry a laptop but need more room for the rest of their gear. She has everything I have on this table for the most part, including a life straw. Minus some other more technical
things like my ham radio. but she does have the matching FRS radio so that I can contact her okay aside from that, you can see how
it’s cinches down very securely. And for $39.95 it’s a pretty decent three day pack that
I think will see you through and it’s very low profile when on you I’m a big guy you know one more thing I need to add. The zippers on this thing are very sturdy, but noisy. “Jingling sound” Not something I like in my pack so I’ve taped all of the metal zipper pulls with electrical tape to act as a sound dampener for stealth. kind of like rubberizing my dog tags when in the service. so if you do have to be stealthy
that’s a lot more stealthy then Santa Claus is coming to town. so there you have it. these are from seen on facebook ads from “I love National Parks” alright folks this is RevG III stay prepared have a good one.

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  1. Not a bad review this is the 1st review I have seen on this pack. I am new at prepping and I also just ordered the bundle through NPD will let you know what I think. I take all review's into consideration of each one is based on the individual's need's and that makes each pack custom………..again good review and stay safe

  2. great review brother, just picked up this assult pack for my EDC and I got the large military pack version on the way

  3. Very nicr, that pack was a bit smaller than I expected, vut I am going to get it either way. Do you by chance have the hiking one as well?

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