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  1. I was so excited the day I found a blue Michael Kors over the shoulder bag with the long strap. It was great. It was in Fairly good condition and I have no idea why someone would have donated it. I found it at a Goodwill near my home in San Francisco. I was downtown when I saw someone walk by with the same exact purses me and I had asked them if there's was a real Michael Kors bag. Then the person told me mine was real and exactly as theirs was. It made me so excited to realize that I could find this bag for only $15. Person who donated it must have been really stupid and the person who priced it must have been really stupid as well because Michael Kors purses are not that cheap.

  2. Louis vuitton if the squares are gonna be cut off for the seams they usually do them evenly so that every square that is cut off is the same size. The other one was def fake.

  3. Omg please tell me any tips you may have to avoid the foundation rubbing off on your glasses! I have this problem and it’s so annoying

  4. I’ve found authentic/ real channel bags 💼 and Gucci! Just have to know what to look for !do your research!

  5. You can tell It’s fake cuz the lv logo is cut off and it’s never cut off on authentics it’s always fully there except on the dog carrier which is the only exception and the backpack is a josh bag replica and the front pocket is wrong.

  6. I like your videos.. Very informative… I just buy rite aid makeup.. Dollar stores and dollar general…. Cant afford the high end even if is on sale…..

  7. I just watched the whole thing is I thought I found an authentic LV and was waiting to see it , but like in one sentence more than halfway thru it didn’t happen
    Holy clixkbait👎🏻

  8. I love watching your videos.You clearly work so so hard on your videos and making videos your viewers will enjoy.

  9. oh wow you live right next door from me. I live in manor and your like 10 min from here. What a small world!!

  10. I love that Lv bucket bag it looks real. Sometimes you can find designer brands for a very low low price. Great finds!

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