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I Drew Marshmello For 50 Hours Straight!

I Drew Marshmello For 50 Hours Straight!

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    ALL ADREV from this video goes to a random homeless person! Watch the entire video to the end!
    another epic challenge inspired by the super kind and chill mrbeast!

    congrats on first comment: The mobile player

  2. When you got your sushi, did you keep on drawing and did you ever forget you had your sushi and by the time you remembered, was it cold???

  3. all of your artwork is messy, sloppy. u dont like to take your time and you over shade many areas. and shade areas that arent supposed to be shaded…. do your lining better, make cleaner shades. and work on your structure more.

  4. Can I pls. Have $1,000? I know your not going to see this though. I VERRYYY late. πŸ™

    I’m not trying to be greedy

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