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I Bought An ABANDONED Military Storage Unit. Look at what i FOUND!

I Bought An ABANDONED Military Storage Unit. Look at what i FOUND!

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  1. Yes, I would definitely wear gloves to go through things and one more thing…If yall have a garage, it would be far better to go through these things there instead of in your home…you have no idea what you will find and bringing it into your home, could prove dangerous…especially if there were any firearms or drugs…so, I would exercise a lot more caution…you have a young child in your home and I'm sure the last thing you would want is to see something happen to her, especially if you found drugs amongst these storage items. Stay safe and good luck. If they have a UPC code on them, they aren't old…make sure to discard any of that makeup…sorry guys…this all just worries me, yall bringing all of this stuff into your personal space…please, please, please, never unbox or even bring stuff like this into your home…it's dangerous for numerous reasons. I am sitting here going crazy…now you have a hot cup of coffee that one of yall are drinking…I'm thinking…please move it…I don't want yall getting sick…I know yall are new at this…but, watch some of the other people that do this sort of thing and they usually do the unboxing at the warehouse where they purchased it, or take it to a warehouse they have or a garage to unbox…I want yall to enjoy this, but please think safety…for yall and for your child.

  2. You should use rubber gloves when digging in stuff,just to proteck you and kids from catching anything…
    Just trying to be helpfull,,.

  3. So awesome all the Star Wars books! That's a great find. I also don't mind the background noise, it's like being at my own home. We have 5 yr old Livie…she is a very curious and busy little girl too. Adorable 🙂

  4. If this is military stuff I would try and find the person that owns the stuff or a family member ! I would do it if I found stuff like this or take it to my local national guard and see if they could help in finding the solider

  5. I would bet that the two owners are deployed and didn't have a way to pay the owner the rent. Good for you but bad for them.

  6. Enjoyed your video…Noo Rush and very easy to view…Watch your hands tho and protect them ….and yup disinfect your unboxing area just to protect yourselves and kiddies….Cheers Guys

  7. 6:24 with that xmas tree there are parts to a military rack that u sleep on there the front and bake peaces that hold it from closing

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