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Hyper Speed Tooling a Saddle Cantle Back

Hyper Speed Tooling a Saddle Cantle Back


Reader Comments

  1. In reality, he slowed the video down for us. lol

    Awesome work as usual. I went and bought a lifter the other day because of your work. I just know it's gonna up my game a bit.

  2. Dang 1 of these days I hope to be that fast at tooling. Heck I am twice his age & my tooling looks like crap next to his. If I were an artist like Don is, then he would have some competition, lol. Like Ron said below, slow down on the caffeine, LOL. Great job.

  3. Нужно годами тренироваться, чтобы так быстро работать и разговаривать!))

  4. Would have loved to have seen the finished product just a little span of the whole thing it looks like it is beautiful but I would love to see it lol What a master!

  5. You just showing off now. I watched at double speed now that was awesome, looked like Beep-Beep the road runner on red bull. Seriously appreciate all your video's you do outstanding work and i do learn from you best wishes from Port Elizabeth South Africa

  6. Holy crap!!!! Warp speed Mr. Gonzales….might want to cut back on the coffee! Honestly, great video, again. Luv your work!!!

  7. Don, your artistic abilities and craftsmanship are astonishing. Thanks for your videos, they give us something to strive towards.

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