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Hey guys! Today we will talk about feet, rain and mud. We could not imagine this scenario with glamor before the first
fashion galoshes appear. It was in 1986 when the American partners Henry Lee Norris and Spencer Thomas Parmelee, founded the rubber stuff factory Noth British Rubber Company.
Today known as Hunter Boots. This rubber was innovative. Used
for golf balls, galoshes and tires. The first major boost
of the brand was in World War I, when the British army made a
request for hard-wearing boots for their soldiers facing the soaked terrain.
And more than one million pairs of these boots were produced at that time.
Then came World War II. And the British armed forces made a
new request for special resistant boots. Second War World ended, Hunter’s boots began to turn desire objetcts of men, women and children that lived in humid regions. And also
professional outdoor: gardeners, fishermen, hunters and then even
United Kingdom citizens, who lived in cities with so much
rain. Than the company increased and built a new, even larger factory.
The brand icon model is Wellies, which is the nickname of Hunter Original Green Wellington.
A super comfortable orthopedic, leather and green color
military boot. And it became popular when First Duke of Wellington,
Arthur Wellesley, began to use. The success was not instant, but with
time it began to sale a lot. In 1977, Hunter won the
supplier’s actual certificate of waterproof shoes from the Duke of Edinburgh, and in 1986 from Queen Elizabeth II. In 2004 the brand celebrated 50 years
launching its traditional line in seven different colors. And it was also when the brand
entered the fashion world at the feet of Kate Moss, that appeared in the musical event of Glastonbury with a mini short and high galoshes.
Then the galoshes became official fashion pieces for rain outfits.
And since then, Hunter has started to launch several models thinking about the fashion world.
Both for the city, countryside, and even for disco. Started adding
tissues in the galoshes materials, too. And with so much success,
Hunter decided to internationalize the brand creating its first showroom in NY.
And also began to make collections in collab with famous designers.
And in the following years, the brand continued innovating with new products
like slippers, bags, clothes, umbrella and socks that are special to
use with the galoshes. And the galoshes became not only allied with a beautiful
fashion outfit on a rainy day, but as a good travel company too. The brand launched the Hunter Tall Tour model, which has a more malleable rubber making it possible to bend and pack. Hunter boots are considered the
best rubber boots in the world. With special design, non-slip sole,
capable of protecting feet from cold, water, snow, besides being
super comfortable and easy to clean. Hunter even has a special product
for cleaning: the Hunter Boots Shine. A silicone sponge that gives a
polished finish. Hunter also has a very cool point:
in addition to the different details, the differences in size, there are also differences in height. There’s even a model
called Huntress, for who has shorter legs,
thicker and stronger. So there are models that depending on your
height and leg length, you choose if you want below the
knee or at knee.. Today Hunter is present in more than 35 countries
and here in Brazil we can buy from the official website of the brand that
delivery here, or on the website Etiqueta Única. Here in the description is a link from the
blog with a special post with all the information I said here in the video
and also more details on the galoshes, measures, details and all
information. So what’s your model and preferred finishes? Which model of Hunter is right for you? My favorites are
the Original Tall and the Sandhurst, both black. I hope you enjoyed the video.
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