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Humvees for sale in Portland Oregon this week only

Humvees for sale in Portland Oregon this week only

okay some guys understand here there's a local tow yards owned by a guy who was a former Marine and I think a few members of her family had been in the Marine Corps and they they click military vehicles and stuff I had not a whole lot of business dealings with them back when I ran a gun shop but I kind of heard about these guys because I supposedly they had a tank or an APC of some sort but they have gotten into buying some surplus vehicles now there's five tons in Deuce and a half surround everywhere but Humvees are kind of harder to get they I was up at there driving by there a lot because a friend of mine buys like used cars for resale and looking over a few things and they had a whole row of these and I I try to make you know find out what more about it they said just go to iron planet calm and you can look this stuff up you know we kind of don't want to deal with you on it like I try to explain I have this YouTube channel it's got 3,500 subscribers I deal with survivals and propers and SNAT and well it was a Saturday so we just kind of like go to iron planet calm so we go here we look up the word Humvee and then at least that's how I say it I don't some people say Hummer when I say Humvee I mean like a real Humvee okay when I say Hummer that's a GM truck which is a nice vehicle but it's a different vehicle okay now here's the situation they have bidding online but then it's kind of like secret bidding because it's a march 11 which is a few days away 10:25 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and some of these are running I I think a little bit different time zone now if somebody wants me to go out and take a look at it and we could figure out a way that I would get paid for going out and taking a more careful look at a particular one let me know but they do have a lot of pictures on needs like this on the air kind of has a bald tire on one side but not the other eye I think 7,500 might be a little high on that one the but there's a bunch of them okay so we're kind of mainly looking for ones Oregon here is that they're there they're all pretty much out here and what I really like now these are all in Portland I kind of like the idea get into 80's models because they had that 6.2 motor in 76.5 and the six two motors wasn't very good or very strong it wasn't good enough for them when they're all up armors and stuff but I'm fairly certain I could be wrong about this but we used to look at those when I and I just did basic maintenance because when I twenties when I was at a Marine Corps it'll same for brand new and the army versions about the same thing I just that the stacks and it was that there's a forwarding kit like when the Marine Corps version it could go in water in and drive on snorkels but the army version a doesn't want to do that but you get you get unbolt and rebuild and put a Chevy 454 in these I'm fairly certain I could be wrong but I think that's pretty much the way these rolled and you you have to fill out a hold harmless agreement these things are not street-legal it's go like a ranch rig okay like in a state of Oregon you can get an off-road permit for these in the state of Washington there's a restricted license that you can put on East it's kind of like a farm vehicle license you can use them out in the rural areas the thing is that a lot of these gonna vary a little bit but like I said I used to it used to work on them I didn't work motor pool all that long but I worked it for a little while if somebody's really interested in these you want me to go and scout some of them for you we have until March 11th to play but apparently from what I'm told most of these are runners okay most of these run now there's a couple I found one for $3,000 with no motor and so that means you don't even have to go through the trouble of pulling out that 6.2 which isn't a wonderful motor but it's kind of an ok motor but the thing is I almost rather get a $3,000 one and then add in a 454 with all the stuff on it then try to get a $7,500 one and pull out that 6.2 because at 6 a 6.2 core with all that 24-volt stuff on there just isn't worth that much money okay it's just it's a few hundred bucks I'd almost rather get the three thousand dollar one so somebody's looking and putting together a deal on a batch of these and even if you want to Commission me on it I'd be happy with that $3,000 one with no motor you know really now they they do have these you know 20,000 miles it's got to realize you know there's still some age issues but this is it's available now if you have any questions ask them in the comment section I'm gonna go back there Monday and because again we don't have a lot of time on this we're gonna be uploading this on a 7th the 8th is a Sunday the 9th is a Monday this is looking at like well Wednesday ok they're gonna do this Wednesday morning so I'm gonna be right back there Monday trying to hustle up some sort of a deal so if anybody's interested in a Humvee this weekend get in touch with me let's put this together if we do the auction and we buy the auction thing this is Wednesday you can bid online or all that they could do storage out there but like I said it can be a little prickly to deal with there they're kind of like from that part of the Marine Corps like like who has authority to be a jerk type thing and and I I dealt with them another business and it's kind of touchy with them but they've got the stuff which means you know you deal with them because they've got the stuff I've got a I got a storage lot not far from there so I can kind of deal with some of this stuff if if we need to take it somewhere spaces at the lot where I've got some stuff are 75 bucks we can put two of them in one of those spots so you know 35 bucks each vehicle per month isn't bad and it's secure storage with with with key card and all that kind of thing and even though we're I mean we if we got a trailer room someplace we'll trailer room someplace but if you weren't – right clothes and you drive one of these things you you won't get pulled over you know what I mean if you've got the right outfit on so so anyway the at least I never got pulled over in a Humvee I've heard of it happening it's just not likely but if you look in here at the iron planet com4 this stuff you want to look at all the ones that are in Oregon okay but apparently a whole bunch of this stuff is available all over right now and I used to remember – if you could even get one of these it was probably rebuilt from an accident and it was $20,000 but right now three to ten grand for a soft-top it's just not bad okay it's not bad so if you guys want to coordinate with any of the stuff in Oregon or maybe Washington to get some of these i've got storage lots i got places to put them you know until we get them like if you need a moving back east or something like that but on the batch that's in oregon in a guy i think the guys got about 20 of them available this is all got to happen by next Wednesday the 11th

Reader Comments

  1. I'd pass from my personal experience the engines suck they were constantly lowing up along with suspension going out. The best bet for your money is the old K5

  2. Just to clarify, all of these rigs are going to need some work, but the basic stuff is all there.   A fully restored and excellent condition military Humvee is worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $20,000 to $35,000, so you are looking at good profit potential on the investment since I seriously doubt they are all going to command strong bidding in the narrow time window of the official auction. 

  3. I'd rather have the M1009 CUCV Blazer.  

    The military HMMWV (Highly Mobile Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle) has so many different variants LOL.  Most of the ones you see for sale are the M998 which is commonly seen as a soft top with the soft doors with zipper windows.  

    FYI:  The only 24V stuff on them is actually the starting system LOL.  Everything else is actually 12V.  You would need to change all the starting related stuff over to 12V.  Same goes for the CUCV Blazers and the Pickup Version the M1008's.  

    Also, try out for some heavier duty trucks Deuces and 5T's are very common at this guy's lot and he's right off of I-84 Towards Ontario he's actually in Fruitland, Idaho.  

  4. This is the full and what looks like complete STE ICE diagnostic computer if anyone is interested (not mine) but a look at what that plug by the transmission shift lever is for

  5. This is the box you use to do diagnostic testing on the original Humvees, but you need the right plug setup.   It works about the same as an OBD2 tester, but is less intuitive (not compatible either).   These used to run the equivalent of ten grand, but are of limited use, so $100ish on Ebay

  6. If anyone can point me in the right direction on whether or not a regular Chevy 350 can be plugged into a motorless Humvee, let me know.   I keep thinking that for my purposes that would be the way to go.   I would rather tweak a 305/350 block for fuel economy and stealth with good mufflers than deal with the diesel and 24 volt system.  The $4000 price difference leaves a lot of room in the budget for customization on a Chevy gas motor. 

  7. I agree that any humvee that has a 6.2 detroit has the same motor mounts as a chevy big block and small block and I belive a 4.3 v6 will also bolt in the only thing that might need to be changed is the torque convertor.

  8. I will attest to the fact that I have never gotten stuck in a Humvee. I have been through the shit in them too

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