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Humvees and Beltfeds

Humvees and Beltfeds

so Chris from going ballistics brought out his slant back Humvee and his m1919 we're gonna check it out today so this is in the awesome 1919 and a great setup thanks you want to tell us about it yeah well I got this piece here the m1919 from Mel dragon man he had it built for me it's a semi-auto it's probably the only one he's ever had built semi-auto yep so there's no fun in that what's this little guy well this little thing here this is this is a crank fire system made by crank fire systems and what this does is gives you the this dual speed helm handles just like on the 50s so you got a thumb trigger now because you know how these usually have the pistol right so now it gives you the thumb but it also gives you a crank fire system so you can simulate full-on so the mount I got here I got off a guy from gun broker he makes all these they're all handmade and you can get them buffered like this one or not this one is pretty cool because it drops the brass down to here the links over to this side and you got the feet on this side so nothing I'm usually raking raking it up well so have you fired it yet I have not fired no this would be the first time this guns been fired all right well let's do it let's do it so cold my hands aren't working here no Colorado in the wintertime makes it hard to move email that I gotta get my ears on yeah I better get mine all right let's give her a shot here hey it works yeah light try this crank fire real quick let's shoot it let's shoot it at the paint can let's do it's a nice little setup see if it goes over it yep Hey ready I think we should crank it out I love the way this thing catches everything do ya look at that now you just take it out I don't know maybe Jam donors there we go let's try it again ready oh oh go hard so you you can't really ask and you can't hold it there all right [Applause] [Applause] you you

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