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Humvee trip to Tampa FL – Touch a truck event

Humvee trip to Tampa FL – Touch a truck event

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  1. That's cool man to see your mom on the video. She is your biggest fan. Now days not many people have this kind of bond between generations . Great video partner.

  2. Hey buddy nice Slant back. Question you were driving on highways thought Florida was only off-road use. How do I get one titled to use as a daily on road?

  3. very nice. i miss playing with those in the army. slantback was always my favorite. i haven't done much off roading in Florida (live in Tampa Bay). but played quite a bit in Colorado

  4. Hello, I have several questions & really appreciate the help. I keep reading about people saying not to run a humvee past 45mph & that it becomes to dangerous to go past 55mph? why is this?

  5. Oh yea forgot to say why I asked the question about the motors and transmissions. I scored two 2001 Thomas pusher school buses today. Stoked dude.

  6. Hey man, I wanted to ask some questions about the 3126 Caterpillar diesel engine. Allison MD 3060 Transmission, and the Allison MD 3060 Transmission. Pusher configuration. Ever worked on these engines or transmissions, know any thing to look out for? Also any of your viewers have any information that would help too. Thanks for any info you have about these engines and transmissions.

  7. I just laughed, I didn't know you knew joe. I have been helping him with his humvee. I'm the other guy with the humvee

  8. awww yiss a new video!

    Does your humvee have the 3 or 4 speed transmission? Can't remember if I've asked this before…at least here in Australia I won't have to worry too much about speed – highway/motorway speeds are typically 70-90 km/h (43-56 mph) while interstate roads are usually 110 km/h or 68 mph.

    There used to be no speed limits up in the Northern Territory but then the government capped it to 130 km/h (80 miles). Humvee won't complain unless the engine's always redlining lol

  9. Thinking of buying one as a company vehicle…how much did it cost you to purchase and get it daily drive able?

  10. I buy these Humvees and restore them. We now have the exclusive rights to armor them. if you're interested in armoring your Humvee or know anyone that is let me know because we can hook them up. It's a new armor technology and is extremely lightweight. We can armor anything on it that you'd like including the undercarriage and the hood.

  11. Hey brother can you sent me the phone no. of your insurance company. did they verify
    your vin no. before they issue you a lic plate? can i please have your phone no. just in case i run i got question…. Thanks alot

  12. So i got my Montana Tittle for My Humvee. What's next? Should I just buy a auto insurance and go to DMV

  13. Such a captivating video! I could not stop watching haha! Super interesting and entertaining! Loved itttt! 🙂 I hope to see more vids like this! I'll see what else you have on your channel as well. Check out my new content too? Thanks! Keep up the stellar work! This video really brightened my day! Can't wait to see what's next! Have a nice day. 🙂

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