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Humvee resto mod project part 5: Unboxing some goodies!!

Humvee resto mod project part 5: Unboxing some goodies!!

how's it going everybody as you can see right beside me we have a brand new package it just arrived today and the contents of this package is very important to the build of these two Humvees so let's open it up and see what's inside wow these look so nice so basically what I got is I got two brand new four-door top kits with the doors from a company called Brenton industries in New York they make all the four top four-door top kits basically all the all the top kits for Humvees the cargo cover kits for the LM TVs The Deuce and a half's the five tons so these people make it all man this looks so good so this kit comes with everything you need to convert your Humvee into a four-door if you don't already have all the mounting materials all the brackets and this company sends you everything all the instructions every single bolt everything you need all right to start off with this kit comes with all four doors they are all wrapped in plastic to keep them safe right here is the top boat that goes across the top of the Humvee little lizard ran in here see what was up here are the side mounting brackets that go across the sides of the Humvee just above the doors here is the rear curtain here's the actual top I'll fold it up and right here is the c-pillar this goes behind the rear seats and here is a bag of miscellaneous screws and brackets and items that you need to install the whole kit pretty much every single nut and bolt screw everything you need is right here this kit also comes with a list of materials as well as a step-by-step installation guide and it even has a couple diagrams to help you so I'm just gonna quickly grab the two passengers side doors out of the bags real quick just to throw them on there just to show you guys how good they look I got the wrong ones all right so keep in mind these haven't been adjusted yet but they look so nice [Applause] and we're gonna sneak up on these birds really quick [Laughter] all right everybody thank you so much for watching hope you guys enjoyed and stay tuned for more in the series over and out

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  1. Do the doors keep out the rain whenever driven while raining? If not, did you do anything to seal up the soft top more?

  2. There is a kit that upgrades the factory seats (really just cushions on a metal frame) to cloth or leather bucket seats. All of the officers and CSMs would have that kit installed in their M998s. If there are any 92Ys in the comment section, they can give you the NSN for it.

  3. Dude! I just came across your channel and I'm loving it. Great job btw with the videos they are great. A surplus hummer will definitely be my next truck soon.

  4. What’s the best way to clean these “windows” on the soft top doors , I just don’t want to make them any worse. Any way of getting light scratches out ?

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