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Humvee Graveyard

Humvee Graveyard

Perry's doing a video to hire we just found of each one but like please quit while he's great so I'm gonna make another video like attach this so oh my god look at these that's an original military grade of each one there's a giant trucks over there is the original military grade Hummers but um these are police ones they've done for disaster responses and stuff look how crazy hard are you also sought to talk to some of the workers here that we're allowed to do this and check them out and everything but how crazy is this they got the decals on them and the ability that still has the tur track on top they're still got the tur tracks on top but you see these that they've done work on these as police grade ones the interiors look really nice actually then check out the inner consoles yeah they don't know the really good work on these H wants to make them all know the tired know the Porto via these are for disaster responses and everything for disaster so tornadoes or hurricanes and that really happens bad they'll be ready to go but this is kind of their just garage to park them all and I've just been sitting here but they have even light bars on top which is insane hey you wanna hon saying these are they're insane in the membrane but this is crazy yo justified I'm go I start screaming cuz I'm a huge military buff so when I saw these I started freaking out both oh my god look at these there's a line of all right so there's a big trucks over here and a little cute one too look at this alright look at me looking at these though so these all feel like disaster responses and stuff look at these I've never seen this without a forklift oh it's a forklift truck what's on the back is that crane that cranes like oh you don't this might be this might be a tow truck oh that is a tow truck oh there's a bird living in there the print living in here you see these haven't been used in years these are flat tires yeah these are for emergency responses and stuff they say we could do this we asked them they said we could do this I don't know if this pops no we can do this but the workers here said we could mark the club's because of dolls that were not supposed to be here we going but mission how cool all can the handles back we are doing it looks weird that handle oh but these things are massive these are military vehicles they used to carry troop see these things back in Vietnam was crazy and these are for like emergency stuff and everything you see there's more over there yep but still this is a fro awesome and I my dream is to get each one fix it up and Driver our dream is to get it no no it's mine I don't want you in my channel weren't you my good boy or girl easy to me huh why are you videotaping me oh you your race is for no god damn it Harry no damn it you see there's something getting flat tires but it something cool about these tires on each ones they have a self fit like systems they can fill the air up inside of them kit for anybody who's very interesting this stuff yeah they have web snow tires web sets we can literally go by these big yeah you can buy them you don't want to use them anymore also can I take a cool fact yeah okay so if you look over here you'll see these these are for actually when they get air dropped in by plane these are parachutes get hooked onto these so they can drop these from bombers so instead of dropping bombs dropping H ones which is even deadlier and the other cool thing is on modern like civilian each one's not the military-grade ones they'll have plastic ones of those they're not real they're hooked up to the hood these are actually built into the frame of the Hummer themselves those things right there for my video yeah I'm ready seeing if you guys want to look up they look up by h1 being dropped off from a c-130 they're insane with it you'll see military guys are doing stretchers in there but you got a la sit there in Suffolk County yes we are not really one second you have military guys shut up personnel sitting by watching I have videos of the H ones actually losing their parachutes it is dropping to them these things are built tough the very from hundred feet in the air so they just like they're done after how awesome is that just want to show you this this is a random thing we're driving back from the Hamptons run hello yeah Crown Victorias but we get we gotta check out the there's no police car way over there my way over there yeah there's like a really great there that's it right in the dead center kind of hiding behind the buildings you see that little like the but that's an old police car we're gonna take a picture of it before we leave but that's crazy gun is here well we've small show you this say my animal see by Harry bye bye bye bye bye bye page ones more time [Applause] you

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  1. I’ve never actually seen civilian Police humvees before, but I saw Military Police humvees in real life.

  2. Let me tell you boys something if Hillary Clinton would of won and was our POTUS you would see those in the streets of America, Thank God for Trump and our Military

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