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Humvee® FAQ with Plan B Supply

Humvee® FAQ with Plan B Supply

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  1. Love what your doing but if I do an engine upgrade on humvee, does it have to be the duramax? Is there other options like power stroke or Cummins?

  2. You mentioned in your video that there are three states that you have trouble with what three states are they I live in Michigan and I have not seen one Humvee registered in the state of Michigan

  3. Have you ever shipped to a customer in Canada ? If so … hassles ? Second in a future video could you go a little deeper into the EMP hardening issues?

  4. I wonder, one thing was not said here. What about reliability of those all components and mechanical parts in these rigs? These are pretty old machines and parts are worn out due to time passing by. Gaskets become hard and brittle, grease old and vapoured. I do not belive you may treat as new even with only few miles on it. Duramax conversion, how long it's going to last in 25 years old vehicle..,

  5. I really dig what you're doing and the "whys" behind it all. I see other companies buying and building these vehicles and I always revert back to Plan B. I hope I'm able to get one. Thanks for what you're doing!

  6. You didnt say so but id guess one of those problem states is Michigan. Have you had any of your customers successfully register and keep registered their Humvees? Ive heard Michigan has retroactively pulled titles from them before. I want a Humvee with a Cummins Turbo Diesel so badly but I can't spend $50,000 on an Off Road only toy.

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