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Humvee build "Rescue 5" for Sheriff's Rescue Squad

Humvee build "Rescue 5" for Sheriff's Rescue Squad

all right welcome back to another episode of low-voltage garage today we take a look at Wood County sheriff's rescue rescue 5 a military Humvee that we've converted for their rescue operation use this is one of my favorite projects alright we'll do a walk-around take notice of a few really awesome options first of all on the roof we have a 74 inch and force dual color light bar not only is it red and blue respectively but also the entire front can convert into a white same takedown light this is going to be very effective when this vehicle goes offroad in search of perhaps down hunter or perhaps also something of a natural disaster this can get to places where most other vehicles in their fleet can't not only is the enforced light bar the star of the show we also have Phoenix t3 lights around the vehicle for a secondary level of warning did I mention the entire front of the light bar switches to a white scene light yeah this is awesome so a quick look inside you'll notice the rescue squad supplied us with the radio siren is part of that radio and also a simple switch box with one two three level position and let me tell you one of my favorite features the overhead lighting of course the reason for having such a vehicle is to get into places where other vehicles can't the purpose is to then retrieve a patient a person who's gotten injured or otherwise needs rescue that person would most likely be loaded onto a long board which is a spinal immobilization board and then we can use the rear of the vehicle place them in transport them out to the road for medical transportation via ambulance or perhaps air ambulance let's lift the hatch and take a look a generous cargo area notice all of our electronics are mounted up above the wheel well that means they still can forge water usually up to waist height approximately 3 to 4 feet as long as the air intake is not submerged they can go underwater well that's about it I'm Ben with Avalon emergency equipment this is another episode of low voltage garage thanks for watching

Reader Comments

  1. This thing would be great for doing a sheriffs office if supposed to do like catching drug dealers in woods.

  2. if this is a rescue truck why in the hell it black??? it should be yellow or bright color… it not for rescue.. it have other propse wake up people

  3. the nforce bar can you program it so the side lights that were still flashing rb & have them white also so you have 180° front take down flood ?

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