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Human Space Exploration in the Future: The NEXT Frontier for Space Command!

Human Space Exploration in the Future: The NEXT Frontier for Space Command!

If you’re anything like
me, you’ve always wondered what it would be like if you could engage in real space exploration. As humans, we’re kinda limited
down here on planet Earth, but in this video, we’re going to go beyond the science fiction stories. In fact, the source
document that I have for you is a Air University
press publication called “Movement and Maneuver in Deep Space: “A Framework to Leverage
Advanced Propulsion.” Now just as a disclaimer, this particular document
is written by three majors, it is an academic paper, and over there at Air University they’re of course not
officially setting policy. But (chuckles) in the acknowledgment
section of this paper, it states, quote, the Space
Horizons Research Group would not exist without
sponsorship and support of Air University Commander
Lieutenant General Steven Kwast. General Kwast provided impromptu guidance at the outset and
encouragement throughout, suggesting we extend
the Fast Space concept beyond GEO operations. GEO, geosync, what that means is, you put a satellite or a spacecraft or somethin’ else out in geosync orbit. So it looks like a star,
it stays in the same place, and tracks one point on planet Earth along with the Earth’s rotation. What’s gonna blow your
mind beyond even that is that in this
nonofficial academic paper, the authors are actually
talking about informing policymakers for the future
for human space exploration. And more intriguingly,
a lunar marketplace. Welcome to Beyond Theory, and if you would like to explore deep data and discover the future, please do click that
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on all your social media. Brigadier General S.P. Worden, United States Air Force, retired, says that the Air Force needs to focus on true, strategic objectives in space. These are objectives
for the coming century. True space operations will spread across the solar system
in the decades ahead, and the nation that controls
them will dominate the planet. The U.S. military needs
to focus on blue-water space operations, GEO and above. U.S. military space operations
need to be in deep space, initially all of cislunar space, that just means in orbit
all the way around the moon, with an eye upon the
entire inner solar system. What do you think about
that, is that fascinating? ‘Cause that just blows my mind! Retired General Worden goes on to say that to operate in deep space, one needs to use the resources there, starting with fuel from asteroids. And the focus should be on providing low-cost access to real outer space, with space beginning at geosync orbit, all the way out there. New means of moving around in space are more important than
just getting off the ground. Now what about this cislunar
or lunar marketplace? Well, yes, the Air University
students who wrote this paper tell us that through all the
research that they’ve done, the marketplace in and of itself, in and around the moon, is going to include
tourism, lunar real estate. Would you like to buy a condo on the moon? It’s gonna put the timeshare
business outta business! And access to resources from other near-Earth
objects like asteroids, and those are all gonna
be primary commodities, as you and I venture out
into the next frontier. We are also told that NASA’s
Asteroid Redirect Mission, ARM,
(drum booms) created requirements to advance space propulsion technologies,
proximity operations, and noncooperative capture, and deflection, and these are
all requisite capabilities of a joint force operating
out there in deep space. Here’s what you’re really gonna love. So you’re told that new
policies, new directives, are gonna have to be put into place because we’ve got China, we’ve got Russia, we’ve got India out
there, and not to mention, the civil space agencies of planet Earth, and the commercial space
companies of planet Earth as well, and because of this kind of
advancement in technology, there’s gonna be a future
operating environment, and these airmen explain
that there’s a real need, at this point in time today, to implement these new policies when more than one nation
mines and moves asteroids, more than one nation mines
material from the lunar surface, and they predict that
nations can, or want to, build solar-power
satellites in geosync orbit, and huge habitats and depots at Lagrange points in cislunar space. Now these Lagrange points are
kinda like a perfect place to achieve a particular orbit. A Lagrange point, that sounds kinda like an appetizer on a menu. No, (chuckles) a Lagrange
point is more like a parking place in space. Another thing that Air University explains in looking at deep space
maneuvering operations is that there’s a desire by
both industry and nations today to create a hydrogen-based economy. Keep in mind that NASA
has used liquid hydrogen since the 1970s in their rockets. Furthermore, they really do have programs to develop cool fuel cell technology, and in fact, on the
International Space Station, astronauts up there have
used fuel cells for power since the 1960s, and that water exhaust, which is super clean, comin’
out of those fuel cells, was actually consumed by the astronauts. And that’s the thing
with space exploration the Air University is
very clearly explaining, manufacturing must be moved off Earth, and we already have a track record of different industry
and nations doing that. They’re 3D printing on the
International Space Station right now, fiber optic cables. What about becoming a
multi-planetary species? Well, yeah, that’s acknowledged in this Air University document too! There is a desire, as well,
by both industry and nations to become a multi-planetary species. And the space economy is growing at a rate that might eclipse the total on-Earth Gross Domestic Product. Sure there’s a lot more
resources all the way out there than there are down here! And related to this idea, we’re told, that in space propulsion
is the common requirement for the United States Air Force’s current and future missions in space, and that nations must
police their commerce, you know, harvesting
goods out there in space and then transporting
it, and either selling it or trading it, that is commerce. And these nations may, in fact, in the future be
deputized to police others or asked to behave in hostile manners toward another nation’s activities. And it says visit,
board, search, and seize. Now let me ask you this
question, if we’re getting this kind of theoretical,
academic materials, but then if you look at the sources of (chuckles) this study, why on Earth, or in space, (chuckles)
would somebody approve a document or a thesis paper
like this to be acceptable for somebody to earn a degree or a certification or a diploma? If that doesn’t grab you, you’re gonna wanna
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official Air Force publications that detail out what they
are planning to do in space, that are not academic. So if you’d like to explore deep data and discover the future, why don’t you go ahead and
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  2. Pres. Trump just announced the official start of the Space Force. Your vids, on the whole, provide important background information to bring people up to speed on the project. The quality of this vid is astounding!

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  6. Sorry but I gotta correct you on something. A geostationary satellite wouldn't look like a star. Not at all. No star stays in one spot. And any other satellite would follow a straight trajectory across the sky, which stars do not. A GEO is an orbit of 22k miles above Earth. So, thats what they mean when they refer to a craft above GEO. But a satellite at that distance could not be seen with the naked eye. A telescope could see it but even an amateur astronomer could tell its not a star by movement and lack of brightness. I would like to know why going above GEO is so important though. Didn't catch that in the vid but maybe I missed it.

    All this info is very interesting but I still don't think any country is within 50 yrs of being able to even start to doing all this. Personally, I'd like to see a budget for these programs bc I think our tax dollars could be used to help issues here on Earth. And our own country.

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