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Huge Firearms Collection J.M. Davis Museum in Tulsa Oklahoma

Huge Firearms Collection J.M. Davis Museum in Tulsa Oklahoma

let's get this party started so we're here the JM Davis Museum in tulsa oklahoma home of of JM Davis's collection unfortunately has passed away and his is entombed here on state land and he's only one of one of two people and it will obviously his wife but they are one of two places where private citizens are entombed on state land in Oklahoma the other is a fellow named Roger so it's just up the road from here and this is the Crypt room here all these firearms were owned by JM Davis I'm assuming he also on these things like these here and let's fast-forward down to the first room in this room alone I would say you could probably spend almost all day there's a lot of information here about mr. Davis and his collection and this is really incredible to think that one man Hannah had all these weapons in his possession just an incredible incredible collection if you're ever in Tulsa this is a must stop and you really need a whole day to see the whole thing unfortunately I only have a short amount of time but we'll try to cover some of the highlights you can see there 77 barreled volley gun all fire at the same time 20-millimeter Lahti anti-tank rifle motors this is the oldest firearm in his collection Chinese hand cannon most likely shoulder fired so James Davis is a really interesting guy he had a hotel along route 66 where he had all these firearms and other collectibles displayed and the collection grew and grew and grew until he finally put it into this museum I'm not sure if it was before or after his death but the it was it's free to get in and that was one of those stipulations is that anybody could come and see it it's an incredible incredible wealth of history of as you can see there's armor there there's firearms there there's daggers and swords and Cain guns and criminals guns and and law enforcement firearms just it's more and more there was a even horses and horses and saddles and stuff it was just really incredible everything that was there and honestly I think if you even were thinking about doing some research about firearms this would be a really good place to go there's really just about everything you could ever wish to be there like I was saying all sorts of NFA items just incredible collections there's not only just a lot of different kinds of guns but a lot of different kinds of firearms within the same categories and as well as swords and daggers and the displays are done very well the the glass didn't really lend itself to taking pictures that well as you can see but there's a stg44 there two of them or three of them I can't remember in there and those are incredibly rare there was PPSh is there there's a as you can see bunch of japanese firearms and just all sorts of little revolvers there was even a magazine fed revolver that was kind of interesting Nazi weapons those arcane guns their cane firearms and everything it was up to fairly recent I think there was only maybe half dozen ak-47s you know he stopped collecting obviously as after he died so the collection only really goes up to there but the local police department does add in some of the firearms that they get from crimes and other things which is kind of cool that they're preserving that history and it's definitely something that that you know most of the time those things get destroyed and so it's good to see that some of that history is being preserved and you know these firearms aren't being destroyed by the police department and that people can come and see them for free but i really suggest oh there's that magazine-fed revolver i really suggest that even though it's free to get in that you support it with as much money as you can because it's completely funded by donations and this was on our armed across america tour as you see our little thing there and then upside down tank with me standing in it so make sure to stop off and check it out thanks for watching I always wish I could conceal more firepower thanks to Brahma concealment yeah I can carry my shotgun anywhere I go make sure to check all the local state and federal laws before conceal carry a shotgun

Reader Comments

  1. A fellow named Rogers? You can't be serious.
    And it is NOT in Tulsa, OK. It's in Claremore, OK. A fellow named Rogers…

  2. I was less tha 30 minutes from this place and never knew about it. maybe one of these days I'll be back in Ok. and be able to check it out.

  3. Great great museum been there many times it never gets old btw its in claremore close to Tulsa tho! Great vid


  4. Hoss is not my man he's just my Booty Call! Haha Just kidding!! Hey girl Hoss is a GREAT guy and if you're interested then go for it!! If I was a few years older I would be trying to make him my man!

  5. haha is TheHoss your man? he's really cute and is really in to firearms, i wish i could find a guy like that hah but yeah he looks like lee brice, that singer from that song "i drive your truck" haha but yeah, what a bummer.

  6. Looks like a cool place. My only reservation with these museums is that they tend to not be in private hands. Hopefully I'm wrong and these arms can be returned to their intended purpose if need be.

  7. I'm glad you liked the muesem, it is an awesome place, when I told gwebs about he was all like we'll see how cool your muesem is and now it looks like one of the coolest places you stopped.

  8. Hey Hoss, I'm from Tulsa and that is an awesome Museum but it's in Claremore instead of Tulsa. Thank you for sharing though, Claremore could use some tourist.

  9. Almost unbelievable for one man to have a collection like this, very cool thank you for bringing it to our attention !

  10. Dude, seriously. Tulsa is my home town. That's awesome. You should have told me you were in town. Hell, I would have driven from Dallas to take you out for some beers 🙂

  11. OMFG thanks for posting this! I went to this place when I was 14. It changed my life! I had no clue what the name was so you helped me! My folks whom are liberals who hunt took me to see it because I liked guns.

  12. I grew up in Tulsa in the 70's and my school actually took a field trip there. Can you image that now. Guess what, I don't think any of us ended up becoming murders either

  13. that is the best museum in the world is that in claremore correct my brother worked at sherwin williams up the road

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