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HR 5087: The Assault Weapons Ban of 2018! – The Legal Brief

HR 5087:  The Assault Weapons Ban of 2018! – The Legal Brief

Welcome back to The Legal Brief, the show
where we CRUSH the various legal myths and misinformation surrounding various areas of
the gun world. I’m your host Adam Kraut and today we’re talking
about one of our most viewer requested topics right now, the Assault Weapons Ban
of 2018. HR 5087 was introduced on February 26th and
is already the most viewed bill on Now I know what you’re thinking, didn’t we
already do this? It seems like we’re doing this on a semi-regular
basis now. And the answer to that question is…sort
of. Last year, Dianne Feinstein, introduced the
Assault Weapons Ban of 2017 in the Senate. This bill is similar with a few additions. The goal, as with every piece of anti-gun
legislation is to deprive you of liberty in the name of safety. Fortunately, you’re all smarter than that. A quick recap of things found in the 2017
version and the 2018 version. The term “semiautomatic assault weapon” has
a number of different meanings. It includes things like a semiautomatic rifle
that has the capacity to accept a detachable magazine and any 1 of the following: a pistol
grip, a forward grip, a folding, telescoping, or detachable stock, a grenade launcher or
rocket launcher, a barrel shroud, or a threaded barrel. Notably absent is the full semi-automatic
feature as seen on CNN. The
term “semiautomatic assault weapon” also includes a semiautomatic pistol that has the capacity
to accept a detachable magazine and any 1 of the following: a threaded barrel, a second
pistol grip, a barrel shroud, or the capacity to accept a detachable magazine at some location
outside of the pistol grip. As you may recall, unlike the 1994 Assault
Weapons Ban, which required a gun to have two of the features, these new bills would
only require one. Politicians are lining up to ban bump fire
stocks and similar devices because it’s all the rage. Both bills contain some form of language to
accomplish that. They also would ban large capacity magazine
feeding devices which covers anything more than 10 rounds. The bills specifically exclude tubular magazines
for 22 rimfire ammunition. I guess they’ll circle back around for that
next time. The bills also provide for currently possessed
“assault weapons” to be grandfathered in under the new law. Think of it in the context of machine guns. We are able to legally purchase any machine
gun that was manufactured prior to May 19, 1986 but anything manufactured after that
date is not available for us lowly peons to purchase. The same would hold true under this law in
regards to “assault weapons” and “large capacity ammunition feeding devices”. The proposed laws would do away with the ability
to transfer a grandfathered firearm face to face. The section, Background Checks for Transfers
of Grandfathered Weapons, defines a transfer as a sale, gift, or loan. Which would mean that you can’t loan a gun
to your buddy to go hunting or to the range without transferring it through a dealer. This new version of the bill that is in the
House has a few things the Senate one does not. It provides that the Attorney General shall
compile a record of any “assault rifle” that has been used in relation to a crime, including
the outcome of the relevant criminal investigation and proceedings which shall be submitted to
Congress annually and made available to the public. I’m not sure what the purpose of that is,
unless they’re attempting to bolster the ability to circle back around for a total ban later
on down the line. It also provides for law enforcement to be
notified if an individual attempts to receive a grandfathered firearm and is denied by NICS. All in all, the bill is mostly more of the
same that was in the Senate version. It adds a number of new definitions, a number
of firearms to the “banned” list, enacts a total ban on “assault weapons” unless they
were lawfully possessed prior to the date of enactment of the proposed law, enacts a
total ban on “large capacity” magazines, creates storage requirements for “assault weapons”,
imposes new transfer requirements and creates a reporting requirement to law enforcement. Bottom line, both bills are terrible for gun
owners. So what can you do? We get asked all the time about how to fight
back against this garbage. If you didn’t see last week’s episode entitled
“How to Stop Gun Control” go watch that and TAKE ACTION! You can rest assured anti-gun individuals
are contacting their representatives to push this legislation. It is important to make your voice heard. Sick of bad information finding its way around
the internet? Make sure you share this video with your friends. Don’t forget to hit that like button, get
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for watching!

Reader Comments

  1. I wish I could move out of California, About a week ago 3 DOJ agents came to my home and took one of my assuilt Weapons that I try to register in June this year saying it was an assault weapon and it was illegal to have.
    I ask them wouldn't it be legal cause I got it after my Mother died in 2010 and I found it in the back of the closet. They said no and after giving me a receipt for the weapon they left and he said he would call me the next day with a case number. But why would I need a case number, unless they may file charges so they can collect my other weapons I still have a few other that i try to register in June and haven't heard about yet. But my advise is if you reguister back in june and haven't heard anything yet , send them to someone out of state to hold for you. that way when they come to collect them you can say they are out of state. This why you can maybe sell them and get some of the money you put into them..

  2. The civilian population of the United States has 85 times more guns than the entire U.S. military. If the leftist politicians want an armed revolution, law abiding gun owners will give it to them. A gun behind every blade of grass….Think about that!

  3. If this bill is passed, and crime goes up (which it will), politicians will never understand why, so they'll just get worse until the country kills itself.

  4. Not under this administration and it will end up getting crushed by the supreme court, the demRats days have been coming to an end and the behavior of the Liberal Nambla members will help us to continue to win elections, Trump 2020 👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍

  5. Good lord……this video gave me a migraine. Not the presenter/spokesman, he did a good job. But the COMPLEXITIES of this new law leave my head spinning. My brother in law showed me his now legal, gunsmith modified AR-15. WHAT A PAIN IN THE BUTT to use. Can't hold more than ten rounds. Seems harder to disassemble too. Folks, my politics are more to the left than the right, I think Trump is a B.S. artist, but I've never had any gripe with responsible people owning guns. And that didn't change after a suicide in my family with my little single shot .22 I bought when I was about 9 years old with paper route money. My brother shot himself, DOA at the hospital. But I didn't blame the gun, as he could have instead just bought 3 bottles of Tylenol, drank some anti-freeze, stuck his head in the oven, etc. If somebody could ever think of a law that would stop bad people from using guns to harm good people, I'd be all for it. But this new law is awkward, won't really accomplish anything as far as I can tell….I guess the part about outlawing detachable magazines might slow down a deranged school/Post Office/McDonalds type shooter who wanted to up his score in dead bodies, but he could always just carry 3 guns, and also reload while people freaked out, and before the cops got there. Or build a bunch of bombs, or whatever these froot loops type of individuals do to get their rocks off before the police come and exterminate them. This legislation, to me, seems futile and confusing as hell.

  6. Looks like I wasted money when I bought my semi automatic CZ 75B. I should have bought the full semi automatic version but, at the time, I didn't know that there was such a thing. Dang!

  7. As a member of the canadian special forces, i was very dissapointed to have been accused of hoarding banned assault weapons.
    I was forced to surrender my mop bayonet, my wooden cutlass, flinltock musket, and a large barrell of tactical throwing potatoes.,
    Fortunatley, i was able to bluff my way out of the situation, by explaining that i was innocently sold all of these items, by a friendly brown bear, …i had no possible way of knowing that he was actually an american criminal type in disguise😀

  8. ACCORDING TO THE FBI, KNIVES KILL FAR MORE PEOPLE THAN RIFLES IN AMERICA – IT’S NOT EVEN CLOSE. And you idiotic people display them openly on your counters where your children are left alone with them. Ban knives, shovels, hammers, rocks, cars. These are the things people kill with it. While going out on a limb maybe, just maybe we should make it illegal to unjustly kill people in America. That would just about cover it then nobody could kill someone again, because it’s illegal right? Just like when we ban guns nobody will have them any longer. Semi trucks won’t be able to drive into crowds any longer because we can ban semi trucks. Let’s ban jets they kill hundreds of people at the same time…..ALL AT ONCE PEOPLE!!! HUNDREDS!! Bang one pull of a broken part, the ultimate “assault jeatpon”. I’m going to guess people will think I’m being silly now. You would be right. I’m being downright idiotic and so are the people banning guns. Semi-automatic=one trigger pull, one shot. Old west double action revolver=one trigger pull, one shot. Repeats each time you pull the trigger. Nail gun, semi automatic and very deadly. Knife=one plunge one stab wound=semi automatic knife.

  9. Listen here, fudds! When they ban our fancy AR’s and other “assault weapons,” they’re coming for your revolvers next. Today, it’s “No one needs a detachable magazine!”, but tomorrow, it’ll be “No one needs anything that fires bullets!”. Your M1 Garand and my MK47 have one thing in common; liberals hate em! Either we work together or we all lose our freedom.


  11. Even worse is HR 7115, the 3d printed arms act. It would outlaw this video. It would outlaw all so called "assault weapons" and outlaw getting parts for them. It would outlaw magazines like the Rifleman, Guns and Ammo and Firearm News. It outlaws buying and selling AR-15 parts and assessories.

  12. What the fuck is a full semi automatic lion bastard CNN someone she shoved a gun up as as the blower was stupid brains out do your research before you make a report that A reporter is supposed to do Civil War 1776 will commence again

  13. Feinstein is under investigation right now we’re dealing with Hillary Clinton and certain companies for embezzling money and funding arms to Iran under the sanction bell so hopefully you’re not gonna be around for much longer

  14. Want to know what to do people get off your ass is stop watching TV but your computer down and start a Civil War for tyranny any American people

  15. There is no such thing as a "Semi-Automatic Assault Rifle." Yes this ignorant statement is actually in the bill. Assault rifles by definition are select fire. These have been banned since 1986. Right off the bat this bill cannot define what it is talking about. This bill proceeds to ban all semi-automatics from rifles to shotguns. It bans pretty much the entire gun industry. Maybe the gun industry and the NRA ought to wake up instead of pushing gun control. Haha.

  16. Sir I appreciate your videos but we need people like you with lots of viewers to try to get with the NRA and put together a March over this Red Flag law and every time a Pro 2A brother or sister gets shot by police over this crap.
    They are killing gun owners for no reason.
    A man died for what he believed in and that was freedom.
    Everyone here think about that plus, how dare we let assholes with no guns push us around?.
    What is our pro gun President doing about this ?.

  17. in wa state any semi auto rifle is an assault rifle now. Even if it only holds 5 rds on an internal non removable magazine.

  18. How about voting out any of those Senators and Representatives who constantly bringing bills that are anti 2nd Amendment.

  19. All politicians who sponsored this atrocity should be arrested and trial for treason for no uphold and defend the constitution of the United States of America.

  20. Really? I missed that ban. I'm definitely aware and fighting back against the bills that'd essentially make up the 2019 assault weapon ban. I'd like to know if there's anybody willing to do something to fight he ban for me and for the cause in DC, tough. Nothing unlawful, I just don't have the gas money to travel from IA to DC…

  21. We are supposed to be so young or ignorant that we don't know the story of the 94-04 AWB. It was studied insideout for 10 years & did nothing but infringe the rights of the lawabiding. Your turn, Mrs. Frankenfeinstein.

  22. The only way we can stop this Shit is by picking up our rifles and going to civil war, or this 2 steps forward 1 step back shit is going to keep happening till they've disarmed everyone and start herding us into work camps, any one willing to trade liberty for security deserves neither and will lose both, what have you patriots, secure slavery or dangerous freedom? I choose dangerous freedom

  23. They need to start sending any laws against the constitution straight to the supreme court and let them decide before anyone can take any actions on them.

  24. The government is corrupt the FBI DOJ MSM CIA and judges are corrupt and on their payroll u can't vote them out because of voter fraud .

  25. No people are idiots, they allowed George Bush, and Osama Obama to pass the Patriot act which gives them the right to infringe on your 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 6th ammendments, without ever seeing an attorney, or ever going to court. They also allowed Bush and Obama to implement the Department of Home Land Security, allowed the National Spying Agency to spy on everyone at anytime. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE COMPLACENT. They allow unconstitutional laws to be written and enforced without ever protesting or writing a letter to Congress. The American Sheeple have royally screwed us. Their to busy working about their social media accounts to give a shit, about anyone or anything. Their all phone addicts.

  26. Don't worry about that. We are all dead. The robots still can recover the fuel rods that have already hit earth water. GAY politicians trying to keep us in line before hamsters start ripping down cities. Its over . keep your guns so you don't become food.

  27. Point of the second amendment is to have weapons to kill the tyrannical government. This bill is proof of tyrannical goverment. Therfore we have been given tye legal right to use our guns against the government and we should

  28. How do you make any difference when here in Kommieforniastan there is no equal representation. In fact there is no representation for anyone who isn’t a raging liberal snowflake. In calling my representatives I literally get laughed at.

  29. What to do? Well do what we always do, bend over and grip your ankles. Dem's want to take them and rhino turn coat Republicans will let it happen. Say goodbye to yet more freedom and money from your pockets. We need a government reboot with a lot of public hangings.

  30. we need a conservative/firearm-friendly supreme court to start taking cases on the 2nd amendment to block this stuff forever.

  31. Let's open the borders to any and all and ban firearms…Thank God for Obama. the democrat nut jobs thought they had their perfect storm and broke cover. Anyone who cannot see who they truly are, and where they want to take this fine country by now, unfortunately, never will.

  32. I live in a place where I describe the Guns I have, your unconstitutional verbiage and made up laws do not apply,,, have a nice day,

  33. I voted for Trump. Trump banned bump stock. I apologize to anyone that this adversely affected. Here is my suggestion . Research CITIZEN'S ARREST – UNITED STATES and the SUBSECTIONS. If you suspect your State SENATOR or GOVERNOR or anyone for that matter, has or is in commision of a misdemeanor or felony then you have the responsibility as a U.S. citizen to notify them that they are under a citizens arrest for such crime you are under suspecting them of being involved in. NO NEWS STATION IS REPEATING THIS For those of you that served in the MARINE CORPS, this is called policing our own. No one is perfect but if WE WANT THE SWAMP DRAINED . WE NEED TO DO IT OURSELVES BECAUSE WE PUT THOSE PEOPLE THERE!!!!

  34. Read the definition of a pistol grip in the bill and you will see this bill bans every single semi auto rifle and shotgun other than listed exempted ones

  35. Good video. But really I don't see why so many gun owners complain about "assault weapons bans"…Or even any firearm vaguely resembling. The freedoms already in place in the US is world famous (e.g. ability to own suppressors–just need to apply, ability to buy 50 cal rifles by Barrett, semi-auto M16's, ability to OC and CC…as CIVILIANS).

    As much as I am for the right to own and use firearms for sport and hunting (as a legitimate reason…though, I don't think hunting/killing animals is right..they're going about their business then they are hunted down and killed…for sport…mounted on a wall after the head is removed from the body…sort of horrific if you think about it–as a person that doesn't hunt. Is it that different from humans being the pray and another "higher level species" was the hunter? If you're a believer in "other beings").

    Semi-auto pistols for plinking at the range or trap/skeet …fine. No need for 50 round Glock magazines, 30+ rorund 556 magazines…sold to civilians for "home defence". or the ability to walk into a gun shop and buy a trunk full of firearms and ammo. Which I think is extreme. Why would any average law abiding citizen need to shop like some one who's about to go postal? So many guys out there with a few gun safes and 50+ firearms…why?? 🙂

  36. ¿You want REAL change? Then support a REAL change:
    "A well protected public, being necessary to the security of a free State, the Duty of the people to keep and bear arms shall be Enforced."

  37. As soon as Sanctuary cities/states obey Federal and state immigration LAWS, then I will think about gun control LAWS they pass. Right now no one has to obey any laws thanks to liberals

  38. Seriously? Legislators roll their damn eyes and do what they wanna do …. if every person in california called and said we are all pro gun do you think they would do the will of the people ? Not a chance inhell

  39. The Second Amendment is going to be gone everybody want to talk about it and do nothing And all this video was a fucking commercial

  40. Anyone who has taken an oath to the Constitution of the United States that is found to be intentionally subverting it shall be guilty of a class A felony that is it violates the prescription of law and creates a victim.

  41. Assault weapons being owned by private citizens has been illegal for many years but on the other side of the coin according to the constitution they can’t put control on any weapon, but just tell the dumborats that and they shit all over themselves,

  42. How will this effect my guns bought in AZ that the serial numbers were never registered per the state law? And my guns I owned as a police officer that end up on the list?

  43. Are you hunting rabbits? Do you actually need a Lazer to shoot a home invader. If you practice home defence you don't need Kevlar piercing bulletts. You don't need an AR15. Good old bolt action rifle or a snub nose 38. Dead scumbag alive children. The only Americans who should have these weapons are Federal Agents and cops. Gun mules go to shows resel to gangs and militia. That's got to be dried up. If you object my question is why. Do you support David Koresh?

  44. i wish gun lovers would put out there own ideas for what they consider to be good gun legislation. For as smart as they want people to believe they are i have only seen complaints about current gun legislation options.

  45. Hold on a sec.The capacity to accept a threaded barrel? That'd literally make all common pistols assault weapons.

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