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  1. I'd serve but they don't accept ppl with epilepsy bc I'm a liability, i can drop n have a seizure anywhere at anytime n thats very understanding…BUT I'd love to be able to do something instead of getting a freaking social security check!!

  2. one time i was talking to some old fat guy selling me ammo at Walmart and i told him the wanted to ban them. This guy thought they didn't want to ban them because of the jobs and domestic industry involved and all the money etc. I mean that SHOULD have been a consideration – but this guy just didn't grasp it when i told him they didn't care one whit about that, since they have an agenda to disarm us, that comes ABSOLUTELY first and sod the jobs, they want us weapon-less, period. Amazing to me wombody could get that old and still be so thick headed.

  3. "Making bullets since ww2" i think you mean rounds. A round is what goes into a gun, a bullet is the lead projectile.

    The army buys rounds.

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