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How to wash WOOL – The EASY way!

How to wash WOOL – The EASY way!

alright guys so today I want to talk about washing wool I've recently changed almost all of my wardrobe over the wool here we have cashmere there we have merino wool this is all merino wool and I have basically all merino wool stuff now here's a merino wool hoodie and I prefer this fabric it's really great fabric it's really warm in the winters but you could still wear like these t-shirts in the summer it's it's an all-year fabric it's really great and it keeps you warm basically you should look at merino wool and other types of wools there they're really great fabrics but they do need special cleaning needs and I've been looking at videos and I wanted to just kind of show how I do it because lots of the videos I watch it's a long process people cleaning it in their sinks and that's really good lots of these tips are awesome I'm not saying they're bad it's just time consuming and I wanted something that was faster and easier so I'm just going to talk about what I do it's really simple and easy so for wools you need a different type of shampoo to begin with and I say shampoo because it's kind of how I think about it instead of a detergent most detergents are made for things like cotton which comes from a plant or synthetics which are you know man-made products from oil basically wool is a hair fiber basically it's comes you know it's an animal's hair and animals fur so you use more shampoo type products and basically what I have here is a wool shampoo they call shampoo you can find them called detergents but I found this brand to be really good and like I said lots of people wash their wool in a sink and then to dry it they roll it on the towel and they you know let it sit flat so it doesn't get stretched when it's hanging all great tips for me what I do is I just use the shampoo here in my washing machine behind me here and I just put it on sorry about it dirty washing machine here I got to clean this but the point of the video got to put it on delicates and all I do is put on delicates and that runs a very delicate cycle and from there it basically doesn't agitate much I only wash when I wash wool don't wash a heavy pair of pants that I have on if you can't lift up my leg that I have I know genes that are fleece-lined when they're what they're very very heavy and when they're when the washing machine is agitating that's when it could damage these lighter materials when it's all moving around same with when it's in the dryer so I only wash wool with wool and I try to keep the weights the same so like the lightweight t-shirts and then I got this as a heavier shirt I would wash that maybe with the hoodie just keep the weights not the same wash them on the delicate cycle I don't dry them like I said some people wash them in the sink but then they take them out of the sink they're really what they don't want to hang them to dry I hang mine to dry but my washing machine does a very delicate almost no agitation on the delicate cycle but it does spin at the end and I find that to be fine it hasn't damaged my clothes at all so it spins for a little bit at the end it gets most of the water out so from there they're pretty light and I don't feel like I'm gonna damage them I haven't noticed any damage some people say if they're heavy from the weight it'll kind of damage the shoulder areas where it's holding down the hanger from my spin cycle after it runs in the washer and I hang them I haven't noticed that I've had these clothes for a while now I haven't noticed any type of damage to the shoulder areas from hanging but that's something you should keep an eye on but for me it's been fine so this way I can wash wool really quick I wash it just like normal leave it on cold cycle for sure never never use any heated water I use cold water in my washer just run it on the delicate with some wool detergent or shampoo I just hate super simple super fast super easy like I said there's other ways out there check about but for me it's super easy and simple and fast to do it this way so thought I'd just share that with you if you guys want to have the quick and easy way that's how I do it see you later

Reader Comments

  1. Ecover Delicate Wash does a really great job on wool for me. Definitely keep the delicate load very small, only a few items, and front loaders are best.

  2. Nice video. I do the same exact thing with my front loader washing machine on Delicate cycle but use the pink cap Woolite detergent specifically made for wool fabric. Sometimes to dry I put it in my front loader dryer on the Air Dry cycle but only for 5-10 minuets and then finish either hang dry or lay flat on top of a towel. This process works for me. The more expensive/favorite wool item the more careful and time I dedicate to its care.

  3. Hey I got a question so what about worsted wool shirts, will they have less affect on shrinking and also after it's done washed, how do you managed to straighten it when you can't do it with an iron since it's heat will shrink the worsted wool fabric?

  4. I only own wool suits, but no wool clothes.
    I hate everything that is 100% polyester, fleece or plastic.
    I love 100% cotton clothes. But would you recommend me to try buy a few wool to test?

  5. Greetings from England. I use any hair shampoo and it works perfectly!
    Delicate wash always on cold!
    Always dry flat or cool on the dryer.



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