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How to use bezel ring on dive watches?

How to use bezel ring on dive watches?

Hi, in this video, I will show you
how to use, bezel ring on a dive watch. In non-dive watches, the bezel is fixed and it does not rotate, while in dive watches, bezel ring rotates unidirectionally in order to keep track of time. The bezel ring is basically a less accurate chronograph or stop watch up till an hour. Or you can also use it as a countdown timer. I’ll show you both
ways. First the zero marker on the bezel ring initially remains at 12 o’clock, in order to use the bezel ring, align this zero marker, with the minutes hand at the start of any event like waiting for bus or going
underwater. As the time passes, minutes hand move showing the elapsed time on the bezel ring. For example, if i move minutes hand 20 minutes, it will show me 20 minutes on the bezel ring. Another feature of bezel ring is, It can be rotated only anti-clockwise and
not clockwise, there is a reason behind it,
so that if accidentally underwater the bezel is rotated it will show me a greater elapsed time, so the diver will return earlier than being late, which can be dangerous underwater as
oxygen supply is limited. Similarly, to use the bezel ring as a countdown timer, you have to pre-align this zero dot to the end of the event. For example, if the dive is
supposed to last for 10 minutes, I will align it like this so that after
10 minutes, the minute hand will align with the zero
marker indicating a diver to return. Even in this
case, if accidentally the bezel rotates, the diver will return earlier than being late. This is all about the bezel ring on a dive watch. Thanks for watching.

Reader Comments

  1. Very well explained. Thanks. I'm just getting back in to nice watches, not a diver or anything, but I need to keep track of time sometimes anyway. Good to know exactly how this works. Cheers.

  2. Kind of underwhelming to learn what the spinny thing on my watch does but thanks for the explanation none the less.

  3. Thanks very much. I just got a Steinhart Ocean Black DLC dive watch and, I'm ashamed to say, had no idea how to use the bezel. You cleared that up for me.

  4. seriously simple explanation, thanks I was winding for a second if my watch was defective, I've never owned a dive watch before-thank you!

  5. That was fucking informative!!! I really appreciate you taking the time for making the video. All these years I never knew.

  6. your explanation is so precise and clear. It was very helpful.But I heard that rotating bezel also useful to find north. Can you please give me any idea how to use bezel as compass.

  7. Great video, thanks! You have a peculiar way of saying "bezel" but I was able to get over it since your video was so informative and to the point, with no waffling. Great job!

  8. Sir maine ye watch timex (T46601) flipkart se liya hai but mere watch ka beezle fix hai wo rotete nahi hota hai plz tell me ye fix hi rehta hai ya rotete hota hai

  9. hi frnds iam use resently timex t46601. in watch date and day not working. how to set the date and time functionolity.

  10. Actually I have purchased this product from flipkart and the bezel doesn't rotate.Can anyone help me regarding this

  11. Hi i have the same watch and the bezel on my watch does not rotate.what can be done as the model is same as shown.

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