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How to unlock a car door without keys, the easy way.

hey guys back with another quick video
here I just thought I’d show you the quickest way that I found to unlock a
car door if you’ve got your keys locked inside and you need to get your car door
unlocked this is the quickest and easiest way that I have found this
particular tool that i’ma show you is fairly inexpensive it can be bought
online in fact I will put a link down below in the video description where you
can find it this is a 2015 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup and it’s got the vertical
locks here and I’m gonna use this airbag this particular airbag that’s made by
access tools they could be found online you know various places and they just
get a little bit started there and I’m gonna throw another one in there just
for good measure and this is basically the same thing it’s just a hair bigger
get it in there and if you don’t have those air bags you can use these wedges
plastic wedges they’re sold in various places all over the internet there’s
another one here that’s this one this particular one is called a one-hand Jack
anyway you could use I mean if you’re working on a vehicle that you don’t care
about you could use a wedge-shaped piece of 2×4 lumber you could use a
screwdriver if you don’t care about it but anyway this is the tool and it’s
made by access tools I believe it’s called the remote control button master
and when I pull the handle here you see how the cable comes in and out when I
pull the handle it’s just a matter of pulling the handle in and out and it
tightens up that noose on the end and you just go in here takes a second to
get in kind of fudge it between the weather stripping
sometimes a little bit difficult to get believe oh I haven’t waited list I went
out yet okay so sometimes it takes just a second to get behind the
weatherstripping there and all you got to do is just find the right angle and
the curvature of the tool basically see what I’m doing there I’m tightening up
that newest lift up on the door lock pull the tool back out and then of
course if you can’t always make sure you get the airbags removed out of the door
that relieves any pressure on the door latch and then doors open just like that
now if I wasn’t explaining this job I could probably open this trunk in about
15 seconds I mean it’s really compared to the old slim jim days this is it now
granted this only works on tools that have are on cars that have a vertical
lock the locks that go up and down like that on the door panel
obviously if it’s if it’s way down here inside the door it requires a different
tool but I have found that a lot of cars you know had that style locks years ago
and they never really went away that particular style lock is very common
even on today’s newer cars these vertical locks so this tool here is very
handy to have they’re very inexpensive I think they’re under $40 and like I said
I’ll put a link down below in the video description of where you can find it and
as always thanks for watching be sure you like share and subscribe watch for
more videos thanks you

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