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HOW TO THRIFT LIKE A PRO: Trip to the Thrift | Tips on Vintage Shopping

HOW TO THRIFT LIKE A PRO: Trip to the Thrift | Tips on Vintage Shopping

bangs are long enough I can get hair flip so today I thought it'd be really fun to do a video on thrift shopping and how I throw shop and how Joey used to be like a vintage dealer so that's a crazy thing to call yourself a vintage dealer so Joyce be like a vintage dealer and this is thrifted and Joey yeah we're gonna take you on there shopping we're gonna give you our tips on there shopping how to get the most out of your experience because sometimes it can be like just overwhelming so first we're brunch we just left brunch the destroyers we're going to go to in Toronto are public water it has the vintage I think what we want to find their first tip I have is Google is Google where you want to go so I'm in what are you doing the first tip is googling where you want to go so make sure that you kind of have like a set either like one store or like we know that public butter it has some integer cross through each other's you can but hit those together make like a sort of like a plan of what stores you want to go it's made a really good point you just like googled Toronto VIN did you probably end up the black market which isn't bad like it is a decent vintage store they have some stuff but like there are definitely some better hidden gems so maybe looking up like the blogs in that city or blogs in your own city that kind of break down the vintage stores and what you could find there like house vintage is really great for denim and public butter is really earth-like literally everything but have some vintage is more curated we just thought of another tip it is the weekend right now because we want from this video but go vintage shopping during the week it's less busy and the selections better a lot of vintage stores get their stuff in on Tuesday and Wednesdays so if you go like Wednesday Thursday Friday you're gonna have a way better selection yeah the select is gonna be great but we'll see it keeps from our public butter my first tip is to while you're in the store is to like go in with a loose idea of what you want but be open to the possibilities of what you can find hey with denim this is where at cosas vintage which has like the best care in selection denim and really good sizes so you want to try some bonds some years you never daughter's it'll look like message right on it honestly it looks way better yet and then for denim you can go like like public butter you get done in for like ten bucks but here it looks like 50 and this is really curating selection so you're basically paying for the department and then as well as like their work of like seating out all the [Applause] if you can't get that little hand motion again pull these shits the shirt like eight down from you look so nice any shopping is never like a quick in a no you got it put time aside to and as we're learning today sometimes you don't find anything you wanted a sort it'd be really irritating true like I came for a black house again I'm not here this is a no this is cool obviously Joey finds like the sixth piece in the story fits in perfectly another one if he says and I just want to recap all the points so I feel like I was a little bit scattered have a loose idea of what you want be open to possibilities like I went in for denim but I ended up getting you know some tees and a jacket have some time set aside because it obviously takes longer than just like normal shopping it was like try stuff on you go through a bunch of racks hand sanitizers always a good one it's pretty gross in there try stuff on so when you're trying to like you're gonna have to try stuff on I had to try on a bunch of stuff so wear something when you're shopping that's just like easy and easy to change out of and comfortable we had a point normal vintage prices for a t-shirt are around like five to twenty five dollars obviously depends where you are but if it's like more than that it's more than that and they say like it's because it's like special or real vintage just make sure that like you check the tag and it has tags that was his point and then for denim so you saw me trying a bunch down I was surprised at those two pieces fit that's pretty crazy and never find things that fit so like when a vintage piece fits me I like denim wise I usually just buy it because I never find anything but just like B when you're trying to I want if it's not like perfect just be aware of what you can do with it so if you like for example those black ones like I didn't like the bottom but I'm gonna cut them or I'm gonna cut them into shorts or even couldn't maybe try like a flare it very overexposed I'm gonna try like a flared kind of cropped look but you can always get things taken it in the waist you can cut things you can cuff them so just be aware of what you can do hope you guys enjoyed this little 15 video and I will do a thrift haul all the pieces I got probably my next video so thanks for watching peace and love y'all what also because we're traveling if you guys let us know we're at the best man oh yeah so we're going to Miami at the end of the month and if you have any if you're from Miami from Florida just Miami know like I'm not going anywhere else in Florida if you have any good vintage shops I'd love to know where you shop for vintage there cuz I mean I feel like the state has the best mentor selection look at that dog oh my god oh you're so cute ok so that's it thanks for watching peace in love love you all number subscribe you

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  1. Literally EVERYONE has been asking me to do a thrifting video and a thrifting haul. I tried to ignore it but I couldnt any longer. Here are my thrifting tips so you can thrift like a pro!! I'll do a haul soon on the items I got and how I altered them! Let me know what kinds of videos you want to see on my channel, im always open to ideas!

  2. Love love love! I moved to Toronto a year ago and have been dying to find good thrift stores! Love this vid xx

  3. Awesome vid, really exciting 馃榾 If any of you guys have an interest in very similar tutorials, watch heydominik. He's got pretty cool content as well:):)

  4. Loved this video! I love how you and Joey compliment each other. You guys are great together. And loving you in your pink puffer, what a cutie

  5. Hi Allegra! I鈥檓 from Miami and while we don鈥檛 have that big of a selection of vintage stores, we do have some gems. C. Madeleines is a classic and totally wacky and cool. Another really cool vintage store is Fly Boutique (my favorite). They have everything from clothing to vinyl to home accessories to shoes. A more high end vintage store is called What Comes Around. I believe there is more than one location. That鈥檚 all I can think of right now. Love your videos!

  6. MIAMI: Goodwill's ( I probably recommend going to the Goodwills in the more expensive area's: Brickell, Aventura, Etc.) FlyBoutique is another super SUPER super great one, and right across the street is Moshi Moshi (good sushi) . Wynwood area forsure (might be more pricey.) C-Madelines (Ive never gone, just found about it.) Hollywood area.

  7. I love when Joey is in your vlogs! You guys keep it so real. My fav videos are vlogs for sure as well as capsule wardrobe ideas. I鈥檇 love to see/hear more about a day in the life, or just sharing your general thoughts or beliefs. Would also love an apartment tour because I鈥檓 sure you have cool vintage finds in their too 馃槏 Love ya!

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