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How To Survive Mr. X In Resident Evil 2

How To Survive Mr. X In Resident Evil 2

So you’ve finally encountered Mr. X: the hulking,
terrifying figure who barely seems to fit through the many doors and hallways of Resident
Evil 2. You’ve heard his heavy footsteps on the floorboards
above you. You’ve seen his shadow cast on the wall as
he stalks around the next corner, relentlessly hunting you — and only you. All you want, of course, is to make it out
alive. Mr. X somehow manages to make the game’s
hordes of bloodthirsty zombies seem harmless by comparison. With zombies, you can at least run past and
rest easy knowing they’ll never follow you into a safe zone. Mr. X, however, doesn’t play by those rules. So you’re probably wondering how do you shake
this guy? Is there a way to get this monstrosity off
your tail, so you can finally relax for just one moment? Better yet, can you kill him? “You serious?” The simplest answer is this: Mr. X is unkillable
for most of Resident Evil 2’s campaign. But that doesn’t mean you can’t slow him
down. The trick is to aim for the head. You’re just wasting precious ammunition if
you shoot at his body, but Mr. X will eventually drop to the ground for a short duration if
you land some solid headshots. There is one exception to the no-body rule,
and that’s if you’re using something powerful, like a grenade launcher. Pump one of those into Mr. X and he’ll be
forced to take a breather, giving you plenty of time to make a fast exit and put some space
between the both of you. Just remember that he will keep on coming,
and he’ll find you a whole lot faster if you cause a commotion. So if you decide to dispatch some zombies
with a gun and then hear those unmistakable footsteps and that ominous music swell, it’s
time to start planning for another escape. And don’t even thinking about running to the
nearest typewriter — that trick may get Resident Evil 2’s zombies off your back,
but Mr. X goes where he pleases, meaning he’ll just about follow you anywhere… and not
in a romantic way. There really is nowhere to hide… except
for a few rooms scattered throughout the police station. While Mr. X might stalk you through the previously-safe
Main Hall, there are actually a few places he can’t enter, which is definitely useful
to know. He won’t enter the Stars Office, the dark
room, the clock tower, the Police Chief’s office, the break room, and the secret room
under the Main Hall. If you’re new to the series, here’s a bit
of a primer: Mr. X was originally part of Resident Evil 2’s Scenario B, which meant
you’d only run into him after playing through the game’s Scenario A as either Leon or Claire. So the appearance of Mr. X likely took veteran
players by surprise, since they wouldn’t be expecting him until after they’d completed
a playthrough. He didn’t look quite as dapper in the 1998
release — for one, there was no fedora in that version — but he was still a fairly
imposing figure. As it turns out, Mr. X is what’s called a
Tyrant: a genetically mutated human clone, engineered to serve as a bio-organic weapon. More specifically, Mr. X is of the T-103 variety
of Tyrants, which are more intelligent and powerful than those in Resident Evil Zero
and the first Resident Evil. All of that lore from the original Resident
Evil 2 appears to hold up in the remake. The main difference between the Mr. X of yore
and the Mr. X of today is just where and when he shows up. The new Resident Evil 2 may be inspired by
the original, but it’s not a shot-for-shot remake. As such, Capcom took some liberties with some
of the bigger story beats, and that includes tossing Mr. X right into Scenario A, ensuring
he’s a constant presence that players have to keep in mind at all times. So there you have it. Mr. X is not an entity you can kill — at
least, not right away — and he’s not one you can hide from very effectively, either. Your best bet is to stay moving, stay quiet,
and hope you can avoid this absolute nightmare of a creature. Godspeed. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more SVG videos about your favorite
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Reader Comments

  1. Worst possible scenario happened to me not too long ago…I was caught in the room where the C4 was. The bookshelf, or whatever it was, was blocking the second door and Mr X had followed me in (this was my first playthrough so I wasn't sure what I was expecting/doing at the time). Not only did I have to contend with that hulking behemoth but also a Licker (can't remember if there was just one or two) and a zombie all at once! Managed to down the Zombie easily enough but dealing with Mr. X and even just one Licker in that room was a nightmare. Luckily I had at least one Grenade with me which helped in dealing with the Licker and I think it also helped to Stun Mr. X allowing me to beat a hasty retreat through the door I came through but boy was it a CLOSE fight as I'd used up my last healing item I had on me!

    This is why I always try to get rid of as many Zombies and Lickers as my ammo allows in the hopes of preventing that kind of a situation from happening again. XD Dread to think how I'm gonna handle Hard Mode though lol.

  2. Seriously, mr x ruined the gaming experience on re2, we could have enjoyed the game and horror far better without him

  3. For a game with so much exploring and searching in the dark to do to solve the puzzles to progress through the game , Mr X is an absolutley stupid character, uninstalled ,wont be wasting my time with that again!!

  4. Him showing up in the A scenario certainly caught this RE2 vet by surprise. It gave me that nice "oh crap" moments when I first ran into him in the original when he broke through the walls of the media room.

  5. It's a real pain trying to get stuff when Mr X won't stop coming after me.
    I think he wants to marry Leon and Claire.

  6. the funny thing about mr X is all through game i use a rocket launcher (oops i cheated) and it stuns him but at the end i shoot him once with rocket launcher and he blows to pieces lol its funny considering i used the rocket launcher on him all through game playing as leon…

  7. He functions similarly to the Xenomorph in Alien Isolation, except he's slower and less intelligent. But he's running off a separate AI brain from the game engine. The engine knows exactly where you are at all times, and it feeds the brain controlling Mr. X information on the general area you are located in, but does not reveal your precise location. Mr. X cannot pinpoint your location until you enter his FOV. You know immediately once you've entered his FOV, because his ominous music will begin playing.

  8. Capcom should have at least made the running of the characters a little faster…
    OMG there an 8 foot monster coming for me I better JOG of my life… Smfh

  9. Mr. X is by far the easiest to survive in fact I never waisted a bullet except for the hat… just be quick to outsmart him as he follows you. And that’s not true he doesn’t follow you to a save point lol

  10. MR X might seem impossible, but trust me if you are a veteran of the original game nothing will own you worse than forgetting to FUCKING EXAMINE ITEMS THAT YOU CAN OPEN!!!

  11. Just finished Scenario A with Leon. My motto to escape Mr X is simple:

    Long Strides & Knees to chest


  12. If you encounter him, run away. There's no fighting him. Once you are away from him, walk don't run, as I think running makes too much noise and draws him to you. Pay attention and you will hear him coming before he appears. It helps to kill off the lickers so that you don't have to deal with two threats at once. The magnum kills lickers, as well as hand grenades. The combat knife works on lickers as well.

  13. I didn’t know he couldn’t come through the clock tower, chief’s office nor stars office, I actually expected him to come through those rooms and I thought I was just being careful enough

  14. I was 14 when I got into these games and I was freaked out by the 1st Resident Evil until I beat it. Now, years later they come out with this awesome remake and it scared the CRAP out of me with this guy! I stopped playing the game for awhile since every time I turned around he was there! It’s been a long time since I was actually scared of these games! they did a great job with this one!

  15. He's actually pretty easy he's slow moving and you can bait him into swinging so you can easily run past him also flash grenades will stun him and normal grenades will take him down for you to get away

  16. Okay, first off, Dexter Manning is the second sexiest British voice on the planet.

    Secondly, any saferoom plus the rooms that were listed are safe from him, including the Boiler room near where you first meet him.

    Thirdly, here’s a meme:

    When you’re running from Mr X and you get into a saferoom:

    “Huh, look at this! I took 9 million steps today.”

  17. I stumbled onto something interesting. It seems Mr. X can't follow you into the East Corridor on 1st floor of the RPD (the one that leads to the basement). I tested it out, and I made noise that drew Mr. X into the hall that connects the stairwell with the Main Hall. He wandered back and forth looking for me, but he never crossed the threshold of the door connecting to the East Corridor. Strange. If someone knows something different about this, let me know.

  18. Have u played it lol 99% of the save room mr x can't enter no matter what the only place being the main hall

  19. It was too much having him in A and B scenario this time, he got a bit boring and annoying really they should have just had him in one scenario not both

  20. Wait a minute we run into this guy in scenario a what the hell lol. I think I'm going to have to start over a few times to learn how to conserve ammo and memorize the puzzles so I can avoid this guy

  21. Fuck I just ran into that hallway made it to the end where the door was previously chained and Mr. X busted right through the door and killed me. I was beyond mad.

  22. Fuck I just ran into that hallway made it to the end where the door was previously chained and Mr. X busted right through the door and killed me. I was beyond mad.

  23. I was definitely taken off guard when I saw Mr X in my first play though of the remake. When he first appeared, my exact though was “wait! He’s not supposed to show up till scenario B”.

  24. I hate shit like this in games.. Made me turn off the crap and never return to the game again. The FUCK if im to walk around being chased by this oversized idiot.

  25. Ruined the game for me, I was enjoying scouting clues out at my own pace, now I have to run everywhere like a meth addict.

  26. Mr. x reminds me of my ex! I told her it was over and decided to walk home while my ex behind me and follow me all the way home very creepy!

  27. Ive found an infinite rocket launcher on one of the storages and told me self whats its purpose as i can kill the zombies at ease. Then this guy happened, now I know. Shit me pants almost.

  28. You will not survive Mr. X. I don't care if you're a pro gamer playing this for the first time on easy mode, everyone who has played this game has died to him at least once.

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