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  1. Buy original combat boots mate, for 1/10 of the price you can buy 10 times better quality boots and they will be real combat boots. I have my father's full leather black combat boots from 1972. They are still in great shape, even after 47 years and after tough tasks in the army and in hiking, gardening and other outdoor activities after that.

  2. I wear my combat boots with shorts, either jean shorts or cargo and black socks. I think it looks good.

  3. Fucks with all your fits..i very rarely fully agree with some ones sens of style. Most definitely looking forward for more of your fit(inspiration lol). If you wanna check out my ig:ssensei_ (posting fits soon).

  4. This baggy phase has to stop. “Skinny” or slim fit will always reign supreme. I get the baggy discourse had to happen to be adverse to the skin tight phase, but it makes expensive clothes look cheap and oh so dad like. Which is so bad. Oh and speaking of “supreme” it must be an American thing. From my Aus eyes, it’s lamo billboard tee wearing type stuff.
    Goooood Chanel though. Long time peeper.

  5. I've also had those Saint Laurent combat boots for almost two years and they're some of my favorite shoes. In the last outfit, I would try untucking the pants from the boots. Great video.

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