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How to Stop Wool hats Itching

How to Stop Wool hats Itching

hello have you got a wool hat when you wear it your head itches we got all gloves in your hands it you know when you gave it a hot you gave me sweating you can't you can't stand it yourself a scratch what we have here is a 100% of wool hat okay I read this a long time now a long time and what it is is it's a watch cap issued to the American forces you can see the note Oh number there so it's genuine kind of all have edit years it's a fabulous bit of kit okay best thing about war hats they get wet you just wring it out and put it in a head and you get you keep warm okay you fed acrylic or non wool material it gets wet you're gonna lose a lot of your insulating properties that you've brought that for your head heat is the only single substance that will retain heat when wet okay so I'm very important wool so itchiness it's a pain right but I'll show you a little tip you see that the cheapest top and five four pounds delivered in the UK okay and you get a lot in there a high number sent pure lanolin what is lanolin I hear you ask well mr. natural oil from sheep or sheep's wool natural funny smell to it not like over terrible bass let's just say it's got a bit of a funny smell so all you do if you turn your hat this is how I found bested it turned her inside out the whole thing right stretch it over your knee like this so once you've got over your knee yeah you just them I've used that wipe so far I hope you can see that so we're gonna use a bit more this time a big old bowl up like that okay now I find it best to actually get on your hands and just let your your room temperature of your hands warm up okay like that and you're just going to go doesn't it for you nice all over it okay now obviously the more you rub it in the better it is now all this is gonna do is it's gonna stop the itching it may not stop it 100% but it will make such a difference like you wouldn't believe okay now what I found best by doing this I've done this on a couple other hats as well but I for a share of it because witnesses come in it's still more than the UK but winners just run the corner alright and believe it we'll have the best all right they're not all about gore-tex and man-made crap straight out alright so we don't want to nasty head so make sure you really rub it in there okay just keep rubbing it and rubbing it and rub it until can't release it and just leave it leave it for a day or so still write this in like a room temperature room okay and what that will do is that will gradually soak in and it will soften the wall fibers so you no longer have an itchy head which isn't good works with gloves to me so don't do the same thing so there you have it one treated with pure lanolin okay it's an oil or grease whatever doesn't matter but that's what you're looking for a harmless impure alright thank you anything with stuff either than pure natural is always best and it actually works okay so get yourself something lanolin oil get it from where you care well okay and get it on thanks for watching guys stay funky

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  1. I'm a knitter who works with different wools and wool/alpaca blends. For my pricklier garments, I soak the items in hair conditioner, rinse as usual, and find that the items can then be worn next-to-skin. So if you can't use or find lanolin, give hair conditioner a shot.

  2. eh………Fleece is good. I work outside and the rain doesn't get in. But a good tip I have ordered 2 wool hats and as for myself am worried about the itch.

  3. Mr funkyprepper …yesterday i watched this vid and went straight to the chemist in the search for pure lanolin oh and i found it all wright but the looks i got was so embarrassing here in OZ its for breast feeding women with cracked nipples i bought it anyway $34 bloody dollars here for a little tube……but hay once I've done the beanie my nipples should be good to go too….all the best and thanks for this great tip ….kind regards Phil from Oz

  4. brilliant video darren , well worth knowing especially as i wear a wooly hat in the winter a lot ,cheers mate

  5. Mr. Funky (Darren), I've really been a big fan of your videos for some time. I wanted to be your 30,000 subscriber but missed that chance (wouldn't you know it, work intervened – quite inconvenient, actually). I subscribed today trying to hit that 34K mark but should have jumped on-board much sooner.

    Want to thank you and the famous foursome (you, Roach, Mindwiseman & LW) for all the great info and the time & energy you invest into these videos and the work to edit them into an entertaining and informative package.

    But, the real reason to leave a comment was to wish you and yours a Very Happy Christmas and a Joyous, Healthy & Prosperous New Year!!! Hope your good wife is doing well & has recovered totally from the unfortunate happenings earlier this year!!

    ATB from a fan from across the "pond"!! Hope you continue these well into the future!!! Stay Funky, forever!

    Thanks, Fred

  6. Christ… Dax Lanolin! That takes me back. My old dears use to use this stuff on my hair when I was a kid. Very good for afro hair. Conditions it and keeps it soft. Very greasy though. Use too much and ull be leaving marks on the high back arm chairs…..excellent tip for the woolly hat Mr Funky. 🙂

  7. Just add 1 or 2 teaspoons of lanolin to warm water and a wool detergent (eg. woolite), and hand wash, or if you are using a washing machine on a wool setting, warm the lanolin in a small pan (becomes liquid), mix in the wool detergent, and pour into the detergent tray. For less faff, use Mitchell's Woolly Wash (on Amazon last I saw) which has got a high lanolin content. – atb, Phil.

  8. Good video. Your suggestions work for me, but not some people. Be aware that in a small number the folks, the problem with wool goes much beyond itching. Everyone in my wife's family (Mother-in-law, my wife and son are terribly allergic to wool and break out and have trouble breathing when near anything from sheep, including lanolin. The allergy goes much beyond itchy or red spots…but their bodies swell up could possibly die. They must look at all body care products to make sure that nothing from sheep is included… one touch of lanolin or wool fibers will cause them to go into allergic shock.

  9. Very good tips as most of my hats and socks are wool. I did a quick search for shops that sell lanolin, doesn't seem to be very common here in Sweden (strangely enough). What kind of shops do you guys find this in?

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