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How to Spider Web Lace your shoes – Professor Shoelace

How to Spider Web Lace your shoes – Professor Shoelace

G’day everyone, Ian Fieggen here, also known as “Professor Shoelace”. Now today’s tutorial video is a bit like my last one – – it’s a military lacing method that’s quite complex and woven. This one is called “Spider Web Lacing”. Now let’s start by looking at that on my “Ian’s Shoelace Site”. I’ll just scroll up to the diagram and animate that. And you can see it begins across the second-from-bottom eyelet, runs down – diagonally up – – down again – and at each set of eyelets it loops under the loop created by the previous set of eyelets. Let’s look at that on a real shoe. Now, Inge loaned me her nice snazzy shiny new shoes for me to demonstrate this on. And I’ve begun straight across the inside and out through the second-from-bottom eyelets. Now on the right side I’ve gone straight down and created a loop. And I’ll do the same on the left side – – straight down and create a loop. Now, we cross the ends and run them diagonally up the inside and out through the next empty eyelet. Same on the other side. Now we once again run down the outside and this time we loop under the previous loop from the next lower set of eyelets. Again – straight down – – and from the outside in, we loop through the previous loop. Okay. Now we once again run diagonally up the inside – – out through the next empty eyelet. And again, we run down the outside – – loop from outside to in – [softer] (loop from outside to in) under the next lower loop. Cross the ends – diagonally up the inside – – and we’re already at the top eyelet on these shoes, so we tie it off. I’m using my “Ian Knot”, the world’s fastest shoelace knot, but you can use whatever you like. And that’s the finished “Spider Web Lacing”. That’s on a low-top shoe. On a high-top, or on a military boot in particular, you’ll end up with this fabulous sort of complex woven “spider web”. So that’s it, if you want any more information about “Spider Web Lacing” – – animations, diagrams, you name it – – you can go to Ian’s Shoelace Site:

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