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How To Spend Your Day Off

How To Spend Your Day Off

you've had a long week in our chefs ten are six 12-hour shifts 24 on 24 off whatever it may be your job is to serve and protect you've sworn to do that your day off what are you gonna do on your day off should look something like this the worst thing you can do is not prepare for you know preparation and hard work has saved lives that might be grappling that might be kick boxing out on be lifting weight that might be running that may be working on your medical proficiency that might be shooting the list goes on and on and on of what that might be I try to hit it all and there's not enough time in the day but I'd rock you should sweat and you should feel pain because those are the necessary elements that Forge this thing that we have to become witches warriors which might be the last resort the last call the last thing that can help that can save that can preserve life for somebody that's in me you might be it I'm gonna go get to work you

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