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  1. I've seen some real low-life shysters selling their crap for more than what a new gun costs. The guns are often really dirty so you can't check the bore and other mechanical aspects. S&W 3913, dirty as can be, with only one crappy ProMag magazine for $500.

  2. Thanks for the input. I just purchased a 1979 Marlin 336 in 30-30 for $240. I thought that was a really good price that I got him down to. It just had forend damage from swivel screws. I got a replacement forend for $30. It also has the original 3×9 scope and scope mounts, where you can also use the iron sights. I love this rifle, especially at that price. The metal has very little wear.


    Load the gun and shoot it in the store, make sure it works! I fell out my chair

  4. One thing iv noticed, some rifles are valued so much like the m1, is love to own one, it's my dream gun, but for 1200 bucks for a old rifle? When I can buy a modern one cheaper and will preform better it's just not worth it but one day I will have one for my collection.

  5. Thank you both for a really informative video for a newbie to buying "used" guns.
    I learned a lot…👍🇺🇸

  6. If anyone says a weapon used to be a competition gun, beware. Though it's wrong, a lot of competition shooters take their old, worn out parts and put them in that gun before selling it. I spot this a bunch.

  7. This was great! A reference for the future! Can you do a GunBroker, Garand, and maybe a c96 video(s)?

  8. Another tip. If you're budget is small ($200 for example) and you're not finding guns you want to buy in that price range, I'd suggest just saving a little longer and getting a quality gun. That's not to say you can't find good guns on a small budget, I have some great guns that I didn't pay much for at all. It really depends on what you want, I can go to the pawn shop in my town and get a pump action shotgun for under $200 if I don't care what brand or model it is, and for plinking the only real specifications I have are does it go bang and does it cycle and generally pawn shop guns do both if you know how to look for wear (which thanks to this video you should know how to do). For example I got a mossberg pump 12 gauge (can't remember the model it was years ago) for $150 because someone had spray painted camo all over it, it shot great and looked amazing once I refinished the stock and that only cost me about $15 in supplies. So another tip is look for fugly guns that someone ruined cosmetically because looks can be very deceiving.

  9. I’ve bought a used S&W 686 and a Used FN 40 in the last year, I could of used this video but I think I did ok. Both guns are great but neither place went down on the sticker price.

  10. Kind of like my brother drove 250 miles into Georgia to buy a car, a little used Honda Civic to drive to work and back. They haggle over the price and come to a conclusion and he took off over to get it. Then when he got ready to give it to him it was about $400 higher and he says what the hell, we made a deal on this price. And they told him oh well that's the docking fee, or doc fee. And he pitched a fit but when he left he still had paid that fee because he didn't want to waste that 250 mile trip and he needed the car because it was a cheapo gas saver because he drove a long ways to work. You have to beware of hidden fees, and a gunsmith fee, I myself have never heard of that! Amazing!

  11. I tell you what I really liked about a gentleman I knew that sold used guns. He even would let you take it across the highway where he had a little shooting Lane setup and he would actually let you try out the rifle or shotgun If you would just simply pay or the ammunition! Which of course I had known him for a long time and he was a neighbor I guess you could say who lived about 10 or 12 miles from me and I could just pick it up and carry it home and bring it back the next day and then I would start jewing with him. Lord I hate that he sold the store. The guy that bought it after him didn't transfer the FFL and didn't sell guns anymore. Thanks for the video guys I enjoyed it

  12. Do you guys see any newer rifles at pawn shops, I am looking for a Ruger 19101 or Hi-point 995 but I only have 1 gun shop near me.

  13. Bought an Infield 20yrs ago #4 mk2 in the cosmoline all matching blade socket bayonet micrometer adjust rear sight new unused condition for $200.

  14. i ended up with a used AR, that was in completely like new condition, no wear or anything on it anywhere. looks like its fresh out of the box, except with upgrades the initial buyer put on them that i was gonna add myself anyways. and got about 500 dollars off because it wasnt new. there are some crazy good deals if you're atleast willing to look at the used guns

  15. it would be awesome if you guys break it down per surplus that you guys have access to that would be awesome actually

  16. My local pawn shop has new and used always get great deals. And I use the tactics that you guys have talked about

  17. Thanks guys! That helped alot but some of the terminology on the older guns I was clueless. But hey i need to do my research! Lol

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