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How to Shine and Polish Boots- Dollar Tree Shoe Shine Kit

How to Shine and Polish Boots- Dollar Tree Shoe Shine Kit

dollar tree shoe shine kit how to shine and polish boots hi it’s AlaskaGranny on a recent trip to the Dollar Tree I found a small shoe shine kit you can see it’s small and it comes in a package that is actually quite well made and it has a zip top and it’s not just like a zip-top bag it’s a thicker vinyl almost like a shower curtain liner so it’s pretty nice inside the pouch is a nice big cloth the cloth is more velvety on one side than the other there are two little tins of boot and shoe Polish there’s a brown shoe polish and a black shoe polish and they have the twist open and that pushes the lid off there’s the brown polish and there’s the black polish I want to use this on my favorite cowboy boots you can see they’re all scuffed because I love them I wear them all the time and they could use some polishing so the first thing I’m going to do is put down a paper towel so they don’t get any icky stuff on my counter then I’m going to take an old microfiber cloth and I’m going to wipe any loose dirt off of my boot now I’m going to take the backside of the cloth for the application and then I’m going to use the velvet side for polishing so I’m going to wrap it around my finger get it nice and tight I’m going to dab it into the polish when you polish your shoes you want to get the Polish around evenly so you want to first dab different spots before you begin then go back and spread it around wow I think my boots already looks better I think it looks better already don’t you let me try a second coat I think they’re covered pretty well so I’m going to unwrap my cloth and turn it around to the velvety side ok that’s the boot I polished and that’s the one before so here’s a before and after I think it looks much better so for only one dollar I think that the Dollar Tree shoe polish kit is a success time to shine the second boot so check out this shoe polish kit from the Dollar Tree and keep your shoes and boots looking as good as possible I can store it all back in the bag ready for next time learn more at please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel

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