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How to Prepare for a Zombie Apocalypse

How to Prepare for a Zombie Apocalypse

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  1. UP-Date please ! Maybe down grade your fire power to 9mm Carbine… A 9mm is one shot to one zombie and the .22 Cal. must be Double Tap for one zombie. The most important item on my Tactical Belt is the Dump Pouch so the zombies will not follow ! Also my Trauma Kit has an Umbrella Moral Patch on it. Remember that the zombies peak in late October ! Thank you for the video ! tjl

  2. I suggest a rugger 10/22 for a weapon , can carry lots of ammo high round clips in Canada you can get 110 round ones and for camo Multicam is really good.

  3. While I understand this video is old but one egregious thing he is missing is armor. I view armor like that of an eraser on a pencil in that armor allows you to make a fatal mistake and live to learn from it.

    Many argue that armor slows you down, well that's what conditioning is for. Train in your armor or with a weight vest. The first year of the apocalypse will be "The Year of the Gun" after that ammo will be incredibly scarce and most combat will be at close range gladiator style.

  4. Constructive Criticism: first of that glove on your left hand is leather. Wearing them to long can lead to a finger growth in your hand. essentially athletes foot for your hand. It's very contagious and being on you hand you can spred it easy. It's fine if you stay clean but we are talking end of the world. Secondly rethink that quiver. It's fine for stealth but if you have to hall ass your going to hate life. look into the system compound bows use and try to implement that. Third go play a few games of paintball with that tactical best. Make changes and adapt with it to you liking. Wearing it at home is way different them actually using it. I personally like as little as possible on mine. Keep up the good work thumbs up. Adapt and Survive!

  5. The back-quiver is actually a dangerous equipment! In a case of running to a spot or climbing to a safe place, a lot of arrows can just fall from the quiver.

    The belt-quiver is better for this kind of situation. And its more easier to catch the arrow And maybe more comfortable…

  6. If a zombie apocalypse happens I want the zombies to be like the walking dead cuz they can't run and they aren't gonna be giant like the tank in left 4 dead

  7. How is he gonna Carry a bow and then he's gonna carry his gigantic riffle like wtf where is he gonna put all that it's gonna make him slower cuz he has all that crap on him his vest and his bow and his riffle and all. that if he can't run fast with all that he's just a meal for the zombies also if he I trips and 3 zombies going after him are near him and he can't get his weapons like an arrow cuz he's gonna be on his back and he can't use his guns cuz that's gonna attract more he's gonna focus on trying to get away so he's probably gonna die 3rd in his group cuz he has good weapons but all that stuff is heavy so yea


    kitchen knife – $10
    side arm & ammo – $200
    90 gallon waters & 3 months can food supply – $150
    starter first aid & med kit – $50
    other stuff – $50


    survival knife – $50
    survival arm kit (rifle, side arm, & ammo) – $450
    180 gallon waters & 6 months can food supply – $300
    pro medical kit – $100
    other stuff – $100


    combat survival knife – $150
    military grade arm kit – (full auto rifle, side arm, ammo, explosive, & traps) $3,500
    360 gallons water & 12 months can food supply – $600
    hospital medical kit – $500
    other stuff – $250

  9. Does anybody know whatever happened to that zombie gene that scientists were working on in California back in the 90s early 2000s? Or was I drunk I know I read it somewhere where..

  10. Also as a tip Never take an arrow out of a dead zombie you shot, first reason it might not be Dead, second reason it could infect you, third reason Don't go by them there may be a horde nearby

  11. I have my AR-15 in my basement plus a lot of ammo then there are the beans beans are important for protein and some knives and a backpack and a body vest MAKE SURE YOU HAVE 20-30 CANS OF BEANS!!

  12. I would only want one a weapon the weapon would be a reliable 9mm Beretta or Glock pistol with hot loads hollow points and at least 10 round mags

  13. How to survive a zombie apocalypse.. try wearing clothes that is durable enough against human bites.. pretty much get to a fckibg museum and wear those medieval armor and you're done XD

  14. the knife should be infront not at the back, in panic everthings will be happen maybe you accidently cut you neck who knows ? 👌

  15. dear all please bear in mind if the Z outbreak happens all nuclear power plants will go off less then a month . so no even zombies survive actually nothing will survive expect microbes deep under ground . so how to prepp ? roll it smoke it pray because soon all biological lifeforms will boils into clouds to fall back like radioaktiv rain over and over and over …..

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