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How To Make A Battle Vest + Killer Vests Across The Globe

How To Make A Battle Vest + Killer Vests Across The Globe

how do you make a battle vest in this
video we’re gonna take a look at some different practices on how to make one
and also take a look at photos of vests sent in by viewers hey it’s Bridget and on
HEAVY METAL RELICS we dig through the collection to find the relics so if
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week Reaper’s here with us today and he
brought two of his vests and we’re gonna talk first about the material we’ve got
a denim one here and a camo so let’s start off with a denim which is the
classic vest look you start this when you were 15 16 I got this a little
bit later probably more like 20 it was a
hand-me-down from Jim Sadist from NUNSLAUGHTER who got it from Don of the Dead from NUNSLAUGHTER before that how old is this thing this is literally from
the 80s it’s got a smell to it oh yeah I’m sure yeah I just think camo and
metal go well together and I always had this from hunting with my dad so you cut off
the sleeves? yeah yeah exactly and Winchester and oh wow yeah this one
fits over a leather jacket a little bit better depending on if you want to put
it over something I mean most people put it over a hoodie or obviously their
leather jacket so next step the arrangement how did you
decide where you want to place everything totally spur the moment
because actually I still have patches I probably wouldn’t want on this thing anymore
like VAN HALEN sorry I mean I like ’em not enough to sport his patch and then this one yeah
I just started pretty much do whatever I got first and actually I got my KREATOR
back patch first so if you’re gonna start with anything I would just say start the
back patch right cuz the back patch is the biggest takes up the most space go
with the flow I would say is just you know it would you wouldn’t really want
one patch at a time I look pretty empty so I pretty much had a bunch of patches
all at once next step contents anything that’s awesome put it
on there that’s what I say you got buttons I only really like
really small buttons but then I also like the enamel pins those are my
favorite and I’ve got some here on my jacket my first eBay purchase ever was a
SANCTUARY logo one that fell off there was a little trick I had going on that
didn’t work out very well that was putting superglue on the little pins in
the back I like buttons that are big you know
sport your fair band like a soccer mom does her kid big ones
someone needs to start making really really gigantic pins that are like this
big so that they can just like use it as like a back patch pin or back pin just a thought you
sit down you got this metal plate on your back yeah great it’s a good look
doesn’t seem like anyone does painting anymore I didn’t paint that VENOM on
there and in fact underneath this NUNSLAUGHTER back patch it is a bunch of
painted logos on there that I sewed the NUNSLAUGHTER patch on there because there
were kind of like bands because it was a hand-me-down that I didn’t care about oh wow
they’re about too much yeah but the VENOM one had to stay cuz that
was cool and don’t forget your studs you could put those on there too the spikes gotta
have those this was a very popular topic and we
actually got a ton of photo sent in from you guys so thank you we’re really
appreciative that you took the time out send them and here are the top four from the
submissions here’s Nina’s vest from Los Angeles
California I didn’t get too many women sending in their vests so I had to put
this on there this is really different because it’s long so it makes me think
that it’s like a dress length she definitely decked this thing out Thank
You Nina next up we have Dennis from Holland the way that he has it laid out
is really nice because everything is really uniformed
I’m sensing that you’re just attracted to the black leather vests I am I’m a
fan of leather so yeah this next one is Anhra from Moscow Russia I really like how he’s got this thing
literally packed okay next up Stefan from Germany this is my favorite vest
the fact that there’s an actual chain on the back not only that but he even went
to the inside of the vest and wait I have something for you you’re gonna have
to try your glue technique out for this like oh oh okay this is from Jorge
previously Jorge had actually sent us the MORTAL SCEPTER LP in the mail which
is really nice of him so for him to send these pins too is also really nice yeah
it’s like a if you’re fan of teutonic thrash well thank you Jorge
thank you that’s it for this week make sure to subscribe to heavy metal relics
where we post videos just like this weekly

Reader Comments

  1. I have two denim vests. I'm really looking forward to getting a couple of patches for my leather jacket, but I don't want to have that many on it, just a few really good ones. A metal pin backpatch? I thought I had heard it all but what do I know, might be really cool actually. I'd be happy to just see a pin that big.

  2. it gets kind of frustrating when you see those "metalheads" wearing metalcore and some other mainstream whatever "metal" they listen to , on their vest. People today are doing it because it's fashion and not because they actually listen and understand real music … if you can believe it ๐Ÿ™

  3. Hey I have a question, what happens if I grow out of my battle vest, do I iron them off and use adhesive to put it on another vest?

  4. I never wore a "battlevest" because they are for pretentious posers. If you have to speak about metal,and discuss what you wear than you have no business in metal. Commercialized rubbish. Just listen to the music,and stop the fashion

  5. i have been to a great deal of shows in my life,and i never see battle vest at any of these shows. i get a very strong feeling that classic or traditional metal culture is very much dead in america. europe is a very diffrent story, but in the states it seems very dead,i am normaly one of only guys there with long hair to.

  6. you look at a lot of these german metal fests like waken and others all most all the guys there have super long hair and battle vest on. i have never seen any thing like it in the states. you never see any one wearing black metal shirts and even a band like morbid angle or carcass band shirts i never see that ether.i had a old enslaved shirt and big thors hammer on at metal show and people act like i am the weirdo. i have a arch enemy and amon amarth battle vests maybe i am the weirdo.

  7. i am working on a alice n chains jean jack that i bleached and has spike studs on the coller. it has the face lift album cover back patch on the back the other patchs i have to order from asia,they are very hard to find in the states.

  8. I am a big fan of the classic stuff from the 70s and 80's and i hate nu-metal and most of the stupid shit coming out of this country. L.A. seems to be dead today and the only bands i have herd of coming out of there is this pop goth-nu-metal shit that i am not wasting my money on.Most of the some what new stuff i am listing to comes out of sweden, and finland and germany i like the sleaze rock scene in sweden and bands like lordi and primal fear .

  9. Germany has the KEEP IT TRUE fest in Lauda Konigshofen It was born in 2003 and itโ€™s still going strong nowadays, growing in strenght each year. In fact, you have to decide pretty fast if you want to go there as tickets sold out quickly every year. You should check it out on you tube.

  10. Patches are the best gifts too give and to get true facts ๐Ÿค˜
    Atm starting my own one at the age of 15 with a Piece Of Mind backpatch and patches from bands as Darkthrone , Taake , Dissection , Havok , Sodom , Burzum , Agalloch , Emperor Anthrax ๐Ÿค˜

  11. lmao how stoned were they in this? like satan himself could have burst through the door and they'd've been like "Uh… Sweet…"

  12. nice i am working on my other battle jacket right now i am going to strip one that is too small for me and put 4 of the patches on that one since it's a death metal jacket exclusively
    the four will be

  13. I dig these types of vids! ๐Ÿ‘ Rad jackets! I just put a vid of most of mine

  14. Greetings.
    Please take a little time to watch and understand the meaning of my latest video, hereโ€™s the link:

    Thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š.

  15. I use shirts as patches. Its actually better with band shirts now a days cuz my favorite template is a logo on the breast and a something big on the back. Just made a new vest with my favorite band gideons shirts i got from a few concerts. Shirts were too small so decided to use one for back patch, took a rose off put it on the pocket and used some other designs for the sides and very top and bottom

  16. I decked the entire front of my jacket in metal pins and my back patch is a punisher skull with my blood slashed across the skull. People told me I made it wrong, but fuck em. My jacket is a weapon.


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