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How To Know If You Have ADHD

How To Know If You Have ADHD

Hey guys! So, as you
can tell from the title, this video is gonna be about how
to know if you have ADHD or not. And for those of you
that don’t already know, ADHD is Attention Deficit
Hyperactivity Disorder. But the reason I’m making
this video is because I feel like a lot of people these days
say or they think they have ADHD, but that’s only because they
don’t know what it’s really like to have it. As a little kid I was diagnosed with it,
but I never took any medicine for it, so I never knew
what normal people thought like. I can’t stand when people
say that ADHD is not a real thing and that it’s just an excuse for
lazy people to blame their laziness on. But what I can’t stand
even more is that when people actually do use it as an excuse,
even when they don’t have it, just because they
didn’t do well in school or they’re bad at studying or something. But, really, there’s no excuse
because I grew up with it and I didn’t take any medication
for it and I still got all A’s and B’s. Then again, I also cheated a lot. So after watching this video,
if you can honestly say that you relate to more of these
things than not, then chances are– I mean, I’m no doctor,
but your brain is probably just as messed up as mine. I’m gonna be giving
you guys actual examples, not those typical ADHD jokes. You know which jokes I’m talking about. They’ll be talking and then,
all of a sudden, pretend to be distracted by something– kind of like what I’m about to do right… Oh, look! A butterfly! I mean, even I made that joke,
but only as a joke because that is such a huge exaggeration. It’s really nothing like that.
Most of the time. And if these sound unrealistic to you, it’s probably just
because you don’t have it. But, trust me, they’re all real.
They actually do happen. I would know because, sadly,
they’re all my personal experiences. So without further ado,
and no more hesitation, here are some real examples
to help you guys know if you actually do or do not– I’m not even kidding.
There’s an actual butterfly right there. I gotta– How To Know If You Have ADHD See how many of these
you can relate to. Go! You meet someone new
and then five seconds after they’ve introduced themselves,
you already forgot their name. No matter how hard you try to focus, whenever you’re reading something,
like a book or a textbook, you’ll read every
single word on the page, you hear every single word in your head, yet five pages down the road
you have no idea what’s going on or how you got there. You look at someone straight in the eyes and rather than paying attention
to what they’re saying, you trying to decide
which eye you normally look at. Is is the left eye or the right eye? Or maybe it’s the nose!
Or the mouth! Or maybe you’re supposed
to look at the face as a whole, but you already forgot how to do that because now all you see
is a bunch of face parts. To you, there’s
no such thing as sitting still. You don’t realize it until
someone tells you to stop, but you either have been
rapidly shaking your leg, tapping your hands or nodding
your head to music that isn’t there, or playing with whatever is
currently in your hands, like a cellphone. You’re a time traveler. You go and take a five minute
Facebook break from work, but when you come
back it’s an hour later! Sometimes you have
to remind yourself to smile when you’re with people,
and not because you don’t like them or because you’re upset–
it’s because you have a bunch of other thoughts going through
your head that aren’t smile-worthy. No matter how hard you try
or how important the call is, when you’re on the phone with someone you have to be doing something
else at the same time. You don’t intentionally procrastinate,
you’re just most productive when you have to get something done. You work best when
you’re under pressure! Again, you don’t
intentionally procrastinate, but you can never decide
what you want from a menu until you’re under pressure
because the waiter just got to you. You have a bunch of incomplete things ’cause you’re always jumping
from one thing to the next! You leave your room to go
get your phone that you forgot in the kitchen, but when
you come back, all you have is a cup of water, snacks and pretty much
everything that’s not your phone. A lot of the times that you’re
on the phone with people, you freak out because
you can’t find your phone. You’re not sure if you just came
downstairs or if you’re about to go up. You force yourself to burp
to remember what you had for lunch. When somebody tells you
to think about one specific thing, you can’t because now you’re
thinking about thinking about things, causing you to not think about what
you’re supposed to be thinking about. You text something that
makes absolutely no sense because someone was
talking to you and you write out what they were saying instead. You can remember a full phone number
by repeating the numbers in your head, but the moment
you start putting it into the keypad, all the different sounds from the keytones
throw you off and you forget. You have to buy a lot of shampoo
because when you’re in the shower you have the most thoughts,
and you don’t even realize that you just washed
your hair three times. You hate working in groups, not because
other people have bad ideas– it’s just that
their ideas distract yours. You overly set reminders
for yourself when important things are coming up because you
know you’re gonna forget! You always have these silent,
awkward moments with people because when you’re talking
to them, you’ll always forget what you’re about to say mid-sentence
and when you do it, it’s like… Like… You have these, um… You’re very indecisive. I mean, I guess this one
kinda applies to everyone. Or not.
Or maybe… And last but not least… when you have ADHD, every single thought
leads to another thought. And I actually kinda learned
how to use that to my advantage when
I’m coming up with videos. For example, I’m just gonna
freestyle something right now, just to show you how my brain works. See, you could be thinking
about this video and your mind could still go off in an infinite
amount of directions, which is the opposite of One Direction. Maybe that’s how they got their name,
because they all have ADHD! ADHD, like Attention Deficit
Hyperactive Disorder– Disorder? I mean, who says
it’s a disorder, anyways? Speaking of disorder, who
came up with the word disorder? It kind of sounds like a rapper
trying to order at a bakery. Hey, lemme get dis order, dough! A deer, a female deer!
Like Bambi! Bambi? Whatever happened
to Bam-A and Bam-C? What is a Bam-C?
Maybe they meant C-Bam, ’cause when the sea goes bam,
that’s like the waves crashing. And waves are created by wind,
and wind can go in every single direction, which is the opposite of One Direction
and that’s how they got their name! That’s how they got their name,
from the multi-directional wind, causing the waves to crashing a sea.
Bam, Bam-C, Bambi…deer! Like a rapper trying
to get “dis order dough”, creating the word disorder,
and ADHD, which is what all the guys in One Direction have,
which is the complete opposite of all the different directions
this video could go in! I honestly don’t know
how I remembered all that. I mean, it was a freestyle, so I
didn’t have to memorize anything, but at the same time, I had
to remember how to say it backwards, so I had to pay attention
to what I was saying. I mean, I guess to a certain degree
I don’t have ADH– Oh, look, a butterfly! What the hell are all these things? TEEHEE So, once again, thank you
guys so much for watching. If you want to see the previous video,
click the one on the right. If you want to see the blue
version behind-the-scenes, click the one on the left! And if you want to see the coolest thing
in the world, click the little red bu– Oh! Look, a butterfly.
Ohh, look at it–ooh! There’s so many!
Awww! Yeah.

Reader Comments

  1. I used to be diagnosed with ADHD when I was a kid. But when I grow up, all of that just blew away. I still got A's in my subject, I graduated from high school, I'm in University now and about to be an engineer.
    ADHD, not an excuse to fail.

  2. Wow… So apparently My Meds make my brain work like I have ADHD!! I remember watching this vid years ago and couldn't relate to any of this…. But now that I am on this stupid medication I do almost all of these!! And I now am saying this based off of remembering I related to almost all of these, cuz I can't remember what they all were now…. except for the butterfly one.. wow in spelling out butterfly I just realized why he used a stick of butter to make a butterfly…

  3. I entirely relate to all of this and every one of my teachers and now my supervisors at work believe I have ADHD but my dad thinks it’s made up so

  4. omg for everyone saying “i have these symptoms but dont have adhd” , simple explanation, you were undiagnosed… simple. just like me

  5. OH MY GOD I didn’t think I had adhd but I related to nearly every single one of these expecially the one where I can’t sit still , so this whole thing I thought I was just a bad kid but I had adhd

  6. I can relate to like all of these! But I CAN focus and work quickly when needed. Could I still have adhd.
    Edit: I got distracted almost 10 times writing this…

  7. I have all of those and my dads wants to take me to a doctor about it and I just did a online test and it said I do 😬

  8. A lot of my family has adhd. I’m not sure if it’s genetic though. Before I identified what was wrong with me. I always got in trouble in school and i had always thought my teachers targeted me because I literally didn’t realize i was being disruptive. I relate to every single one of these and i was pulled out of class by a very experienced teacher asking me if i had adhd. When i said that I didn’t know, he suggested i get an adhd test so I asked my mom and she hasn’t said yes yet because she doesn’t want me to use it as an excuse. I need someone who’s very experienced to help me because I struggle with all of this stuff in my everyday life and lately I’ve tried very hard to learn to deal with myself and haven’t figured it out yet. Thanks

  9. ADHD is a great gift ‘cus you’ll have a boosted imagination. Maybe that’s why Ryan’s videos are funny.

  10. I have adhd I was diagnosed when I was seven. ocd I was diagnosed when I was four and dyslexia I was eight.

  11. I genuinely relate with all of these, thinking they were regular thoughts. Sure it can be a coincidence tho these are just everyday things people do.

    Ok i just thought about what i just wrote. gonna look into it….

  12. its not neccesarily true that every person with ADHD is lazy, but alot of kids in school fake being retarted so that they have an excuse. People basically pretend to have this so that they have an excuse not to do homework or an excuse for their teachers to get never gey mad at them. ADHD is a serious thing but people that dont have it use it as an excuse to be lazy. <3

  13. I don’t know if I have adhd, but when I read a word in a book I keep thinking about that word and then I realize I read the whole page. And didn’t pay attention to anything lol

  14. I remember watching this at 14, MONTHS before my actual diagnosis… I haven’t watched it since, randomly thought of it at 12am 4 years later. I still remember relating to it then and I still relate to it now!

  15. i relate to the thought thing a lot, i can link anything and go back round again. its kinda cool but super distracting like when i'm taking a test and the question has an "interesting" word in it i'll start doing the linky thing and its so frustrating

  16. Im diagnosed with Adhd. Sometimes its annoying bc im like: ok brb i need food.
    30 minutes later i have done everything but get food.

  17. I have it and It makes so difficult to live and do day to day life I haven't been diagnosed before but ever since I was a child I would think so many things in my head I don't suppose to think about or know about and I had so many problems with school from 1 to high school until college up to my job and now all I have to do is just not think or do to much out of my control or I will lose my mind.

  18. I pay attention to stuff that I like doing a lot and I pay attention to interesting stuff but can’t listen to someone monologue without zoning out or teacher for that mater and basically don’t retain any information when I don’t think the information will be fun to listen to.

  19. Sometimes someone will be talking and i watch them blink and then i focus on blinking which makes blinking feel weird and then i zone out thinking about blinking and the placement of my tongue

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