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How To Hydro Dip ANYTHING

How To Hydro Dip ANYTHING

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  1. That is great I have some ideas, sweet look on the slide! I saw one of the bow companies puts their bows into the clear water applied the paint to the surface, then lifted the bow through the paint on the surface, yours and theirs look great!

  2. If you live in America make sure you leave orange on cause toy guns must have orange that's why nerf have disgusting orange always popping out

  3. I'm wondering how long that finish will last on the glock? Probably would wear off right away I'm guessing

  4. I just did this with the stem off my bike a couple hours ago I did galaxy blue, sky blue and vivid white it turned out great

  5. I don't get y'all peasants you don't care that a man "plays" with a real gun on a kids show and say nothing but y'all don't want guns in schools where they are actually useful and needed y'all are weak

  6. I’m panning on trying this with the slide of my airsoft pistol, but idk what colors I should choose, wish me luck

  7. Lol if u have ever spray painted ur supposed to shake up the can also the reason there is a marble in the can 😂🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 still not all reasons but the main ones there r alot of reasons

  8. My cat jumped into the tub while I was dipping and now …. well yeah my cat has orange, red and green paws. Nice, even coverage though.

  9. Now I sprayed 4 colors in my toilet bowl and I have my older brother by his legs. Do I just dunk and swirl?😂

  10. you can keep a bottle of acetone to spray the top with to delay the hardening process. itll also blend the paints in various ways depending on how its sprayed.

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