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How To Hand Make a Patch

How To Hand Make a Patch

what up what up guys so today I’m gonna show you how to hand stitch a patch patch so get your embroidery backing your cloth and your image along with your hoop and your embroidery floss next put your image under the backing and begin to trace it I want the reverse image of it so what I did is I flip the backing around and I put my cloth on top now take your hoop place the smaller one underneath and begin to loosen the top one don’t want it loose enough so you can place it over the pop and the smaller hoop now fall on the edges of the cloth so that it gets tight like a drum I started with yellow if that’s going to be the majority of the patch color you can turn the light on your phone put that underneath so that you can see where your image is we’re gonna make your first stitch from the bottom tie a knot at the end of your string and then come back on top I like to start where the very top of the yellow will be and work my way down from there with a bunch of horizontal stitches just line by line starting from right coming back from the back and you go in from the top on the left side I found that things around a whole lot smoother if you cut off your excess string from that very first dish you made if you run out of string or if you’re done with your first color you’re gonna cut it and you’re gonna split that string into two separate things it’s made out of six little streams so 2 8 3 & 3 you take one of the threes and sew it underneath the last stitch you made and then proceeded to make a square knot left over right and right over left and again cut off any extra string so to do the next colors you just do like did first tie a knot at the end of your string and come in through the back and just layer it on there top to bottom so rather than going horizontal with the lines on the crust I did vertical ones just to kind of change things up [Music] once you get all your colors finished you’re gonna add in your lines we started this just like any other they fill in the lines in this patch where you’re going to do is you’re gonna come from the back a little bit ahead before you want your line to end then go down through the front where you want that line to start and you can keep on doing this over and over again until you have all those lines filled in [Music] once you get that done remove your hoops and you can now tear away that vacuum this is where I mess up I shouldn’t cut it out yet I should actually add first your I not dismissive but it’s still gonna work cut out a piece of you keep on roughly the size of your patch the heat bond has a rough side and a smooth side you’re gonna place the rough side against the back of your patch I’ve put a piece of cloth over my patch to protect my iron from the places I accidentally cut out when ironing on your heat bond and sure to get all the creases and I’m the front and the back here I took off the cloth that I had on top that was protecting the iron but after you Ricky bond you’re gonna want to cut out your patent you’re gonna want to get pretty close about an eighth of an inch of cloth around the entire patch you can remove the wax paper from a tea pot next add a little bit of glue to stop it Frank add a dab of glue around the entire outer edge of your patch once it’s dry you’ll be ready for your last step the outside line start from the back and pull up where you think you’d go back around and come up again through the back so you don’t need to make your next stitch from the top going down any extra string that you have from that first stitch you can sew right around it covering it up [Applause] [Music] 103 long so I did end up actually cutting it off now you’re gonna work your way around the entire outer rim of the patch it’s going side by side as close as possible that way no cloth underneath will be shown again just like any other one split it in half three and three take one of those toe it on through and guys we’re not lucky interest and voila you have your batch maybe place where you want it and you’re done looks good looks good looks good good [Music]

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  1. I’m making a patch rn but I’m not sure which type of glue would be the best to use to secure the edges? I don’t have fabric glue so I was thinking pva or hot glue? This video was very helpful otherwise!! 🙂

  2. You can also separate the embroidery thread into 2 or 3, it's a bit easier to thread into the needle and makes the patch a bit less chunky and I find it easier to sew that way.

  3. Does anyone have any tips for threading embroidery thread? It was such a pain trying to get it in to the eye of my needle because the strands. I twisted it, wetted the end, cut it clean, to no avail and much frustration.

  4. I tried to make some patches for a denim jacket using heat n bond uktra hold. When I iron it on, the heat n bond melts and just leaves a wet spot on the denim? And the patch falls off. No idea what I'm doing wrong

  5. I noticed that in your video you used the Heat n Bond ultra hold for the backing of your patch but in the link below it leads to a peel off one. Is there a difference between the two or should we use the same technique?

  6. ok let's try… step one threading the needle… 30 minutes later … I give up deemed f&&$ing thread get in the deemed f&%$ing needel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. really nice! only thing i didn't like about the video was 0:08–0:11 that was out of place and just annoying

  8. Thank you soooo much much for making this video. I searched for videos of people making patches and they either don't really explain much or have a different way of making them that doesn't suit me. Maybe my research is bad idk but i'm just seriously loving you right now.

  9. Im just found your channel but i hope your channel blows up!You put so much effort to your videos you even put the directions on the description.

  10. Хочется сказать отдельное спасибо переводчику, за русские субтитры!
    And bro, thx for so accurate guide!

  11. Thanks for this! I'm using this to make embroidered fabric pins for my friends and I for Pride this year! Super excited!

  12. Yeha brilliant idea!! And kudos to the patch design!! A pizza slice in a triangle shape with the all seeing eye! Super! As if those symbolisme were not already shoved in our face all the Freaking time everywhere! Either you are a walking zombie or a useful idiot promoting that shit!

  13. The product linked for the adhesive is completely different than the one used in the video. 🙁 I bought through the link and it's a thick peel and stick adhesive not iron on.

  14. the needles u used in the video are skinnier than the ones on the link. the ones u put in the desc are too thic and break the baxking

  15. I’m trying this out and the rip away backing keeps ripping and falling apart as I stitch. The pattern is getting wonky because of it. Any tips?

  16. got my first order in today. i announced my hobby to everyone and showed them my work and someone asked me to make a patch of their album cover so.. yay, i’m v happy right now!

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