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How to Get Military Medical Records

How to Get Military Medical Records

How to Get Military Medical Records. Learn how to get specific military medical
records information released if you’re a veteran, a vet’s next-of-kin, or a member of the general
public. You will need eVetRecs database access Signed
authorization form NA Form 13055 Standard Form 180 Computer printer and hired researcher. Step 1. Use the eVetRecs online database to request
military medical records copies. Only vets, deceased vets’ next-of-kin, or
authorized reps are allowed access. Next-of-kin includes sons, daughters, parents,
brothers, sisters, and unremarried widows or widowers. Step 2. Request post-1992 medical records from the
Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for next-of-kin. Call 800-827-1000 toll-free. Most military medical records from before
1992 are kept by the National Personnel Service Center. Step 3. Get the vet’s or vet’s next-of-kin’s signed
authorization for general public access. See a sample authorization form at the National
Personal Records Center website. Step 4. File a request (NA Form 13055) for access
to any info needed to reconstruct medical data destroyed in the 1973 fire. Step 5. Get Standard Form 180 at the NPRC website
for a general public inquiry. Print, fill out, and mail it to request available
records. Step 6. Hire a researcher specializing in military
records for more complicated searches. See the list of researchers for hire at the
National Archives website. Did you know Individual Confederate States
of America Civil War military records can be found at the U.S. National Archives.

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